Mark Bartlett of the CAW Environmental Committee needs a letter or two…

Source: Local 444 Guardian, November, 2012 p. 26Bartlett

Write Mark Bartett:

shame caw

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  1. This guy has no knowledge on the situation at all, that is blatantly obvious. He is spewing out the same garbage that they all do, it is rehearsed, and no more believable now than it ever was. People who live near the falls, choose to live near the falls, and the sounds of nature are not disturbing to most people, but the sounds of heavy industry are. That is why any residential areas near industry are so cheap, nobody who could afford not to, would even consider living there. That is why they have industrial zones. Is this guy totally uneducated? Maybe people should get lots of noisy things to leave outside his bedroom to see if it is something he could live with. No one, who has never experienced living with turbines should assume “it’s no big deal”.

  2. well, if we followed his reasoning and stopped building cars, he’d have to find a job that he would actually have to work at instead of living off the guy on the line’s work. Those high ranking union guys are mostly self-serving dictators. You want to climb the ladder in the 444 you spout Kenny’s rhetoric

    • just thought of something, this is actually progress, he’s not denying that they make noise that can keep people awake for a change. one step at a time!

  3. This green minion isn’t worthy of any
    correspondence other than to point
    out that the only thing sustainable
    about the CAW is our tax dollars that
    keep bailing the bastards out.

  4. As a CAW member, I am ashamed. This guy is obviously not the brightest bulb in the pack to begin with but why allow him to spout off such non-compassionate anti-human nonsense?

    Seems like the CAW is living in a little bubble. They might have the higher moral ground on some things but that doesn’t mean they are right on everything. Shame on them.

  5. Looking for ‘useful idiots’ – ugh!

    WHO: Councillor Alan Halberstadt, City of Windsor ― WECEC Co-Chair
    Deputy Mayor Charlie Wright, Municipality of Leamington ― WECEC Co-Chair
    Mark Bartlett, President of the CAW Windsor Regional Environment Council
    Rakesh Naidu, Vice President, Business Development, Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation
    Manish Nayar, President, OYA Solar

    • How ‘your money’ – is being spent!
      The Public Education Campaign

      Shut up! ………..just pay your taxes, and your union dues!
      …….they’ll teach you – how to think!

      • Wonder if the ‘Water Song” is sung to the
        melody Kumbayah – would be appropriate.
        Quite touched in perusing the ‘enviro-news’,
        overcome by a warm and fuzzy sensation,
        albeit nausea.

    • Green Jobs Campaign
      April 7th, 2010

      The Canadian Auto Workers Windsor Regional Environment Council (CAW WREC) represents over 45,000 members of 15 locals between Windsor and Sarnia, Ontario.

      CAW WREC has launched a “Green Jobs” Campaign. The aim of the campaign is to help reverse the devastating loss of manufacturing and related jobs in the Windsor area, and across Canada, by promoting investment in Research and Development and the creation of “Green Jobs” in our area.

      The CAW WREC Green Jobs Campaign will engage the entire community, including citizens, government, business and academia, to work together to support the creation of Green Jobs in every sector of the economy and to establish the Windsor area as a “Green Jobs” centre in Ontario.

      The production of “green vehicles” offers immediate opportunities for jobs. In Windsor, Ford could be building efficient engines and General Motors could produce efficient transmissions and components. Chrysler could build hybrid, clean diesel, bio-fuel (ethanol and soy) and, eventually, electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

      The campaign will also focus on non-auto Green Jobs in sustainable energy production and green products.One example of a green product is the recent production of carbon-fibre utility poles by Global Composite Manufacturing of Tilbury, Ontario. This resulted in the hiring of 127 workers.

      Another recent example of the transformation to Green Production is the conversion of a former Hyundai auto plant in Quebec to the production of wind turbines by a company called AAER.

      In Denmark, shipyards were converted to the production of Wind turbines which created thousands of jobs.The Windsor area has the production capacity and skills base to do the same.

      This campaign is also aimed at the broader long term goal of Economic Conversion. This means moving from our present unsustainable economic model to one that embraces environmental sustainability and social justice through a “Just Transition for Workers During Environmental Change” as articulated by the CLC.

      The CAWWREC Green Jobs Campaign will complement the goals of the CAW Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy and the CAW Green Auto Policy.

      The campaign will build on the CAW WREC collaboration with the Green Corridor of the University of Windsor on alternative energy and environmentally and economically sustainable business models.

      The CAW WREC Green Jobs Campaign can inspire other communities across our country to foster the creation of Green Jobs and a Just Transition to a Green Economy in Canada for Canadian workers.

      Mark Bartlett

      519-982-8115 or

    • CNW, Sept.24,2010
      “OYA Solar announces largest rooftop project in Noth America”
      Located at the Atlas facility in Harrow,ON., a $20M project.

      Windsor Star, Aug.14,2008
      “Business sale makes Zekelman a billion-dollar-man”

      These two articles explain the Harrow solar rooftop ~$20M deal and another billionaire enters the renewable energy picture?

  6. If you Google Mark Bartlett, you will understand why he spouts off like he does about IWT’s even though he does not know what he is talking about. Anyway it is all about jobs with him and CAW. I doubt that they will ever admit that IWT’s cause health issues, etc. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Sucks to be you if you live near IWT’s. That is how I interpret Bartlett’s diatribe.

  7. The CAW was bailed out at GM with our dollars by McGuinty among others and the leadership of the CAW had to promise “something” for that “bundle of bucks” didn’t they?…..nothing is free………………so in essence it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to hear McGuinty say: “If we do this for you guys then you guys HAVE to promote our Green Energy Scam to the hilt!”……………….far-fetched?………………I don’t think so!

    • A bit far-fetched yes. Mark Bartlett and the CAW were like this long before the bailout. Years before. Not everything is a conspiracy theory.

      BTW, it wasn’t the CAW who got the money, it was the auto corporations.

      • Corp’s got bailout to fund
        employee pension deficit.

      • If GM didn’t get the money they would have gone Bankrupt……………if they had gone belly up then the CAW would be just a mere “bug stain on the wind shield called the Automotive Industry………so CAW had some “skin in this game” so to speak!

      • I see how you’re trying to make the connection. I’m just saying they are not taking such a blind stand because someone told them to. They are taking a blind stand because they are blind.

      • CAW sold on the idea that the future
        bestows…green economy, green jobs,
        green union….

  8. Walter Reuther knew that first you had to have a viable company inorder to have a union. No company no union get it!
    Now there isn’t even an independent CAW anymore thanks to all the “green” hogwash that union leaders fell for.

  9. Mark Bartlett IS A DANGEROUS MAN. His reckless promotion of wind turbines even though he knows nothing is highly suspicious. Let’s hope the police investigate Mark Bartlett and get him off the streets. Do not trust your children around Mark Bartlett. He does not care about their health and safety. He is a very dangerous man.

  10. Mark is a rediculous human being groomed from the likes os Hargrove and Lewenza . How did he get in ?

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