SWEAR Legal Action: Helping us…. to Help You

Shawn and Tricia Drennan are landowners facing a pending windfarm project known as Kingsbridge II. Kingsbridge II will consist of upwards of 150 turbines one of which will be as close as approximately 650 meters from their home. Twelve more turbines will be located within the surrounding two kilometers. After learning that eleven families living amongst two different wind projects (one located in their neighbouring township) had their homes purchased by wind companies, the Drennans sought to gather key information from these former residents about the adverse health and safety effects of the wind turbines. However, they learned that as a part of the buyout agreements, these residents were blocked from discussing any negative experiences with the wind turbines, including adverse health effects.
The Drennans, supported by the community group S.W.E.A.R. (Safe Wind Energy for All Residents) will go to Court, asking the Court to invalidate the non-disclosure clauses which gag their neighbours as fundamentally against the public interest.

SWEAR is a group of people who have come together to support Shawn & Tricia Drennan in their endeavour. Thanks to our number of supporters we have gotten this far, but we cannot leave it to one family to fight this battle alone on our behalf. We need your financial support. This is probably the most important legal action currently in progress. It could be precedent setting and has the potential to affect all wind projects in Ontario as well as further afield. You can follow this case at falconercharney.com

Mail donations to:
SWEAR c/o: Dave Hemingway, RR#2, Bayfield, ON N0M 1G0.

15 thoughts on “SWEAR Legal Action: Helping us…. to Help You

  1. It is a shame that there is not some sort of agency to help people in this legal battle. I believe the government should be held responsible for all costs incurred by citizens, who because of their misguided agenda, are forced to eat into the already strained family budget, to pay for a lawyer to do what our municipal government should be able to do for us. This is a travesty that must become public. One at a time, the government is singling out groups of people for abuse, stripping our rights away, then sending in big business to attack us while our hands are tied behind our backs. Don’t forget. NIMBY…Next It Might Be You!

    • Hey 1957chev,
      you say:
      ‘It is a shame that there is not some sort of agency to help people in this legal battle.’

      Actually there is such a – so called ‘agency’ – and, they should be leading.
      It’s called your local municipality!
      They collect your taxes. Ugh!

      Instead the scoundrels – are out to lunch – with other scoundrels.
      Perception is everything!

  2. You are absolutely right. A few members of our council, along with the mayor, toured Chatham-Kent last week, to see a wind complex in “action”. They also had lunch with the windweasels. One councillor said that no-body they talked to liked the turbines. But, the greasy mayor claimed it was a 50/50 split, and that is the crap they printed in the paper.

  3. Free Thinker! Not ALL municipalities……… 🙂 Wainfleet’s Mayor is in court on the 18th of December defending her Council’s unanimous support for a 2km minimum setback. Niagara’s biggest contractor, now committed to building IWTs, is taking Wainfleet to court claiming their Bylaw is illegal…!!! So, a private company, looking to gain massive tax guaranteed profits from wind energy, just like the provincial government, is using our own tax dollars to sue a locally and democratically elected township Council. Any of you out there who has the time I would urge you to get on the Wainfleet Township Web site or their Facebook page and send your best wishes to the Mayor and her Council. We believe that the Municipal Act does give the elected Council the power to protect their citizens and specifically from public health and property value issues.
    What a great Christmas present for all of us if such an action resulted in a court agreeing that a democratically elected council does have right to protect their own citizens?
    Whilst I totally support SWEAR and their objectives the action outline above is already in process.
    Any Council willing to go against the wind energy industry in any way deserves all our support I think?
    Andrew Watts

    • Hey Andrew,
      You read my mind. I’m watching,
      and, I’m suspicious – the U.N is too.
      You can be certain – ‘The Climate Group’ – is watching.
      McGuinty Liberals – signed Ontario up – as members. Ugh!
      …….they do anything ‘for love’!

      I’m surprised the ‘big shot’ hasn’t withdrawn the lawsuit.
      There’s still time!………….hahahahaha!

      The mayor and council – are doing their job.
      They are representing the ‘will’ of the municipality’s citizens.
      They’ve looked at the evidence!………and acted.

      For more info:
      The Clerk’s Department is a direct link between the public, Council, internal departments and external agencies. The Clerk acts as secretariat and advisor to Council on matters of policy, legal issues and parliamentary procedures, co-ordinates the preparation of all Council and Committee meeting agendas and minutes, follow-up notification of Council actions and receives Council delegation registrations and conducts the Municipal and School Board Elections in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act.

    • Do we have a contact in Wainfleet who will let us know when/where the court case is going to be heard?
      That is one way we could support their Council – by watching and critiquing the progress of this precedent setting issue.
      See you all there!

  4. There used to be intervenor funding for citizens but it was eliminated a number of years ago.

    “Intervenor funding is when regulatory bodies make money available to organizations and groups of people that could be impacted by a new project or regulatory decision. The funds allow the groups to more effectively participate in the process.”

  5. The days of “human rights” is long gone…………we now live in the days of “inhumane rights”!…………………these disgusting weasels have invaded councils, and most Governments world-wide…………………..we all “know” something isn’t quite right, specially when industry has a right to sue Citizens who are just trying to protect their homes and health and the Government backs up the industry!!!!
    Time to ramp it up folks…………………..we have two FOI reports proving that both provincial and Federal officials are acting in a most “criminal way”………………….don’t expect any help from ANY political entity……………we have to mobilize public opinion in any way possible with what we have………social media, blogosphere and any communication device we have ………….oh, we have that…..it’s called the INTERNET!

  6. Considering the current lack of intervenor funding support for people like Shawn and Trish Drennan, who have plucked up the courage to represent rural landowners threatened by IWTs and infrastructure in close proximity, I would strongly encourage each of the 2,000,000 landowners in opposition contribute to this fund because we all clearly stand to benefit if Julian Falconer is successful.

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