The view from Chatham Kent Boralex Front Line Wind

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  1. Like to go on a little tour down Talbot Trail
    with a few of the folks from MPAC and have
    them explain to me again how it is they figure
    IWT’s will have no impact on property value.

  2. When you go back to ~ 1996 or to the time that Ontario Hydro was broken up then the answers begin to appear. With the way Hydo was being operated there was no room for outsiders to make money producing power in Ontario so either Hydo had to share power production or be broken up

    Once broken up the money people moved in to produce and sell power back to the Hydro system.
    Things were not moving fast enough so 2006 & 2009 legislation got the ball rolling with subsidies added. Now excess power could be produced and sold/dumped onto the grid to Quebec and the States with Hydo customers footing the bill. Maybe some nice profits for transmission operators and those who get this excess power to sell in other markets.

    • Then in the States by the end of 2000 the U.S. government no longer allowed power producing companies to own inter-state transmission lines. So these inter-state transmission lines were sold to companies only in the transmission business. So this allowed the set up of a U.S. national grid which also connects to Canada.

      • Follow the development of the Renewable energy situation in Ontario.
        Advisory Committee on Competition in Ontario’s Electricity System, 1995-1996
        Thee Hon. Donald S. MacDonald, O.C. was Chair. of the above committee also known as the “MacDonald Committee”
        Hon.MacDonald has been Board member of these and many more Boards:
        Clean Power
        Siemens, Canada
        TransAlta Pipeline
        Vector Wind Energy, Scroll down to Past Directorships.

        Next is Market Design Committe with its 1999 Report with recomendations setting out requirements for Market Participants.
        Commitee members are important here and include among others whose names I don’t know yet:
        Jan Carr
        Sylvia Sutherland
        Mr. Reed ,MP( Carlton Peel)
        Following this information reveals quite a bit about what took place inorder to get IWTs into Ontario.

      • Market Design Committee, additional members:
        Peter Budd, Power Budd LLP
        Brian Cappe, Ont. Nat. Gas Assoc.
        Tom Mitchell, OPG
        Tom Adams
        Harry Goldgut, Brookfield Power & Utilities Group

      • FindLaw, Mar.26,2008 by Bill Reno
        “Restructuring Ontarios’s Electricity Industry: A Legal Cornucopia Awaits”
        Power Budd, founded 1999 by Robert Power & Peter Budd
        “the firm anticipates between $4 million and $5 million in first year billings.”
        Lots of money to be made by breakup of the Ontario Hydro system!

      • Brian Cappe, Market Design Committee
        This is a difficult article to locate:Use Bing Search
        Enter, Brian Cappe Greengrid
        Go to about page 2 of the search pages for
        “Global News Headlines 10/25-Site has moved” and go to this site.
        Scroll down to Greenpeace Item #33
        Dow Jones Energy Service. Ontario power/Green-3
        “A new Toronto-based player, Greengrid Electric, is trying to position itself as Ontario’s largest supplier of green power. Greengrid was founded by Brian Cappe, president of Enershare Technology Corp.,andexpects tosell a 100% renewable electric product….”
        Article date given is Sunday Oct.25,1998

  3. This project is located on one farm. The owner of that farm, built a lovely home near Rondeau so doesn’t live near the project.

  4. I live along the Talbot trail , these eyesores are disgusting. there is no place to walk to take a ride where these things don’t take up the horizion , I truly hate them

  5. Total compensation according to Busnisses Week:
    Patrick Lemarie, Boralex, $364.5K
    Ian E. Robertson, CEO Algonquin Power, C$290.7K
    Michael Bernstein,CEO Capstone Infrastructure, C$641.8K

  6. barbara says:
    12/11/2012 at 20:07
    Market Design Committee, additional members:
    Peter Budd, Power Budd LLP
    Brian Cappe, Ont. Nat. Gas Assoc.
    Tom Mitchell, OPG
    Tom Adams
    Harry Goldgut, Brookfield Power & Utilities Group

    Help me out here. Is this the same Tom Adams we keep hearing from regarding electrical grid …”follow the Money, Tom Adams” who spoke at the Meaford town hall last year?
    Do the above indicate he helped create this mess or has he been a knowledgeable person who has seen it all unfold to financially ruin Ontario and is speaking out ?

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