Crown land up for wind destruction

576_Not-so-greenMinistry of Natural Resources
Crown Land Site Report

On December 14, 2012 the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) began accepting Applications under the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) 2.1 Program for Small Projects >10kW to ≤500kW. In order to align access to provincial Crown land with the OPA’s FIT 2.1 Program, MNR has developed the Crown Land Site Report document. As per the FIT Rules Version 2.1, FIT 2.1 Applicants with projects proposed for provincial Crown land must submit a completed Crown Land Site Report to the Ministry of Natural Resources prior to submitting their FIT 2.1 hard copy Application to the OPA. This Crown Land Site Report submission requirement applies to all FIT 2.1 Applicants that have not been awarded Site Access (e.g. Applicant of Record status) by MNR for their FIT 2.1 Application site(s). The Crown Land Site Report for Small Feed-In Tariff 2.1 Projects (>10kW to ≤500kW) document is available for download here (PDF 325Kb) .

MNR Crown land wind sitesSite Access Maps
The Ministry of Natural Resources has released a series of maps showing Crown land renewable energy application sites that are not available to potential new Crown land applicants for the purposes of applying to FIT 2.1. The application sites shown on these maps are currently held by existing applicants with Crown land Site Access (e.g. Applicant of Record status) and/or an energy procurement contract.

The Water Power Sites (PDF .76Mb) provincial scale map shows the location and site identification numbers of Crown land water power application sites held by existing applicants with Site Access. The Wind Power Sites (PDF 8.9Mb) document includes a provincial scale map showing application sites held by existing applicants with Site Access, as well as a series of 33 individual maps which provide the corresponding grid cell reference number information. A description of grid cells and a listing of all cells occupied by existing applicants with Site Access is also available here (PDF 113Kb).

31 thoughts on “Crown land up for wind destruction

  1. the destruction of Ontario has now completely begun , The government of Ontario has to be stopped . They hold no value in wild places or wildlife . Big city criminals with their only agenda money.

    • This renewable enrgy situation began back in the Harris days as far as it has been traced.
      Ontario Hydro System was a monopoly that some wanted to breakup so they could get a piece of this “money pie” and produce power to be sold to the States.
      The court would not allow Ontario Hydro Systems to share power production with private companies.
      Then the next step was to breakup the Hydo System so that private power producers could produce power and sell it to Hydo. The MacDonald Comission was formed so it could recommend doing this and make it look legit. Always need a commission or board formed to make deals look legit. Provides great cover for politicians and parties who stand to make a few bucks from some commission recomendations or another.
      Note who the parties are that benefited from this are. Lawyers and all the others parties associated with renewable energy in Ontario.

      • Don’t blame everyone on the boards and commissions that hatched this renewable enrgy scheme. Always need a few innocent people on these commissions to make the commissions look even more legit.

  2. So… do we need this generation capacity? — either now or in the foreseeable future?

    Why don’t we answer those questions first?

    • The reason why the wind companies are going gang busters right now to try to push as many of these crude machines on us as possible, is because there is a looming possibility that all of this will soon come crashing down, and any cards not played, will be left in their hands. All of the victims are banding together all across Ontario, and are going to make their voices heard, in Toronto, and all over the world. The truth is going to be exposed, the wind companies co-conspirators will be no longer in office, the power will be restored to the communities, the crooked politicians have showed their true colours (which we knew was money-green, not eco-green) and they will be replaced with the ones who have championed for the victims of the renewable energy scam. The Turbine farmers will no longer be trusted in their own communities, and may form tomorrows new liberals. (Be forwarned). P.S. (we don’t need the extra energy, but if its just hanging around, they might as well sell it, cheap, then they can use the excuse that it is there for the one day, in the far away future, when it might be really really hot, and we just may use a tiny bit of it ourselves. Naw, just sell it, or exchange it for favours for crooked politicians.

      • Right now the issue with these studies/reports is who did them. The reports themselves can be delt with later if necessary.
        Helimax & GE are both in the wind industry here so would directly benefit.
        AWS Truewind might benefit from Ontario IWTs but this is not certain. Agviro could have a side benefit from Ontario energy change policy.

    • The short answer is NO!

      The OPA retained “Fox” H.Co. to do studies on Ontario renewable energy needs. The reports prepared by “Fox” H. Co. were released in 2005,2006 and 2008 to inform people as to how great IWTs would be for Ontarians.

      Studies and reports like this are needed to provide political cover for what the government plans already were for renewable energy anyway.

      The same company that prepared these reports stood to gain from them later on.

      • Trillium Power
        Report to the Ontario Power Authority
        “In April 2008, Canadian wind energy consulting Helimax Energy Inc. released a report commissioned by the Ontario Power Authority identifying 64 feasible offshore wind sites on the Ontario side of The Great lakes.”
        See map

        Save The Toronto Bluffs also has information on the Helimax reports.

        Now at least some of the connections here are known. Self serving reports?

        The Ontario government has information also but could not locate any references to Helimax. Can anyone come up with this information on a government website or the reports?

      • OPA
        D-5-1 Attachment 2, GE Energy Report on Ontario Wind Integration Study,080904

      • Other OPA Consultants;
        Summerhill Group Inc., Toronto, Advisory Board:
        Ian Morton, Chair. & Founder
        Peter Love, first Chief of Energy Conservation at OPA
        Wm.B. White, also on MaRS Board

        M.K. Jaccard & Associates Inc.
        “New study shows Canada can meet global-warming reduction targets while growing jobs and economy.” Prepared by M.K. Jaccard & Associates for Pembina Institute & David Suzuki Foundation, Oct.29,2009

      • Correction:
        AWS TrueWind should be Oct.1,2008 for article date.

      • Climate Change – hahahahahahaha!
        Are you doing – your part
        …… make privateers rich?

        In these times of extreme energy management challenges, an energy audit of your operation makes sense – especially when half the cost is funded.

        “Almost all energy utilities in all provinces offer incentives for having energy audits completed, and the auditor you choose to go with should look after all the applications for this,” says Ron MacDonald, the owner of Agviro Inc. in Guelph, Ontario.

        “There is also funding available for energy efficiency projects that stem from the audit.”

        Agviro provides services relating to indoor air quality, mechanical design and energy efficiency, and has conducted about 40 greenhouse energy audits over the past year.MacDonald is a registered professional agricultural engineer who previously worked with Ontario Hydro to provide engineering services and more to agricultural clients.

        However, many Canadian greenhouse operators have thus far been reluctant to proceed with an energy audit.

        Welcome. Agviro is now part of AMEC!

      • Climate Change:
        Think about the globe (makes a lovely Christmas gift)
        and, visualize ‘excitement’ aka
        the ‘local vision’………..
        The OPA will offer a MicroFIT contract by e-mail. If you accept, you will be paid for your generation at the OPA contracted price by Grimsby Power.


        The Government of Ontario under the Energy Competition Act 1998 caused the deregulation of the electrical industry and the structure of your local utility was altered.

        It’s a ‘new vision’ – Ugh!
        Looking positively to the future, the former Grimsby Hydro-Electric Commission set up a transition committee consisting of Council and Commission members. This transition committee developed a plan and put it into place. It moved the former Grimsby Hydro-Electric Commission from traditional supply of electricity to our exciting new vision for the future of global data delivery.

      • Clarity!
        Environmental economics –
        long hours in dark office, and a willingness to suck on lolly pops.

        Dr. Jaccard develops and applies models that assess sustainability policies for energy and material.

        Sustainability policies = Environmental economics
        Oh – for energy!…………and, material (from China).

        More lolly pops!

      • D-4-1 Attachment 12, Sept.,2006
        Altech Environmental Consulting, Toronto, Est.1986. Part of Altech Group.
        Alex Keen, Pres & CEO, The Altech Group
        Brian Bobbie, Pres. Altech Environmental Consulting Ltd.

        Ontario Environment Industry Association/ONEIA Est.,1991
        ONIEA Committe Chairs:
        Water Subcommittee , Alex Keen, The Altech Group

        ONEIA Current Members include:
        Altech Technology System Inc.
        Dillon Consulting Ltd
        Ministry of the Environment
        Sustainable Development Technology Canada

      • Plenty of “axes-to-grind” in preparing studies and reports for the OPA.

  3. Let`s just hope, this is one of the things Hudac puts an immediate end to. It`s beyond criminally absurd, on the Lying Liberals` part.
    I can`t help but wonder, how many more surprises are up their sleaves? It becomes more obvious daily, why McGuilty prorogued. He doesn`t have to be accountable for any of this BS, it`ll get passed on to his replacement, then the new government, (hopefully Hudacs`) to fix the huge mess.
    What are the bets on him introducing a Cap & Trade program, plus a Carbon Tax, (because he thinks we`re too stupid to know that a Cap & Trade IS a Carbon Tax), before he bows out! He was working on one, with some U.S. states, so……..? And Carbon King, Al Gore is one of his heros.

    • It is already there and called the Western Climate Initiative – it was originally supposed to go into effect in January ’12 – google it

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  5. The greater part of the Crown Land Application on record by Renewable Energy Systems Canada Ltd.’s (MapID#28) is clearly within the recent Algonquin’s of Ontario Land Claims Agreement In Principle area being proposed by the province for transfer to the Algonquins.
    Could the Ontario government is trying to entice the Algonquins’ negotiator with potential IWT revenues?

  6. That’s the way they do it, conquer and divide. The sensible and intelligent people are overwhelmed by the greedy who are usually (oddly enough) in some sort of position of power. The amount of money these Wind developers are able to throw around is disgusting, especially knowing it will later be taken from our pockets, which are not very deep as it is. Greed wins out, and the destructive cycle begins, spreading like a cancer all over the province, wreaking havok in one community after another, as far as the transmission lines will carry them.

    • We have been forced to give up our lands, our health and well-being, our property values, and our money for these useless things. It will never satisfy them, not till they are in total control, and we are penniless. Time to stop this fiasco.

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