Duelin’ Dalton (McGuinty): Eagles a lame duck and desperados

Dalton2The other night while organizing files on my Wind Turbine research and listening to an Eagles (band) album, a song came on that epitomized the current situation regarding Dalton McGuinty’s “outlaw” prorogued government, particularly in reference to the Green Energy Act legislation and the effect it has had on my perceptions of the state of democratic governance in Ontario. McGuinty’s penchant for aristocratic decision making has been manifested in the deceptive strategies for the implementation of his edicts, such as omnibus bill legislation, and de facto increases in taxation which appear as Global Adjustments on ratepayers hydro bills that pay for reductions in corporate taxes through FIT subsidies, renewable energy grants and tax exemptions, and a whopping $14.4 billion provincial budget deficit which we’ll all have to pay down the road.

In the case of Industrial Wind Turbine development in particular, Dalton and his gang of ratepayer robbing “clean green” renewable energy desperado outlaws, have  been pursued by posses of rural Ontarian’s who have been held-up  for, not only their tax dollars, increasing hydro rates and diminishing property values, but perhaps more insidiously, their health.  Lately, I’ve read many articles in the   news about the increasingly hard financial times for many rural folk and I’ve no doubt that the FIT subsidy hucksters are out there trying to fleece folk with bribes and deceptive promises of plenty before the Dalton gang meets its prorogued fate. Even the liberal leadership hopefuls preparing for their lame duck government’s post prorogued descent, are full of FIT to be tied apologies for withholding evidence.  It struck me how poignant “eagles” and “lame duck” represent Dalton’s IWT fiasco… and wouldn’t it be a delicious irony if our Dalton gang could meet its fate at the hands of “Bat” Masterson, a wild west lawman born in Lower Canada and a contemporary of the original bank robbing “Dalton gang” outlaws.  Without further ado, I offer the lyrics to this Eagles’ song with a few minor changes, “The Eagles – Duelin’ Dalton, Desperado reprise”:

Well the stage was set, the sun was sinkin’ low down, as they came to town to face another showdown The lawmen cleared wind protestors from the streets All you blood thirsty Conservatives will you try to find your seats?
Watch ‘em duelin’ duelin’ Dalton
High or low, it’s all the same
Easy money and faithless taxpayers
You will never kill the pain
Go down, oh Dalton, don’t you wonder why?
Sooner or later we all have to die
Sooner or later, that’s a stone cold fact
53 Liberals ride out and only a few ride back
The greens with diamonds let you down, it was an empty fable
The greens with hearts you say you never met Your twisted fate has found you out and it’s finally turned the tables
Stole your dreams and paid you with regret Desperado Is there gonna be anything left, is there gonna be anything?
You sealed your fate up a long time ago
Ain’t it hard when you’re all alone in the centre ring Now there’s no taxes left to borrow Is there gonna be anything left?
Only stardust
Maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow Desperado, desperado

(The original song is available here)
David Norman, Rogue Primate of Bloomfield

3 thoughts on “Duelin’ Dalton (McGuinty): Eagles a lame duck and desperados

  1. I absolutely love it! I could hear the music to the song as I read your inspiring lyrics. With all the wonderful things happening lately to make our cause known, the 81% vote results of people who do not want wind turbines, with all the victims voices will be heard, either through words or video, a whole new day is dawning, and there is the promise of freedom and democracy in Ontario, even the rural parts! I hold high optimism for a true Canadian Spring, and a true North, strong, and free, especially of the oppression of the tyranny of the liberal gov’t (with the blessing of the NDP) No more Greed Energy Act, No more unfit FIT program, and no more stupid, useless, wasteful, ungreen turbines. P.S. A wind turbine farmer told me personally, that it is the liberals that make the wind turbine companies look bad. The people don’t trust the liberals, therefore they do not trust the turbine companies. I was absolutely shocked to see that he could say that with a straight face! That is like saying Bonnie made Clyde seem untrustworthy, or vice versa. They are all part and parcel of the same cover-ups, the same scams, and the same crimes against the people of rural Ontario. I told him what he had done to our community was disgusting. And that was the end of our conversation.

  2. Just, HOW DOES one Quickly Remove a DICTATOR??
    Return Ontario to a stable reasonable,listen to the people logic concept and response from our Leadership?
    Merry Christmas and Hopefully!!
    A Happier Predicted (DALTONs GONE) NEW YEARS to all.
    PS:You will no longer require a second mortgae to pay your monthly Hydro Bill.

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