Hydro One says “No” to shared 115kV transmission lines with Nextera

Hydro One letter to Middlesex County Council

7 thoughts on “Hydro One says “No” to shared 115kV transmission lines with Nextera

  1. Thanks to Hydro One Networks for this information. NextEra likely knew this information to begin with but thought they could put the extra costs onto the public anyway?

    • Hydro One Networks took the time needed to check these issues out to make sure their position here on these issues is correct and is not based on political decsisions or reasons.

      They have explained the safety issues and even mentioned the added risk of lightning strikes on taller poles.

      They also explained what the added costs would be to customers and what disruptions to service could occur by running high and low voltage lines on the same poles.

      They did good work here.

  2. We will be the ones bearing the costs no matter what method they choose. We pay taxes and utilities. The government decides how much. Unless we can regain democracy, we are in trouble.

  3. Please guys! Don’t pin your hopes on Hydro One! They like all government partners in Ontario are helping the wind energy industry as and when the can. They used bully boy tactics in Wainfleet to allow Wainfleet Wind Energy right of way for poles and transmission lines against the wishes of Council.
    And for an organization that has safety rules regarding ‘set back rules’ for their equipment, rather than human safety I think you will find that IWTs are now not permitted to be sited within 500mtrs of any newer Hydro One equipment because of possible damage from the IWT.
    This recent decision, though to be welcomed as is any decision questioning the wind industry, is purely to protect against any future liability. Hydro One know as well as we do that this scam will one day end, but don’t rely on them to protect the likes of you and I in the meantime!
    Andrew Watts

    • Agreed, but now there is written information about the safety issues involved in electric transmission lines and poles.
      Rural Ontarians have been put down as making things up about transmission line safety issues and one of these issues is lightning.
      Hydro One says that 100 ft poles are more dangerous than shorter poles for lightning strikes. IWTs are 300+ ft steel poles so the same applies to the IWTs.

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