Wind company ‘confident’ Ministry will approve wind turbine project

kawartha_lakesMy Kawartha
(KAWARTHA LAKES) Although Ward 16 Councillor Heather Stauble is calling it “premature,” a wind power company officer says he is confident a project planned for the City of Kawartha Lakes will be approved by the Province. Suzlon Group subsidiary, REpower Systems, announced on Dec. 17 they completed a contract with wpd europe GmbH for the delivery of a total of 51 wind turbines.

The turbines, each with a rated power of 2.05 megawatts are intended for a total of six projects; Whittington, Springwood, White Pines, Napier, Sumac Ridge and Fairview, to be constructed and commissioned in 2014. They are located in the Southern Ontario counties of Simcoe, Middlesex, Prince Edward, Dufferin, Wellington and Kawartha Lakes. The contract includes a service and maintenance agreement for 15 years for the new projects. Sumac Ridge is the project intended for the city.

On Wednesday (Dec. 19) Kevin Surette, manager of communications for wpd Canada, said five of the six projects were submitted to the Ministry of the Envrironment (MOE) for approval. Four of the five are still being evaluated. The application for the Springwood project, he said, was submitted last January and approved in mid-October. Mr. Surette said the applications are “comprehensive” and the company ensures all provincial regulations are followed. “The four projects are still being evaluated by the Ministry, but we are confident they will be approved,” he said.

He noted the months that passed between the submission of the Springwood project and its approval shows the Ministry takes the time to carefully review each application. REpower also announced its plan to set up a new rotor blade manufacturing facility in southern Ontario, but did not say where. Read article

9 thoughts on “Wind company ‘confident’ Ministry will approve wind turbine project

  1. Hmmm… Sounds like poker to me. Governments dealing from the bottom of the deck and WPD is calling bluffs. Do they know we have a pair of aces up our sleeve? 2 ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS LESS THAN A KM AWAY???? Gotta know when to fold’em, gotta know when to run! Far away.

    • The turbines near me have 2 elementary schools less than a km away. I don’t think the government cares. There is nothing about setbacks from schools or hospitals in the GEA regs.

      • I wonder what ETFO has to say about their members working near turbines?

  2. Yeah, unfortunately, schools, airports, kids sports fields, daycares, all within 1 km here in Port Elgin. In fact, most of them are within 500 metres. The government didn’t care. They still gave approval for the CAW to erect a wind turbine right smack dab in the middle. And you know what their response is when you object that the turbine is too close??? Move the airport. Move the daycare. Move the sports fields. NOTHING takes precedence over wind turbines. NOTHING.

  3. Kawartha Lakes: The year has 6,000 days –
    ………..just because.

    ‘[excerpt] Mayor Ric McGee and the new city council are making a series of changes in the City structure, including assigning portfolios to certain councillors and replacing its CAO. The changes have prompted much debate within the community, including statements by four previous mayors who have expressed their disapproval with how things have unfolded. With the CAO gone and the fire chief suing the mayor and City for job-related stress, these are interesting times at City Hall. And the taxpayers have lots to say on all aspects of the matter. You can read all about it below.’

    ……..starts to control cravings……but,
    Who will do the dishes – after the party?

    • Sounds like what is happening all over Ontario…..these Councils are ripping the guts out of Rural communities across the board…………………are they all being “trained” by McGuinty’s AMO and Planning scammers?

  4. These IWT developers can cut backroom deals in Germany and then let rural Ontarians go through the process of tribunals to try to stop them.
    Just bail out Suzlon at the expense of Ontarians while the other parties involved in this deal also make a profit.
    Then then present government thinks these kinds of activites are ok because a few jobs are promised?

    • Suzlon is a basket case!!!!!………..Wpd has joined ranks to keep this mess floating and there is a dead line on how long Suzlon will be able to operate….it is necessary and has to be expedient that Suzlon appears to be viable ………………this is what we are for here in Ontario…… prop up piles of crap with our hard earned dollars!!!!!…. with the blessings of our Dear Leader of course!…….now doesn’t that make you feel a bit “used”!!!!!

      • But the big difference this time is that there is written information to expose what is taking place. The promised factory and jobs will also come out of Ontatian’s pockets by way of the money to be made off form the IWT FIT contracts.

        And if the WTO ruling sticks then the factory and jobs will go down the drain in this deal as well.

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