Florida-based NextEra opens its first wind farm in Ontario with more on the way

nexterrorJohn Miner, London Free Press
With one done, and seven more going through the approval process, renewable energy giant NextEra Energy says it will consider building more wind farms in Ontario if it gets the chance.

“We are definitely looking at additional procurement programs,” said Josie Hernandez, communications specialist with Florida-based NextEra. “We’re committed here.”

NextEra announced Friday that it has completed construction and started operating its first wind farm in Ontario, Conestogo Wind, a 10-turbine project in Wellington County that is projected to generate enough power for 5,700 homes in an average year.

The company has six other wind farms under development in the London region which have sparked protests from wind energy opponents – Adelaide, Goshen, Bluewater, Jericho, Bornish, and East Durham. Read article

5 thoughts on “Florida-based NextEra opens its first wind farm in Ontario with more on the way

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    Corporate Initiatives:

    The Municipality of South Huron is committed to reducing our own energy consumption rates. Armed with a vision of creating sustainable communities, municipal leaders and managers are exploring new opportunities to improve the quality of life for their residents. We all have a role to play and every action, no matter how small, brings us closer to meeting larger goals.

    South Huron is also joining other municipalities in becoming leaders in energy management and lowering green house gas emissions in our municipal buildings and within our community.

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    Plan, develop and administer policies and programs in the area of staff recruitment
    Train and develop employees
    Provide managers with the information they need to make decisions

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