What’s good often bad for rural Ontario

The Green Energy Act is allowing for the provision of more and more power from renewable sources and that’s good. No, that’s bad because the province is overproducing power and selling it at a huge loss. In addition, rural Ontario is saddled with those wind turbine behemoths that are destroying communities, families and health.

visit-beautiful-rural-ontario-1Jim Merriam, London Free Press
Christmas 2012 in rural Ontario is a little like one of those “that’s good, no that’s bad” comedy routines.

Limited snowfall in December has made for trouble-free travelling and the endless rains have helped moisture penetrate deep into the soil and that’s good.

No, that’s bad because snow and cold weather provide a cover for winter crops and fallow fields — a rest period if you will.

We don’t want so much mild weather that flowers sprout again and the sap starts rising. We also don’t want to get our lawnmowers back out.

Last winter was a mild one, with a major thaw in March that gave everyone a break without having to spend gobs of money to travel south and that’s good.

No, that’s bad because apple and other fruit-bearing trees were fooled into thinking it was spring.

The buds were frozen off by the ensuing cold snap and long winter that followed the thaw, leaving the apple harvest a non-event throughout much of Ontario.

Dalton McGuinty has resigned as premier and will no longer make a career out of crapping all over rural Ontario and the people who live there and that’s good.

Well, yes that is good, but it’s also bad in that not a single candidate to replace him seems to have any better grasp of rural Ontario. They know all there is to know about Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe, but are clueless about the rest of the province. Read article

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  2. Liberals should nominate – Mr. McGuinty – he’s been a laugh a minute.

    ‘[excerpt] ‘It would require a heart of stone not to die of laughter. It is the most ridiculous decision since the committee gave the peace prize to Barack Obama when he had been US President for two minutes.’

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