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    • December 22nd – or else………hahahahahahahaha!

      ‘[excerpt] Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison says he wasn’t consulted on this memo before it went out. He said city council will make the final decision on what the policies are for the city.

      “This is the only city of the 22 largest cities in Canada that is founded on Christianity. Quite frankly, to leave our values behind is certainly not the page that I’m on,” he said.

      “Just because we have different religions doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate them together. I certainly don’t think that offends anyone.”

      Note: Merry Christmas is a greeting – and goodwill to all men.

      Saskatoon…………Keep the greeting on the bus!

      • Update – Saskatoon
        Merry Christmas -message – stays on the buses!

        The city of Saskatoon is facing the possibility of a human rights complaint after it refused to yank the “Merry Christmas” message from the top of its buses despite allegations of discrimination.

        On Monday, local activist Ashu Solo vowed to take the matter to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, claiming the Christmas greetings violate his right to be free from religion.

        He said the salutation also favours Christianity over other religions, which is particularly problematic for Saskatoon’s immigrant community, many of whom rely on bus service.

        “Christmas messages on Saskatoon Transit buses make them feel like they need to convert to Christianity to be first-class citizens,” he wrote in a complaint.

  1. I willingly and happily worked in Muslim countries for a decade or so. The religion and politics was Islam. It was their country and I was a visitor. Had I wanted to take advantage of what they offered their own citizens I could have converted to Islam. I chose not to and remained a 2nd Class citizen in the knowledge that it would never be my country. What arrogance to enter a country as an immigrant and expect that country to favour my wishes above those of the indigenous citizens!
    Incidentally, in that country my wish to celebrate Christmas with fellow expats was totally accepted. The nationals who I worked with would have been insulted had I chosen not to wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’ or had they not been invited to join our celebrations!
    I would advise ‘activist’ Asho Solo to take a holiday wherever he originally came from and leave Canadians to celebrate Christmas they way they have now done for centuries.
    It does not attempt to stop those of other beliefs, religions or idealogies of doing what they wish.
    Perhaps Asho Solo could offer to work overtime over Christmas and allow a fellow worker additional time off to celebrate Christmas with his/her family…???
    Andrew Watts

    • You should post that bit to him its excellent!

      Yrs ago at work I had some people in celebrating chinese new yrs. I was not offended in the least, in fact others at work joined in in the saying the told us, it was a happy occasion.

      Lifes too short thats like me going to their country and asking them all to stop.crazy!

      I did however have my wrk yrs later
      Request we no longer say ” merry christmas” but instead offer happy holidays!
      And obama starts calling christmas trees holiday trees!

      I totally refused! This is my country and thats how we say it.

      Ps my ” christmas tree” looks super;)

    • I have to agree with you Andrew. Canadians tend to be a warm, friendly group of people, and that includes accepting new people into our home and or country, and celebrating their cultures and respecting their right to choose their own religion, dress, customs etc. But! I do not believe that means we have to give up celebrating our holidays and customs the way we always have. We have to draw the line somewhere, and having our own country telling us we have to change to suit newcomers to this country would be offensive to Canadians who have lived here and enjoyed these customs all their life. The people of different religions are not being forced to change, merely to tolerate our customs, as they would expect us to respect theirs had the tables been turned. I have a hard time believing any other country would change a harmless religious custom they had enjoyed for many years and generations, because we moved there and didn’t want to see them. Political correctness has gone awry, Such rigidity on the part of new Canadians should not be sanctioned by our government, they should instead be encouraged to celebrate the differences of the people of the country which they have chosen to live in. They knew who we were when they came here, the same way we would know what to expect if we went to another country that had been traditionally non-Christian. When I have visited foreign countries, I have enjoyed learning the customs and traditions of the people living there. Variety is the spice of life. Different does not imply that one is better than the other, and I don’t feel inferior being a Christian, even when I am surrounded by those of another faith. Acceptance and tolerance is a two-way street.

  2. Hope that the officers and directors of Suncore will have just as nice a Christmas as the Michauds are going to have.

  3. A load or two of coal at Queen’s Park would be rather fitting don’t you think? Merry frickin’ Christmas Dolt!!

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