What you can’t hear, can hurt you

Analysis of Low Frequency and Infrasound at the Shirley Wind Farm
Dr. Bruce Walker; George F. and David M. Hessler; Robert Rand; Dr. Paul Schomer
from Wind Victims Ontario
The purpose was to determine whether infrasound was present in the homes of three families in the footprint of the Shirley Wind project (owned by Duke Energy). These families have reported adverse health effects since the wind turbine utility commenced operation. Two have been forced out of their homes. They report experiencing symptoms of the type associated with wind turbine syndrome. These families are my clients and they offered to act as intervener’s in another Wisconsin case, Highland Wind which is in the application hearing phase. 50 affidavits were filed by them and other residents near the utility describing adverse health effects and home abandonment for the eight turbine Shirley Wind project (click here for video) using Nordex N100 2.5 MW wind turbines.

The graph below shows that wind turbine noise is present outside and inside the residence. The SPL – dB (Sound Pressure Level – decibel) scale on the left hand side of the graph shows low frequency noise levels approaching 80. This is considered a noise level similar to an alarm clock or hair dryer. Read full report and Rick James commentsA Cooperative Measurement Survey and Analysis of

11 thoughts on “What you can’t hear, can hurt you

  1. Well, here is the black and white, scientific proof they are claiming does not exist. How will they attempt to discredit this testing. We shall find out soon enough. Perhaps we need a mountain of evidence deep enough to cut off their oxygen. We`ll keep digging.

    • OWR says “The SPL – dB (Sound Pressure Level – decibel) scale on the left hand side of the graph shows low frequency noise levels approaching 80. This is considered a noise level similar to an alarm clock or hair dryer…”

      Hey! Wait a minute! I thought low frequency noise was, by definition, inaudible; thus, a comparison with a hair dryer or an alarm clock is kind of … puzzling?


      • A Sound Pressure Level of 80 dB is 80 dB. Different sounds have different frequencies but the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is the same. Some frequencies can be heard by humans 20-20,000 hertz. Some are outside of that range. And there is great debate over which frequencies at which levels are dangerous to human health. The purpose of the study was to determine what noise levels and frequencies were present at the sites where health problems were experienced.

      • Since the title of the article is “What you can’t hear can hurt you”, I was confused to see a comparison of 80db inaudible infrasound readings and an 80db alarm clock or hair dryer. I have no problem with suggesting 80db could be harmful; I just don’t see that the comparison is appropriate. Some of your readers might think that the sound from an alarm clock or a hair dryer would be acceptable, or at least tolerable. Infrasound is more insidious just because it is inaudible, and the health effects have not been widely studied. As we all know, the MOE completely ignores low-frequency sound in any of its testing or guidelines.

  2. I have to thank everyone who brings this type of info. to the forefront. I will be sending a copy to the medical officer of health in Niagara. She seems to be sincere in her effort to understand the truth regardless of the political pressure. I hope that doesn`t change.

  3. Wish you well with Niagara! The regional staff and a majority of Regional Councilors are already committed to doing just as McGuinty did. Their CMoH won’t be allowed to change anything!
    In any rational province this report, like many others before, would be enough to welcome a moratorium immediately until extensive studies are completed.
    In Ontario, and even in the smaller Niagara Region, this just won’t happen!
    The crooks have been in control for too long.
    Andrew Watts

    • Yes! the crooks or i call them parasites. But you have them lurking in every part of government now, at least a good majority. The bottom line is we are not free. it looks like we are but NOT!
      Welcome to our prison that you and I allowed.
      All roads lead to Rome I heard and read.
      Bank notes backed by nothing.
      Bank of Canada what used to be canadian money printer and 0 percent loaner a lame duck and government forced to lend money from the loan sharks our banks at compounded interest forced on by IMF parasites which can never be paid off
      Our police protecting the big corporations Look at G12 in TO beatings and protecting the scum bags inside that are destroying our freedoms
      Chem trails to poison our air and ground
      Medicated water system. Forced fluoridation Poison in your blood stream and brain
      Zero point energy hidden from us
      New corporated bigger prison cells only for profits of shareholders from other countries coming to WINSOR
      Forced wind turbine subsidies only for shareholders profits and money hungry farmers
      Rural communities losing there power to higher governments Big fiish eating little fish
      And the Vatican wants one world order
      Smell our freedom?
      I do but not with these scum bags with fictional authority!

    • Hard for me to believe that free thinking humans cannot believe they are not in a prison environment while it is staring at them in the face. Must be that Stockholm syndrome thingy.

      • The folks in rural Ontario sure feel the oppression….BIG TIME! This sort of disease will spread if left unchecked…..the urban dwellers will be the next to experience their complete lack of rights and freedoms. Perhaps there are enough of them to fight back!

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