Study finds ‘dangerous levels’ of noise from turbines

receptorGreen Bay Press Gazette
A Public Service Commission study has found what one Wisconsin lawmaker classifies as “dangerous levels” of wind turbine-generated low frequency noise or infrasound at the Shirley Wind Project. Rep. Andre Jacque, R-De Pere, has called on the Public Service Commission to issue an emergency rule to immediately suspend the permitting process for wind projects.

The testing was conducted in early December by Clean Wisconsin, an environmental group that advocates clean energy, and primarily funded by the Public Service Commission, found that one woman and her child living in a residence near the turbines suffered from an “extremely adverse” as a result of the turbines.

“I am very appreciative of the Public Service Commission’s willingness to investigate the incidence of debilitating low frequency noise,” Jacque said in a statement. “These results compel them to act immediately to keep this nightmare from spreading.” The study was released Friday, established the existence of “dangerous levels” of wind turbine-generated/infrasound in the Shirley Wind Farm in Glenmore. The study recommended further testing to further study the effects of the turbines at the Shirley Wind Farm.

The infra and low-frequency sound is a primary characteristic of wind turbine acoustic emissions and discredited the wind industry argument that infrasound produced by modern upwind wind turbines do not have sufficient amplitude to reach the threshold of hearing, Jacque said. Read article

16 thoughts on “Study finds ‘dangerous levels’ of noise from turbines

  1. Will they use this information to help us, or discredit everyone involved, and deny, deny, deny, as is the standard protocol…..we shall see.

  2. Imagine the most precious person in your life and they get windsyndrome. You would do
    everything in your power to help. The Liberals have buried evidence, told blatant lies, spent millions paying these interlopers and have ignored real cases of sickness they are responsible for. These are truly evil people and should be treated as such!

  3. Later this month, after the Provincial Fiberals select their “Dalton v. 2”, we’ll have to make certain the opposition parties have definitively stated their position regarding the GEGEA and their stand re: IWTs, and we will have to work for the best option in our ridings to give the Provincial Fiberals the almighty boot from not only rural Ontario but from as wide a swath of Ontario as we can!
    Every sitting Fiberal MPP whose ass gets kicked from the Pink Palace in the soon-to-be-called Provincial election is another step closer to making Ontario a stronger province than we’ve had since Dalton first took over as Premier!

    • Don’t think any Liberal or NDP should even be considered when you look at their leadership and the fact that these key leaders will likely be re-elected in their ridings.
      The rural NDPs just went along with their leaders and did nothing. Now they want to pretend they will act on the IWT issues. If there are no other choices then independent candidates should be considered.
      There is one PC MPP that should be replaced as a candidate prior to this election. That is if the party has the guts to do this.

  4. Oh yes, he who would be king! He`d fit in better with the Lying Liberals. I`m sure Hudac would like him gone.

  5. Maybe if the liberals make him a juicy enough offer, he will cross the floor. Loyalty to anyone or anything is not an issue for them…..only money and power can get the attention of these corrupt individuals. Andrea Horwath and her sidekicks get downright rude if you say anything negative about wind energy. I have given her (personally) a letter from my son’s specialist pleading his case against living in close proximity to a turbine, and asked for any help she could give. She did not even reply, and when I tried numerous times to reach her, I got treated like garbage as soon as they heard what I was calling about. I would not trust Horwath any more than I trust the liberals.

    • I have written several times to Andrea Horwath also to establish her stand on wind energy….hopefully she knows how negatively it is influencing the communities where Industrial Wind Turbines are….or are proposed to be. No response. No response from any NDP representatives. Just Wayne Marston replied but he is a federal rep and he quickly declined to become involved.
      So what does this mean??? It means what we have always known…there is no government party who will speak out against this fiasco because it is big money, big influence and big business and possibly big law suits.
      Can we count of the Conservatives with Tim Hudak??? He speaks from two sides of his face so we never know with him either. And he is against Unions so who can the Unions vote for??? They say NDP. Yikes…we are back where we started.
      Surely there are some honest men somewhere??? But where???

  6. Unfortunately the unions have come out on the side of the pro-turbine people because, once again, there is money to be made as far as they are concerned. Tim Hudak is not a skilled politician, or “people person”, and seems to rub many people the wrong way, but he is one of the few politicians who will personally suffer if these turbines are erected in his neighbourhood as they are slated to be. Not even a liberal would be stupid enough to want to surround themselves and their families with huge IWT’s. Much like the majority of pro-turbine idiots, they are more than willing to hoist them on someone else for their own “perceived benefit.” If we could arrange for ALL politicians to walk in OUR shoes, this problem would “magically disappear!”

  7. Susan Smith:
    Tim Hudac is not against unions. He`s against corrupt union leaders. He`s against unions buying elections, as they have been doing in Ontario for the last few elections.
    I don`t know what you mean when you say Hudac speaks from two sides of his face.Please explain.
    You say no government party will speak out against this fiasco!?!? Where have you been? Does the name Lisa Thomson ring a bell? Please go to the PC website and read all about their past and present battle against this fiasco. Read their platform. Watch all the videos of Hudacs recent presentations to many organizations and business groups. This is their main battle! Stopping the useless wind and solar BS, subsidies, GEA et al.
    Stop listening to your union leaders. They are Liars and Theives, bought off by the Lying Liberals.
    They don`t give a damn about you. But Hudac does! You and all union members, can vote with confidence for the only party in Ontario, with a solid, well thought out plan, to save our sorry asses.
    We must all work hard to elect our best option, in this case our only option. Trying to elect a majority of independants, especially at this late stage of the game, is not logical and would result in a Liberal or NDP win, which of course would be a huge loss for all Ontario, for many generations to come.

    • *Hudak, not Hudac

      Best to spell his name properly when you promote him. He’ll need all the support he can get if he’s going to break into the GTA.

      • How silly is that! I stand corrected. Thanks s & d !

  8. Douglas! The ‘..only option..’ is truly scary!
    As a minority opposition party, with both other majority and minority parties totally on board with the wind sharks, the PCs have been able to say whatever they want against IWTs and the GEA without any political repercussions at all, so far. Additionally I don’t believe they have accomplished a single thing to slow down these projects.
    Hudak, of all of them, knows exactly how evil this entire wind scam is and just what it will do to his own home, his family and community if it is not stopped!
    Anything less than an outright commitment to repeal the GEA immediately AND use the Canadian/Ontario judicial system to pursue the wind sharks for full reparation for all the harm they have already done suggests he is giving himself and his party ‘wiggle room’. That is not acceptable.
    I find it so sad that because he is, I agree, for those like us, the ‘..only option..’ I am left with only that option or I have to give up my democratic obligation to cast a vote at all in a future provincial election…………….
    That is what the GEA has done to all of us here in rural Ontario…..
    Andrew Watts

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