Northland Power Inc, Destroyer of Woodland, Wetland & Key Habitat

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There is quite a list of those responsible for allowing this to take place changing the culture and heritage of Manitoulin Island and this province for generations. Councils and First Nation  Communities in other areas of this province are passing bylaws, BCR’s and requesting support from other councils to protect the people from this wind energy scam such as here in this link and email version below.

MCSEA Inc respectfully requests the Councils of Manitoulin and area to support the Wainfleet request. Wainfleet also has  Township By-law 013-2012 which requires a 2km setback from a dwelling for Industrial Wind Turbines to which MCSEA Inc. supports and requsets our council of NEMI to endorse as a minimumum until the proper studies are done that include Low Frequency Noise.

WAINFLEET Calls for Summit of Municipalities Posted on December 10, 2012 The Wainfleet Town Council has passed this Motion, November 13, 2012:
“THAT the Clerk be directed to extend an expression of interest to those municipalities that supported and/or implemented a moratorium on any new industrial wind turbine agreement to attend a Wind Energy Opposition Summit hosted by the Township in order to gauge the level of interest and participation.” CARRIED.

The call for a Summit is intended to gather information and plan strategy on how to proceed in the fight to regain local democracy and control of Green Energy development. The call is based on the idea that a united front or effort by local governments will help greatly in making the Province listen to its citizens and local Councils that want to regulate implementation of the GEA through traditional democratic means (as opposed to political fiats by the central government of the Province. PLEASE urge your local councils to reply positively to this call for a summit. Wainfleet Town Clerk can reached here: Town Clerk, Tanya Lamb, 905-899-3463, ext.226.

Meanwhile… The clear cutting continues during winter hibernation of bats and forest creatures on picturesque road allowances, leaseholders properties and deer yards. Swaths of trees removed for roads, collector hydro lines and industrial wind turbines for highly subsidized,inefficient “Green Power”.

Who speaks for the wildlife with inadequate setbacks?
How does this habitat destruction protect the environment?

Raymond Beaudry

5 thoughts on “Northland Power Inc, Destroyer of Woodland, Wetland & Key Habitat

  1. Who speaks for the wildlife with inadequate setbacks?
    How does this habitat destruction protect the environment?
    It is in our power as the power we gave these servants to represent us has,and they have taken upon itself to eye ball and represent your money and to enslave you.
    We are the feed in there trough but you have it in you to stop this by stop being pig feed to them.
    It really is up to us
    NO MORE!

    • The agencies that should be protecting our wildlife have somehow decided that IWT’s are more important. I wonder what it takes to convince a so-called environmentalist that harming animals and people is “green”? Have they been presented with the carrot…or the stick?

    • This is all about money….look closely and see who has accepted a pay-off.
      Perhaps an outcome of this sacrifice of natural resources will be a joining of all of us against undemocratic and senseless government expenditures and decisions.
      The photos are tragic…but they will influence all of us to unite and rebel.


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