Secret Documents Reveal that Liberal Government Knew of Adverse Health Effects of Turbines

LISA THOMPSONFor Immediate Release
January 2, 2013
(Queen’s Park) — Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request show that officials from the Ministry of Environment were aware of adverse health effects caused by wind turbines in 2009. These documents also show that one wind power company encouraged the Ministry to take a “consistent position” with their company to support the Green Energy.

“These documents prove that government officials were aware that wind turbines were adversely affecting the health of residents,” explained Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron-Bruce and PC Deputy Critic for Green Energy. “The Liberal government has systematically silenced rural voices to advance a misguided green energy agenda.”

Of the 300 pages that were collected, only 26 were released and many of those pages were heavily redacted. The released documents show that officials were working on an abatement plan to help the residents affected by wind turbine noise and by the transformer station. However, the report, which was completed in 2009, was never made public.

The Ministry of Environment was inundated with complaints over negative health consequences of turbines. Families were told that all the projects were in line with distance and noise regulations, but the documents contain evidence that some projects were not in compliance.

“The secrecy and entitlement of this government is totally unacceptable,” said Thompson. “Families who are affected by these turbines deserve for their voices to be heard.

“The Liberal government needs to stop forcing wind turbines into communities without full information,” said Thompson. “When the legislature returns, I will continue to fight for a moratorium on the development of industrial wind turbines until the economic, social, environmental, and most importantly health consequences are understood.”


For more information:

Ashley Hammill

Ashley Hammill
Executive Assistant to
Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce)

38 thoughts on “Secret Documents Reveal that Liberal Government Knew of Adverse Health Effects of Turbines

  1. “The provincial government is primarily responsible for public schooling, health and social services.” Mc Guinty knowingly allowed wind turbines that can ruin health. The Anti Rackets Branch of the OPP can investigate governments. If there ever was a prime example of a government needing investigation, it is this government that reeks of foulness and corruption.
    Do you suppose any of the Conservatives or NDP have the stones to call the OPP?

  2. Proof! No need to investigate .
    Harm to another fellow being should result in an immediate arrests of all participance in this fraud.
    Shut and tear down these turbines now!

  3. Get ready taxpayers: as the rest of the province burns, public servants now intend to burn huge amounts of taxpayer resources questioning (while also ignoring) the facts about “who knew what, when?”

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    • Totally agree, p.
      Many politicians stand to gain so much $$$$$$$$ that they don’t give a rat’s ass about studies, FOI’s, people who are sick, etc. And not just the politicians. Bureaucrats are also part of this fiasco. The scam goes so deep and so far I am afraid we don’t stand a chance.
      This is how I feel today.
      Maybe tomorrow will be a better day and I will feel that there is some hope.

    • The whole world is in the same boat as we are………….this is so entrenched within Governments that citizens don’t stand a chance fighting from the top down……………..we have to dismantle this corruption from the bottom up………….at the Municipal level is our only venue where we can see results…………………..without Municipalities “supporting” these parasites at the top, their whole SCAM unravels!

      • Yes you are correct with bottom up. But that means us first. We have that in us to stop it.
        And do not forget they want our money and that is basically what turns the wheel here.
        Stop that wheel until they change . I am, but I am only one

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  6. It’s difficult not to get discouraged occasionally, but don’t let them win. As long as we are still breathing, we need to keep screaming for justice. No group of oppressed people have simply said stop…and they automatically did. Brave men and women have given their lives for our freedom. Lets not give it up easily.

  7. REVOLT. PROTEST. January, Toronto-same day new premiere is brought in. ALL RURAL COMMUNITIES MUST BE PRESENT. Bring grid lock to the city. Get in their faces. Be a royal pain in the butt. Inform the press from all communities.
    One person from each OWC group volunteer, organize. Reserve a bus. Smaller buses are an option for smaller communities. I can provide contact info for bus’s. Inform the press from all communities across Ontario.
    Organize an “emergency town meeting”. Broadcast on the local radio. Advertise in your penny saver. Post info all over town. The purpose of the meeting is to stress the importance of the presence and support at the protest.
    Forfeit one days pay. Standing up for what is right will be one of the most important stands you will ever take; protecting your family and your home.
    There is strength in numbers; let’s aim for 1000+ in attendance.
    Those interested in community organization, give your name, email address and phone number to the web master of this site. I would highly suggest not to publicize this information. A meeting of the community leaders can be planned, central to groups.
    “Get your sticks on your signs.”
    What do you think? Do I have any “yays”?

    Only you can stand up for yourself. Support your neighbors.

    This is a civil protest. JUST DO IT. This can bs doneGeAr must get started on it now.

    I volunteer to organize the Haldimand-Norfolk chapter.

    • NoTricksZone
      Scroll down to:
      Jan.2, 2013
      “Hamburg Germany Now Indoctrinating Children In Climate Activism – At Its Primary Schools!”
      “Germany’s Public Media Flat Out Lies…”
      The German public media has become arrogant.

      • Barbara:

        Some weeks ago I posted links which show the Ontario Curriculum now includes climate activism and green energy activism.

        Not sure if math, science and logic are still on the curriculum… must check…

        No need at all to be enraged about Germany. You can focus your anger closer to home by checking the provincial curriculum for science in particular.

        The Sunnews network also ran a segment that showed grade schoolers being taught how to protest environmental issues — it was so cute seeing them at Queens Park — especially the part that showed the confusion as to why they were there — the teacher ($80K a year) was sooooo proud.

        Oil is sooo badddd!

      • This article was posted to show people what is taking place in Germany. You and others have been working on this issue for quite some time. The more you can bring this issue to light the better.

      • Barbara:

        You are one of the “old timers” in this battle — you have brought great enlightenment to many. When I started looking at the energy output and the efficiency and the noise issues — I was not so sure — it’s the credibility of people like you that keep the battle going. I learned. This Green Energy Issue will some day be recognized as perhaps the greatest scam of all time — far surpassing the Ponzi scheme as the great money maker.

        May your name go in the history books as one of the first whistleblowers! I know there are others — but Barbara has an ability to dig out the perpetrators and define the issue..

        Best to you in 2013! Go for the knockout punch this year!

  8. I live in Renfrew County. In 2008, I found myself in the middle of a proposed wind turbine project, which in my municipality involved around 90 turbines.To this day I don’t know how we got off the hook – we certainly did everything we could to oppose the development – but so have many other groups. ( I was Bonechere Valley rep. for the Renfrew County S.O.S. ) We took our concerns to our federal Conservative MP. Cheryl Gallant. She was instrumental ( with the input of another resident, Carmen Krough,) in getting Health Canada to do the health study. Lisa Thompson, a conservative MPP has showed real guts and determination in standing up for her constituents.We are fortunate that we have a major political party in both On. and Canada who oppose these U.N. ” green ” initatives. Something we must keep in mind is that Canada is effectively a satelite of the U.S. A few yrs. ago Hillary Clinton was putting presure on world leaders to fight ” climate change”, backed by threats of economic reprisal. This puts our present fed, gov. in a rather delicate situation and the recent re-election of Al Gore’s prodigy does not help this situation.To get to the point, we must not give in to emotions of dispair and damn all politicians. I am not comitted ideologically to any political party, but untill this insane U.N. agenda 21 – climate change-environmental bullshit collapses, the Conservative party has my whole hearted support both federally and provincially. And seriously, could any of you ever vote Liberal again after Mcginty ? The NDP has voted against every attempt of Lisa Thompson and her party to effect a moritorium .You are aware that Mike Crawly is now president of the federal liberals. If the idiots behind these projects are able to demoralise us to the point where we no longer chose to exercise our ability to vote, then they’ll have won without a fight. We owe it to ourselves and our children to oppose these forces with every means at our disposal and don’t hesitate to use political partys to oppose political partys. It’s what they’re there for, it’s how our system works, (when it works )

    • Right now the U.S. needs Canada for an oil supply and this is a very big stick for Mr.Harper to have. This is why he has such strong opposition from environment groups. These environmental groups in both Canada and the U.S. want to cut off the supply of oil to the U.S. so they can contol the U.S. energy situation.
      Since the U.S. election outcome it can be expected that the environmentalists will try to apply even more pressure on Canada. Contol of energy in all of North America is what they are after. Then the wind and solar scam can continue.

    • And her replacement as Secretary of State is of the same ilk. Expect that any U.S. new Secretaries and administrators will also be of the same ilk. This is a payback for the environmental groups. Also Sen. Reid, senate majority leader, who is a big time proponent of IWTs and solar, is in a position to see that this is what will happen.The senate confirms the appointments that the president makes.This will be the situation for the next 4 years.

    • That’s a great point, Jack. The fact that the efforts of Carmen Krogh and Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant have been ignored by Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq and Prime Minister Stephen Harper proves that the Harper Conservative government is complicit in this negligence, conspirary, and cover-up.

      The fact the Tim Hudak appears to be oblivious to the kinds of things that Lisa Thompson is saying, proves that he wouldn’t be a good leader for the people of this province. (Only, perhaps, ‘better than the rest”… but I reserve my judgement on that.)

      • As many of those who are involved in the Ontario renewable energy scam need to be outed as can be identified. At least they will be out in the public eye and this can help to neutralize any political power they may have. It makes it more difficult for them to engage in political backroom deals. The PCs will know who they are.
        It’s likeky that their campaign contributions will go to NDPs and Liberals anyway. So the PCs won’t have much to lose anyway.

      • Dream on!
        Useless lying baby-sitters stealing your energy. Most are all the same
        Canadian government oh no, it is the Harper government!
        Were is Du-dick face? No were to be found maybe when things turns around in our favour bet eh he show up then, with his foot on top of the wounded Liberals and the scandal opens up wide for a foto op .
        Their good for that these useless eaters


  10. This is another view of what government means for the very few people that are awake
    “Governments are corporations; Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only [an idea], a government can only interface with other artificial persons. The imaginary – having neither actuality or Substance – is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of that is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate artificial persons and the contracts between them.
    In short, there is no ‘parity’ or ‘equality’ between a tangible ‘real’ Living Man of Substance and the idea or imaginative construction of a created form of government that has been cause to arise as an aritificial person, abstraction of a “fiction”. As such, there is no government that can concern itself directly with ‘in’ the affairs of the Living Man, as the Living [tangible] Man [of Substance] is superior in every regard and cannot be subordinated by the abstraction that is a mere idea operating in the form of “government”.

    • Dr. King has indirectly promoted and encouraged the development of Industrial Wind Turbines in our province. It is her report that has become the Gospel of all the money hungry proponents of wind energy. Her report was not scientifically accurate and as such has created HUGE CHAOS in over 90 communities. There are many who are ill with the dangerous levels of wind-turbine generated low frequency noise or infrasound from wind turbine ecoustic emissions. People have suffered from sleep disturbance, headaches, vertigo ….to name but a few conditions. She is RESPONSIBLE and must ACCOUNT for her actions.
      I am hopeful that the Canadian Medical Association will investigate this woman under ethical and professional issues in the CMA guidelines and policies in areas such as:
      Code of Ethics
      Conflict of Interest
      Physician-Industry Interactions
      This woman is not a Doctor in the true sense of the meaning…..she cares not about the health of humans!!!

  11. Since the health issue has popped up again here is another HEALTH ISSUE that has come to light.
    Stony Brook University, July 18,2012
    Press release:
    “Our study revealed that the response of healthy skin cells to UV emitted from CFL bulbs is consistent with damage from ultraviolet radiation,”
    “incandescent light of the same intensity has no effect on healthy skin cells, with or without the presence of TiO2.”
    Another instance where there was no research into the health effects that CFL bulbs cause ? A great “green” idea so just go with it!
    This research was funded by The National Science Foundation. This is not a private foundation or party that furnished the money for this research.

    • WILEY Online Library
      Photochemistry and Photobiology, The American Society of Photobiology
      “The Effects of UV Emission from Compact Fluorescent Light Exposure on Human Dermal Fibroblasts and Keratinocytes in Vitro” (pages 1497-1506)
      Volume 88, Issue 6, pages 1497-1506, November/December 2012
      The UWO Library should have this Journal or Guelph.
      Appears to be a peer reviewed article.
      There is also a reference to a European study that was done on this issue which one of the Ontario University libraries might also have a copy.

      Raises some questions about CFL bulbs?

      • Dermal Fibroblasts are cells that live within the dermis layer of the skin which are responsible for generating connective tissue and allowing the skin to recover from injury.

        Keratinocytes are the predominant cell type in the epidermis the outermost layer of skin and make up about 95% of skin cells. Primary purpose is to form a barrrier against environmental damge from pathogens, heat, UV radiation and water loss.

        Exposure to UV radiation can cause skin cancer. So it’s up to the public whether or not to use CFL bulbs based on this new information.

        Maybe all the MPPs should read these articles before they promote the use of CLF bulbs.


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