The provincial government & the wind industry killed this eagle nest today.


32 thoughts on “The provincial government & the wind industry killed this eagle nest today.

  1. Our Government? No way do I want to have any part of being accessory to this crime and many others they have committed.. Think about it, this is not what you would and many others would have wanted. Right?
    Why was there no press there? Guess your government may have something to do with it?
    This would be my guess even though he is suppose to be out.
    Your government, but not mine anymore..i pressed the delete button

  2. This ridiculous incident, in the name of “green”, will likely serve as a test case for the Ontario Liberal Government, the MNR and the IWT companies.

    If there isn’t a huge outcry about this from the general public, then I’m afraid this will be the thin edge of the wedge. Expect plenty more of the same around the province. Nothing will be allowed to stop “progress” for the sake of the “greater good”.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Posters showing this disgraceful act should be held up for all to see at the Liberal leadership convention, and all protests in the future. They cannot refute pictures of their sins. Kudos to the hero who took the photos.

      • Jim took this one– he has a real knack of catching moments in time – a true rural photo journalist.

      • Thank you so much Jim….I have shown these to countless numbers of people already, including the wishywashy mayor of West Lincoln, and Tim Hudak. Anyone who still thinks turbines are a good thing, is an idiot. I believe these pictures will hold a place in history!!!!

  3. This is very sad. Thank you for documenting it.

    Posted this on the NextEra yahoo messge board:

    NextEra killed this eagle nest today.
    by rpforz . 0 seconds ago . Permalink
    Shareholders should be aware and ashamed that NEE has no concern for wildlife and the environment in Ontario or anywhere else.
    NEE killed this eagle nest today in their rush to collect subsidies for useless, un-needed wind turbines.
    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  4. This nest was approx 6 years old , huge , approx. 6 feet across.
    This was a very rare cottonwood tree in Haldimand, approx 200 years old .
    There were at least 4 OPP cars .
    Nextera and the MNR cut it down , not just for the turbine access road but
    they just don’t want any eagles fying around so many turbines for political reasons.
    This was a criminal act . and went directly against Monture’s appeal at the ERT.

  5. I have absolute confidence that the MNR hasn’t the first clue on how to deal with Bald Eagle habitats or behaviors. There was a reason why there was a nesting pair at that location. Simply removing the nest will not stop eagles from still using that site for whatever purposes they found suitable to them in the past. They haven’t read the CanWEA brochures. The MNR and Nextera have now added the burden of having the eagles find and build a new nest. It’ll only be a matter of time after the turbines are up that the carnage will begin.

  6. Looks like $100k of time and equipment…for what?
    Who paid MNR or Nterror?
    $100k of hydro = could of powered 133 homes for a year or more.

  7. NOW I understand what JessicaMackay Ward from AECON means when she told me they would be designing ‘mitigation’ procedures for nexterror to follow regarding placement and operation of the turbines. This is a perfect example of the thought and foresight put into the plan. Oh by the way I don,t mean in way of protecting the Eagles, I mean in getting the merit raise/promotion/atta’ girl. Job well done by all!

    • Mitigating is their favourite word for “covering up the damage as best they can so nobody sees the truth. All turbine employees are scum as far as I’m concerned. They have sold their dignity for a few pennies. I’m sure they will live to regret their malicious acts in the name of the almighty dollar.

  8. The Ontario Government has been in bed with these snake oil sales industrial wind turbine companies for years now. They know how inefficient these wind turbines are and how costly the very small amount of electricity produced really is. All paid for by taxpayers/electric ratepayers.

    The crime also is that the government is destroying one of the most scenic and important areas in southern Ontario—destroying prime wildlife habitat for local and migrating birds,birds and other wildlife—and KILLING these animals –allowing the wind companies to build projects in these important wildlife corridors without multiyear indepth independent scientific studies being performed and evaluated. These IWTs are killing wildlife and the government knowingly has put these companies on the honor system for reporting killed and injured wildlife–just as effective as voluntarily paying your income taxes would be.— trully Independent scientific study has not been undertaken–projects are off limits to citizens and researchers.

    What is happeninmg to the health of people living near projects is appalling—and subsequently their properties are not worth much for resale if they are able to be sold at all——-The same situation is happening in the U.S.A. –we down here always looked to the Canadians to do right on environmental mattters-now they are worst than the Americans. Time for the news media to report what is really happening–NBC News is no longer owned by General Electric so perhaps they and others can finally report what is really happening concerning industrial wind turbine development in Canada, USA and rest of the world. For example the U.S. Import Export Bank is financing (paying for) indusrial wind turbine projects in some of the countries of Central America.
    tom wasilewski
    Edinboro-Erie County, Pennsylvania

    • “The same situation is happening in the U.S.A. –we down here always looked to the Canadians to do right”
      Canada is just a corporation listed on the New York stock exchange,US or USA is still run by the crown and the roots go from there to the Vatican as the hidden source of control but it doesn’t really matter but the Wind corps and crown want our energy(money) and they push all the right buttons to get away with as much as possible until WE (the masses) get wind of it.
      Just think how many people will move off there land to find refuge from all this and the land selling at a discount for them to own larger operations and control.
      As myself am getting sick and tired of waiting this out and may be placing my land up for sale at a loss. Nice ehe?

      • Every single person living near a turbine, or a proposed turbine should get a for sale sign for their lawn…it would send a good message, and you can ask what amount you want if you are not seriously wanting to move this instant. Mpac needs to revamp their assessment process for this new situation. The house doesn’t sell after a certain period of time….value is nil, and compensation is required.

  9. This Eagle quite possibly may be the “straw (feather) that will break the camel’s back”!!!!!!…..sometime’s it only takes a rather small act of criminality to bring the whole rotten scam down around the Greenies ears!
    Forward this story around the world on the various blogs that deal with the Green Scam as there are aplenty………..quit focusing on mainstream are all corrupt and cahoots with the prevailing Government………….

    • I’ve already sent it to every Ontario MPP and MP (Conservative and NDP — No point sending it to the lying Libs since they’re responsible for this mess). I’ve also emailed every paper, tv station, radio station in Ontario, as well as the entire Sun News network, bird conservatory group, OH, and Environmental Defence who says that this is not within their scope of issues, thank you very much!! So now I’m trying to figure out what environment they’re trying to defend? And for who? or what?

      • Don’t stop there Donna, I colleague and I have been doing the same thing, including contacting American networks and media in Florida – Nexterror’s home state. The more people that contact the media the better chances they’ll start paying attention. If anyone knows some snow birds in Florida right contact them and get them to make some noise about this down there!

      • Actually, I’ve changed my mind. I am going to go back and email every Liberal politician. But it won’t be to inform them. It will be to tell them to hang their heads in shame (I realize the musculoskeletal configuration of a Liberal doesn’t allow this, but I’m going to say it anyway) and that their party is singlehandedly responsible for a decline in the bald eagle, owl, hawk, peregrine and bat populations of Ontario.

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  11. Watch for the signs ” Farmers feed cities and killed this county ” Everyone is saying its the government and we as the people that are going to be surounded by these Turbines have no say. So we need to bring it back on the land owners that allowd it to happen.
    Signed :
    One pissed off citizen of Haldimand county

    • I was going to ask about that. I wonder what the landowners think NOW about that contract with the devil that they signed. Bet they didn’t think this was going to happen and they would have had no say about it whatsoever. Once they sign those contracts, they lose all rights as to what happens on their own property.

    • What environmentalists keep telling us:
      ‘agriculture’s ecological impacts’
      Buy Local Agenda –
      transfers wealth to ‘urban agriculture’ – ‘city gardens’ – ugh!

      Ontario farmers – will be no longer be an ‘environmental’ problem –
      looks like……Ugh!

      Thank your mayor!

    • Remember when “coal” was a word? Now it is “dirtycoal”, all one word – “one” of Kathleen Wynne’s favourite words. Maybe HRH McGuinty threatened “off with their heads” dare they utter the word “coal” ever again. Maybe it is only Glen Murray who is not a sworn lifetime member of the McGuinty puppet troop. Maybe…?

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