Eagle nest removed from wind farm site

Picture 004Teri Pecoskie, The Hamilton Spectator
Protesters attempted to stop a wind energy company from removing an active bald eagle nest near Fisherville this weekend — but their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. According to the Ontario Wind Resistance website, NextEra Energy employees cut down a tree limb holding the nest around 10:30 a.m. Saturday. The Ministry of Natural Resources authorized the removal at the Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre last week.

“Removing the nest will reduce the risk of eagle mortality at the site,” the ministry said in the permit. “NextEra plans to provide artificial nests in the surrounding areas to ensure that the eagle pair can safely relocate.” The ministry says it was made aware of the nest last summer. It was built in a tree scheduled to be removed for the construction of a road, and within 20 metres of the blade sweep of one of the project’s 56 proposed turbines. The Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre, which is still under construction, is expected to have a maximum generating capacity of more than 120 megawatts — enough energy to power 32,000 Ontario homes. The centre is scheduled to be up and running next January near the shores of Lake Erie.

Neil Switzer, chair of the West Lincoln and Glanbrook Wind Action Group, said about two dozen protesters came from as far away as Stayner, Ont., near the coast of Lake Huron, to try to stop the nest’s destruction. “There are only 50-some bald eagle nests in Ontario,” he said. “This is one.”

“There’s no end to the limits that the government will go to accommodate the wind industry,” he added. Read article

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  1. When they mention the max. capacity of the turbines….it is irresponsible not to add the truth, which is they NEVER run at max. capacity, and no way would they be able to power even 1 home without the “backup” generator that provides approx. 80% of the actual energy. Leaving out the facts is just as bad as outright lying. 32,000 homes would be out of power if they depended on these useless turbines. We are destroying our environment, not improving it. The truth needs to be made public before it is too late! We are ruining our precious land and even more precious wildlife as well as making innocent people suffer so that greedy rich people can get even richer.

    • Exactly. The load capacity of wind turbines is about 21% based on a study by the EU on the entire network in Europe which is one of the largest. Since they must have back up supply, which in Ontario is coming from all those natural gas turbine generating plants they been building, it means they are NOT GREEN ENERGY and makes the term Green Energy Act and oxymoron.

      Correction: the gas turbine plants government is building – unless you live in the GTA, where the liberals are willing to cancel them to win a seat at the great expense to every other taxpayer. The cost to the cancellation of the plant on Oakville is conservatively estimated at $733,000,000.00 based on documents released before McGuinty prorogued parliament. That doesn’t include the $190,000,000.00 for the cancellation of the one in Mississauga or the extra transmission costs that we will have to pay for due to the relocation of the plant. Some estimates say the combined figure could rise to $2 BILLION! It seems the urban green elites want to benefits of ‘green’ energy but the notion of having a low profile small footprint gas turbine back-up plant offends their delicate sensitivities. Plans to place off shore wind turbines off Scarborough and Oakville were quickly dismissed at the first objections. So they externalize the negative impacts into the rural areas.

      Its truly amazing that the residents of Oakville were able to get Bronte Road re-routed to protect a 300 year old Oak tree. (just north of the QEW), but rural residents can’t save a bald headed eagles nest.. But the progressives really showed those pesky birds. Nest time they should build a nest in a safe liberal riding!

  2. Nextera thugs were allowed to drag the nest away without any accountability.

    I wonder what Josie the wh0re will have to say about it?

    “Nextera conducted forensics on the nest proving that it was inactive. Nextera also found traces that humans had been tampering with the nest..”

    • Have you written a letter to CTV or CBC and others and asked that question?

      Why not send a polite letter asking why there was no coverage?

      It does not have to be a long letter — you can refer them to this site for the story.

  3. Michel Gravelle our Minister of No Reason ( MNR) should resign .He has done nothing to protect wildlife when it comes to accomodating the turbine projects..

  4. Write the Star. They take environmental stories seriously…

    BOULDER, COLO.—Several hundred people turned out for a vigil in the U.S. for an elk killed by a police officer.

    Those honouring the animal on Sunday lit candles, sang and told stories.

    The large animal with antlers was wandering the Colorado neighbourhood when it was fatally shot by a Boulder police officer, who has been placed on leave. An off-duty officer suspected of helping by loading the carcass into a truck is also on leave.

    The Boulder Daily Camera reported that organizers of the vigil wanted to give people an opportunity to grieve, celebrate and find closure.

    If they are from somewhere else…

    I hope you get the point folks…

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