Protest at Ajax Liberal Leadership Meeting


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  1. 7:48 pm – no mention in MSM yet of the fact that citizens gathered to protest energy issues in Ajax.

    Toronto Star:
    “Kennedy, one of seven Ontario Liberal leadership candidates, told an Ajax debate Sunday that Ottawa contributed only 15 cents of every dollar being spent on Toronto’s new subways lines.

    “It’s criminal … the federal government has eluded its federal infrastructure responsibilities,” said the ex-MPP.

    There were as many teachers and other protesters outside as there were party supporters inside listening to the debate.”

    “”We are on borrowed time,” said Kennedy, acknowledging the pressure the party faces from the opposition and the public while the house remains prorogued.”

    Tell us, Gerard Kennedy, who’s the biggest crook of all?

    Shame on you, you piece of $hit.

  2. Toronto could have had new subway lines if it weren’t for the money wasted on this green energy fiasco which will not improve our environment, on the contrary….it is destroying the very fabric of rural Ontario. Turbine farmers are bragging that they will no longer have to work long hours doing farmwork..50,000 per year, per turbine….of course they won’t need to grow food. Producing unwanted and unneeded power to sell off dirt cheap seems to be more important than food. Good things will no longer grow in Ontario if we do not put a stop to this now. Turbine blades will be the only thing on the menu.

  3. Thankyou to everyone who protested today, I would have been there but I had the opportunity to speak with Tim Hudak about this fiasco, and also tell the mayor of West Lincoln that the citizens he was supposed to protect, and represent, were not convinced that he was doing a very good job. He left in a huff, but it may give him food for thought. I will definitely be there on the 26th, and look forward to seeing everyone there! We are a force to be reckoned with!

    • Well done!

      I too have let the Conservative Party of Ontario know that they are not doing their job!

      If they want my vote to let them have access to the piggy trough it would be nice to see some action on the Green Energy Fiasco.

  4. WillR says “It would be nice to see some action on the Green Energy Fiasco” PCs aren`t doing their job???
    How much more do you think a party, who is not in power, with no Legislature sitting, can do, other than what it is doing,which is spreading the anti Phony Green Energy message, the best it can, with no help from the MSM, as they only report on prowind, Lieing Liberal BS.
    If you go to their site and read all about their Paths to Prosperity election Platform, plus watch all the many videos of Tims presentations at various business functions, you`ll see that Tim is trying very hard to get his anti-Phony Green Energy message out, to let business know that a Conservative Gov. will end subsidies, the unfit Fit program etc. immediately. It`ll be back to cheap, reliable, efficient,Truly Green Energy, like we had before the Wind & Solar BS. With no subsidies they`re gone. Simple as that.
    But I`m sure if you have any good ideas, Tim would be happy to hear them. He`s open to new ideas and he`s definately on our side, against the Phony UnGreen Energy Scammers.
    So let us in on the secret WillR. What is their job, if it`s not what they`re doing now? And remember they have to get elected in order to help us, so must tread carefully as most voters are unlearned on this subject, thanks to the MSM. Ontario needs a mass Shock Therapy program for Liberal & Lefty voters, to rid their brains of 10 years of Liberal Lies, wrongly blaming Mike Harris for all their mistakes & shortcomings.

    • Douglas:

      An interesting question indeed. Aside from dealing with some PC’s I had an interesting survey a couple of weeks ago on behalf of the PC’s….

      It was designed to let me know that they had indeed solved all the Environmental problems.

      “Excellent!” sez I — “Would they be canceling all the FIT Programs?” asks I….

      They did not wish to cover the issue — it would be handled in due course as soon as they formulated a policy… In the meantime would I mind voting for them with no further discussion…

      So that lends credence to your theory — but reveals that indeed they have no solutions.

      Your explanation would have served them better — at least I would have listened.

    • Douglas, I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the double (and triple) negatives..

      “anti-phony green”
      “Phony UnGreen”

      …it’s making my head spin!

      Do I need to consult with the Ministry of Truth in order to understand what you’re really getting at?

      Now if we were to keep it simple, and call it a “scam” (like you and I know it is,) then we’ll all be on the same page…

      How come Tim Hudak won’t speak so clearly about all this?

      • I think he is just frothing and foaming at the mouth while he contemplates all this B$ — I know I do…

        I think exposure to Liberal Policy and the GEA spreads Rabies! Help!


    • From the cheap seats: a cheap shot by a cheap shot artist: Free Thinker.

      Those that bothered to go to the protest would have known that the flip side of the sign reads: “Industrial Wind Turbines and Homes Don’t Mix”. In the two hours of standing in the rain, snow and wind, the sign was turned to the “wrong” side ever so briefly.

      For that, we all apologize, ever so profusely.

      Now, go back to your cave in the basement and get on with the next witch hunt … we’re all waiting with baited breath …

      • Hey ScepticalGord,

        What just happened?
        I can’t believe you said,
        ‘……..the sign was turned to the “wrong” side ever so briefly.’

        Did you just have a Nancy Pelosi moment?


        Okay – I didn’t really see it.

    • Free Thinker,

      It was my idea to hold my sign with the “SPEAK OUT” side to the front once in a while. Did you notice the similar sign reading “Industrial Wind Turbines & Homes Don’t Mix”? News flash…opposite sides of the same sign!

      In actively deciding to occasionally hold the sign with the “SPEAK OUT” side to the front, I made sure the second sign was reading opposite to the one I was holding with the hope that people would read the one, and decide that they too should “SPEAK OUT” about Industrial Wind Turbines.

      Our signs did garner lots of positive comments from the other people also exercising their democratic right to protest…they in fact thought the play off between the two signs was quite clever–note that our signs were in front of all of the other people protesting…they had hours to also read the message(s) on our signs, and to consider “SPEAKING OUT” about industrial wind turbines.

      Noticing there are currently 15 comments under this posting, people are “SPEAKING OUT”. Isn’t that terrific? Let’s work together to ensure it keeps happening 🙂

  5. Sorry about all the double/triple negs S&D I guess it’s like WillR says, I’m frothing at the mouth being so upset about all the Liberal BS
    We had all our good folk out at the Sunday protest in Ajax yet MSM reported only on the teachers?! Go figure?
    Then the native protesters pretending to care about the Environment. If so they would be helping Bill Montoure protesting IWTs .
    On& on it goes

    • Thanks to everyone, who went to the Ajax protest (excluding the teachers), in the miserable weather and all. You`re all wonderful folk. Participating in these events, is the only way we`ll win our battle.
      Non-violent, civil disobedience, is what we`re now down to. It`s the only way to get the attention of the corrupt bas//rds in government and the voting public at large. We`re definately making progress, but we`re running out of time. Windies are going full bore, to get shovels in the ground before an election brings in a anti-wind Conservative gov..That is what we must stop, one way or another.

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