More photos of eagle nest removal by wind company Nextera

Pictures sent in of before the nest was cut, as it was cut, the hauling away on a hay wagon, and the cutting down of the nesting tree.

11 thoughts on “More photos of eagle nest removal by wind company Nextera

  1. Guys… Relax — this all part of the plan to increase biodiversity and protect the environment — you have a misunderstanding…

    Ontario is improving protection of its forests, lakes, animals, plants and citizens through the implementation of a new biodiversity plan.

    The plan, Biodiversity: It’s in Our Nature, identifies over 100 activities the province will undertake with industry, environmental and community partners over the next decade to protect biodiversity.

    These activities respond to the recommendations of the Ontario Biodiversity Council’s 2011 strategy including:

    Continuing to integrate biodiversity conservation in school curricula, as appropriate, from kindergarten to Grade 12.
    Identifying new ways to enable Ontario’s carbon-intensive industries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    Involving Aboriginal peoples in biodiversity monitoring, data collection and information sharing.

    Protecting Ontario’s biodiversity is part of the McGuinty government’s plan to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

    See? I told you so!

    The first thing you do is tell the kids that this is all part of the protection scheme. You guys just missed the class, uh…memo, ummm… lesson, er lecture — ah whatever… YOU skipped it. Its not the MNRs fault!

    • This soooooo important that you understand that it’s YOU who don’t understand that I will copy the rest…

      Quick Facts

      The word “biodiversity” refers to the immense variety of life on Earth, from microscopic insects to vast northern forests.
      Fifteen government ministries supported the Ministry of Natural Resources in the development of the plan.
      Ontario has partnered with Trees Ontario to plant 50 million trees across southern Ontario to help clean our air by removing about 6.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2050.
      The Species at Risk Stewardship Fund has helped restore nearly 24,000 hectares of important habitat. Completed projects have supported about 1,800 jobs and an estimated 214,700 hours of volunteer work for 17,300 Ontarians.
      The plan builds upon other initiatives introduced since 2005, including the Ontario Invasive Species Strategic Plan, the Endangered Species Act and the Great Lakes Strategy.

      Please memorize this section until you can repeat rapidly. Repeat until you believe. Now you have the formula. Smile!

      Now don’t post again until you understand that your government is working for you. No more confusion. Pay attention!

      Oh yes, Your Chocolate Ration was increased this morning…. it’s now Two oz. up from One oz. last month.

      Be well!

      • So the Liberals have @ least:
        ‘[excerpt] 214,700 hours of volunteer work for 17,300 Ontarians.

        …………17,300 votes – come election time.
        doing ‘our’ part – for the environment.

        How I did my part – to bankrupt – the province of Ontario.

      • My wife went out and queued up for our chocolate ration this morning — she got back after only a three hour wait.

        It was increased to one Oz. for the two of us — just as promised.

        Too many people doubt or Dear Leader. All is well!

  2. It appears that this nest is near a house and barn, possibly on private property?
    If so, one might wonder where the owner was in this horrendous crime. Were they complicit in this action? Are they also IWT hosts?
    If so, this shows once again, they don’t give a damn about the environment. It’s all about the money. To ‘H’ with their neighbours health and well being.

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