Outrage in Haldimand over bald eagle nest removal

DSC03319By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer
FISHERVILLE – Wind turbine opponents in Haldimand are expressing outrage after a tree with a bald eagle’s nest was removed near Fisherville Saturday morning. The tree was cut down to make way for an access road for the Summerhaven wind turbine project. The Ministry of Natural Resources gave permission for the removal Dec. 31.

Until recently, the bald eagle was deemed a species-at-risk. It has since been upgraded to “a species of special concern” due to the growing number of nesting pairs along the north shore of Lake Erie. The nest destroyed on the weekend was one of 57 identified in southern Ontario in 2011.

“I was there and I witnessed it,” Ernie King of Cayuga, vice president of Haldimand Wind Concerns, said Monday. “The MNR is supposed to be protecting nature and enforcing the regulations that are in place. Are we trying to put the eagle back on the endangered list? We can’t be playing God with nature.”

Wind opponents and others are upset with the process leading to the tree’s removal. The permit was issued Dec. 31 with the proviso that the tree would be removed by Sunday. The MNR decision wasn’t posted on the Internet until after 5 p.m. Friday. This left no time for anyone to object.

The Summerhaven project is an undertaking of NextEra Energy Canada. Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal green-lighted the project last fall following a month-long hearing in Hagersville. At issue was the project’s potential impact on the environment in west Haldimand. Officials told King and others at the scene that removing the cottonwood tree at this time of year was the least disruptive option. There were concerns that the three wind turbines slated for the area posed a threat to the breeding pair and their young.

Spectators watching from the road were told the displaced eagles were not in the neighbourhood. However, the homeless pair were spotted in the area on the weekend, as were 16 bald eagles in total during the annual January bird count held in the Fisherville-area.

An on-line petition about the incident has been posted at the Ontario Wind Resistance website. As of Monday morning, it has received 240 responses. The petition, which is directed at the MNR and natural resource critics in the New Democratic Party and the Progressive Conservative Party, says “I, as a resident of Ontario, am outraged at the destruction and ultimate displacement of the eagles and their habitat. Read article

19 thoughts on “Outrage in Haldimand over bald eagle nest removal

  1. But since wind energy is so inexpensive and a pollutant free substitute for coal burning power plants, we cannot afford to protect all living things and the places they call home. Right?

      • Of course she is serious. She understands the priorities! Where is your confusion?

        This has already been answered earlier…

        …you have a misunderstanding…

        Ontario is improving protection of its forests, lakes, animals,
        plants and citizens through the implementation of a new biodiversity

        The plan, Biodiversity: It’s in Our Nature, identifies over 100
        activities the province will undertake with industry, environmental and

        community partners over the next decade to protect biodiversity.
        The Species at Risk Stewardship Fund has helped restore nearly 24,000 hectares of important habitat. Completed projects have supported about 1,800 jobs and an estimated 214,700 hours of volunteer work for 17,300 Ontarians.

        They are protecting us…

        It’s all about Stewardship… See?

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      • Muchas gracias, WillR 😀

        And yes, my ‘name’ is always being misspelt, shortened, contorted, etc. I’m looking forward to the day when each of us is identified just as a series of numbers!

        Until then–truth be told–I find it kind of amusing watching people struggle to say my name properly…

      • De nada mi amigo.

        Ahora es possible ecriber como los autros. Le veo al otro lado del calle!

  2. Our Mayor and Council were probably there to cheer them on. Maybe they even started the chainsaws for them.

  3. The full size wind turbines in Ontario are subsidized by our government (your tax money) to the tune of $500,000 for EACH turbine every year for the life of the contract. Because wind can’t be relied upon when power is really needed, the other power producers are always on standby with
    the needed power. When the wind does blow it automatically cancels out the standby power. The
    government paid $420 million of our tax money to Quebec and some states last year to unload this excess power. As for clean energy, wind turbines without backup power don’t exist. The unclean backup power starts and stops each turbine. It also keeps the turbine turned into the wind, keeps the light on top powered, keeps the computer operating, etc.
    Wind turbines are not free and they are not clean and they are the most inefficient power producers out there.
    Out of the less than 60 nest sites in Ontario, why was it so necessary to locate a turbine that has destroyed something that should be protected at all costs?

  4. I am so upset that the MNR who is suppose to protect the wildlife and birds allowed this to happen. MNR you need to go back to school and be taught what your role is. Hope you all get fired for this.

    • The fact is, the MNR staff would have been fired if they HAD NOT complied with the wishes of their political masters to take the nest down. That’s the problem with the MNR: the environmental decisions are now being made by politicians, not the workers who were educated and trained to do their jobs.

    • Should be obvious by now that the wind
      companies can do as they please. To
      have them (wind co’s) alter any plan
      would set a precedent. As far as these
      scam artists and our beloved gvmt
      agencies are concerned, any issue
      can be mitigated.

  5. Disgusting! They just make up their own rules… can’t have a laundry line in the city, ah wind turbines so important more that the environmental laws. Sickening!

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