One option only: be proactive & remove NextEra/Summerhaven Wind LP from Ontario

Mr. Stengel, et al.,
You posted the following:
“Summerhaven Wind, LP takes its responsibility to be good stewards of the environment seriously, and that includes the recent decision to remove an eagle’s nest and tree within the Summerhaven Wind Project.
As background, during three years of comprehensive bird surveys no eagle nests were found within the general project area. We estimate that the nest was built sometime in late 2012.
We had two choices: Do nothing and hope there would be no impact to the eagles in the nest or chicks that may come in the future. Or be proactive and remove the nest now to give the eagles ample time to relocate before the breeding season.
The experts we consulted, including those at the Ministry of Natural Resources, agreed that removing the nest now would significantly reduce the potential impact to the eagles while giving them time to relocate before breeding.
That was the right decision and in the best interest of the eagles.

Steve Stengel
Director, Communication
Summerhaven Wind, LP”

NO NexteraUsing the general gist of your posting as an example, here is my response to your posting:
As I see, we have one option only: be proactive and remove NextEra/Summerhaven Wind LP from Ontario as the company and the project do not comply with environmental values or environmental stewardship generally accepted by most Ontarians. This action would be the best for the people of Ontario–not to mention our Bald Eagle population.

Oh, and by the way, don’t let the proverbial door knock you on your backside as you are leaving! Toodles 🙂

Debbie Lynch
Norwood, Ontario

4 thoughts on “One option only: be proactive & remove NextEra/Summerhaven Wind LP from Ontario

  1. Enough information about this scam and the departments of the government complicit in this scam, have been made public now, that an end must be brought to the destruction caused by these turbines,and ridiculous energy path we are going down. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  2. Exactly where does Stengel and the MNR expect the eagles to go? With so many wind developments existing and proposed, there won’t be much suitable land left available in Southern Ontario. Surely the dopes in the ministry would know that.

    However, the eagle debacle did have one benefit: this website has been flooded with at least a hundred (maybe more) first time posters … its getting harder to get a word in edgewise!

    Some will say that all these new comments prove that many people are more worried about animals than humans. That may be true but if that’s what it takes to motivate people in this cause, I say: let the eagles’ sacrifice not be in vain.

    • Yes…it does seem as though the Bald Eagles are sacrificial lambs….so to speak…then it is what it is. Perhaps people in Oakville /Toronto area will feel some sympathy and realize what their rural cousins are going through. This is the beginning of the end for wind turbines in the eyes of the public.

  3. If you can find the time contact Talk radio 640 and ask them to do a segment on the destruction of this eagles nest. Maybe if enough of us complain they will see a story worth following.

    After all they spent two weeks on that “Ikea monkey” story and the station is with us in regards to alternative energy as a scam.

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