Promote energy efficiency instead of building power projects: Enviro watchdog

600_hydro_miller_110614Ottawa Sun
TORONTO – Ontario continues to let millions in potential energy savings go by the wayside — while at the same time pursuing expensive power projects that need to be forced on unwilling residents, environmental commissioner Gord Miller said Tuesday.

“My message is how can we possibly ignore this?” Miller said Tuesday of the potential savings from conserving energy and promoting energy efficiency.

“We’re fascinated with the price of electricity. Well this is the cheapest electricity — it’s readily available, it’s already built, if you like. It involves no more disturbance of anybody’s land or anybody’s home.

“Our culture, our solution is always this — build more. That has been our solution — build more generation and we’ve been pursuing that for decades. The problem is the build more option is always more expensive.”

Miller joked that Ontarians want power — but not if it comes from coal, natural gas, nuclear reactors or wind turbines. People object to living near all types of power plants, he said but the province is still forging ahead with new projects when a greater emphasis on conservation could make some construction unnecessary. Read article

22 thoughts on “Promote energy efficiency instead of building power projects: Enviro watchdog

  1. This jackass – Miller – whistles a different
    tune every time he purses his lips. You
    want energy conservation plus save a
    few tax dollars – shut down these pompous
    bureaucratic agencies that serve no purpose.

    • I don’t know about others but I am shutting off lights, doing laundry at midnight, heating with wood, and doing just about anything else to conserve energy. Who knew I’d have to get up in the middle of the night to dry a load of laundry??? I am 66 years, old nervous about tripping and blundering around in the dark!! What the government gains in my energy savings…it will have to spend out in OHIP payments.
      How about utilizing waste energy from industry to make heating energy for other needs??? How about turning off the multitude of twinkly lights over the city that we do not need. Why not increase power production at Niagara Falls???
      Industrial Wind Turbines are on the way out. We need a new source. Sharp minds will hopefully figure out the ways and means.

      • The Falls are near maximum power production and with the dry past summer the lake levels are down. So less water at the Falls to produce power. Spring is best time to produce hydro power from melting snow runoff.
        Renewable energy has to be backed up MW to MW with conventional power sources or you are in trouble with the power grids. In general as much base load is needed for backup as there is renewable energy installed. Conventional power plants have to be maintained or new ones built.

      • I will be far more blunt than Barabara:

        Some years ago in August we hit an all time high Power Draw of about 26,700 MW.
        Then, as now, we had a supply capacity of 35,000 MW
        So we had a reserve of about 24%.

        Now, it is admirable that you are trying to save a few watts of power. I salute you…. Note that MW = Mega Watts i.e. 35 thousand megawatts is roughly our current capacity… (i.e 35 Giga Watts)

        So what exactly are you doing that will help our power generation situation? Please tell me as I am quite confused how you saving a few watts at any time of day will help us.

        Also keep in mind that we shut down perfectly good, relatively clean, scrubbed coal power stations and have replaced them with unreliable and irregular solar and wind power generation — and we still have about 35,000 MW of power draw available.

        If you are trying to “Save The Planet” — there are far more worthy activities.

        If you are trying to forestall the need for additional generation capacity — you are wasting your efforts.

        If you are trying to save a few dollars because you cannot afford your overpriced energy bill — you have my sympathy.

        However, your inaction, my inaction and the inaction of millions of Ontario citizens are the problem, Many people voted Liberal with out the least understanding of what Liberal energy policies would bring. However, most made no effort to learn how to interpret their willfully stupid and blind self-aggrandizing policies. Most had no clue — in the vernacular… Some of us let ourselves be drowned out by self-centered and ill informed “Greenies”.

        We have seen the enemy — and he is us!

        Now — write some nasty letters to your local politician.

      • So what you are pointing out is that with 24% reserves then renewables can be installed maybe up to 20% of the reserves without grid risk or another name for this they can get away with this scam up to this level? Or so they think?

      • Increasing conservation of electricity use increases the reserves and allows more renewable energy to be installed? Am I correct in this assumption?

      • Barbara:

        The risk to the grid — and our “constant” supply comes from the speed at which we can switch in and out real (reliable) generation capacity. For one thing… The issues is that the wind and solar power generates a lot more electrical noise… but…

        There are so many issues it would take a book — including one little thought of… The power supply is 60Hz — right? Back in the day… when we could count our generation stations on the fingers of two hands — plus maybe our toes… it was relatively easy to keep all the stations in synchrony and generating the same frequency — and in phase…

        Now we have (or will have shortly) about two thousand stations… In the USA they have given up keeping them in synch — this means equipment that used to of the power frequency to derive a time signal from the wall power outlet can no longer do so — 60Hz is no longer guaranteed…

        Someday the politicians will (re)learn to leave these issues to the technocrats..

      • For anyone following the electric power situation in Germany it’s easy to see that the same policies and tactics are being employed here in Ontario.
        Increasing the price of electricity for consumers forces power conservation which then increases the conventional power reserve capacity which in turn allows more renewable energy installations to be done in Ontario.

      • Sarah, what is happening is that we have too much power a good portion of the time, so they are “spilling” water over the falls,( not using the water to make power) but we are still paying for the amount of power that would be produced if we had some place to use it. This cost consumers $300million last year. All in all consumers paid $1.8 billion for power we didn’t use last year

      • Barbara:

        You are looking for easy answers — perhaps to make a point? Sorry to disappoint you. The answer is Yes, well not always, hmmm maybe — I guess sometimes but not others…

        The main thing is that many clocks based on mechanical motors or a derived timebase will not longer function exactly correctly — we will have drift. Once we lose the synchronization capability of all the generators… Perhaps we already have? Last time I checked the USA was in the processes of relaxing the standard to the point where power line frequency will not act as a time base standard..

        Could motors malfunction? Perhaps. It depends… maybe…maybe not.

        The worst consequence of adding additional “Green Energy” would be that we would be forced to sell all that excess power — to the Americans — at a loss — who would then use it to attract the remainder of our manufacturing base — leaving us with excess population — which would emigrate to the States — which would then leave the remainder with bills far beyond their ability to pay…

        Jus’ sayin’….

  2. So now it’s the nuclear power interests that are to blame for lack of conservation measurers.
    There is only so much conservation that can be done and maintain today’s modern society. Yes, we can go back 50 years but a lot of people will lose their jobs in the process of doing this.
    Get rid of all the electronic devices and machines that have come along since ~ 1960.

    • How about we get rid of the bleating conservationists — say the 98% who have nothing of value to add to the equation. It seems the more reasonable approach as it should lower our energy requirements considerably.

  3. Miller is sadly ill-informed — which is amazing for a person who is so highly paid.

    What would it take to get a replacemet with a clue?

  4. Forbes, Jan. 8,2013
    “Al Gore’s Oil-Fueled Al-Jazera Deal Follows A String Of Green Energy Fiascos”
    Gore and some investment partners purchased the Canadian news network NEWS WORLD INTERNATIONAL/NWI in 2004 for $70M and renamed it Current TV. Gore got ~$100M for his share of the sale proceeds.
    See the list of some of his green energy fiascos.
    Not much energy conservation at his houses either.

    • News World International/NWI
      News World International Network was launched by the CBC in partnership with a subsidiary of POWER CORPORATION OF CANADA (Desmarias) in 1994 & closed Oct.31,2005. The Network was sold in 2000 & operated by two succesive companies before Al Gore & Joel Hyatt bought it in 2004. Then renamed Current TV.

      • Wikipedia,
        Scroll down to:
        In 2000 USA Networks bought Canada’s North American Television, a joint partnership with CBC & Power Corp. Of Canada, which included Trio & News World International.
        USA Networks later owned by Vivendi and so on.

  5. Is it a natural instinct, to not wish to reside beside something which is not known to be safe, in fact is known Not to be safe? Does anyone want pollution surrounding them, whether it is noise, visual, environmental, or electrical? Duh! What does Mr. Miller have surrounding his home? Even an animal knows enough not to defecate in it’s own bed.

  6. MasterResource, Jan.10,2013
    “How the PTC was Extended (Obama to the rescue)
    Read how the PTC got through the House & Senate again.
    “Wind’s (Still) Damaged Features”
    PTC is Toxic because it became a symbol of corporate cronyism and government waste.
    Slower wind growth into 2013 and 2014
    Reduced need for wind. Lower natural gas prices along with State RSPs having been met.

  7. Why not just say – Potential………….100 more times’
    Can you imagine if Ontario citizens –
    did not use electricity – at all
    the ‘potential energy savings’ –
    would amount to a ‘potential’ – ‘Buzzillion Dollars’ –
    I repeat……in ‘potential energy savings.

    Math 101 – Potential ‘Buzzillions’
    ‘[excerpt] Ontario continues to let millions in potential energy savings go by the wayside — while at the same time pursuing expensive power projects that need to be forced on unwilling residents, environmental commissioner Gord Miller said Tuesday.

    “My message is how can we possibly ignore this?” Miller said Tuesday of the potential savings from conserving energy and promoting energy efficiency.’

    I know I’m crazy – but, is Mr. Miller?


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