Six Nations shocked NextEra takes eagles nest cuts down tree

turtleby Lynda Powless, Editor Turtle Island News
Six Nations residents are shocked NextEra Energy Canada has removed an eagles nest and cut down the tree that held it over the weekend. NextEra cut down the tree to construct a road access for their Summerhaven wind turbine project. Ministry of Natural Resources gave the company approval to remove the nest Dec., 31 but neither the MNR or NextEra informed Six Nations of the move.

The MNR permit held a proviso that the tree had to be removed by Sunday. The MNR decision wasn’t posted on the internet until after 5 p.m. Friday leaving no one time to object. Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) interim director Hazel Hill said she is “outraged” NextEra would “commit such an act.” She said HDI had been trying to work in “good faith” with NextEra on their project. “Our environmental montiors had raised it as an issue that the nest was there and we had asked for a report on what type of risk the turbines would present.” She said preliminary results indicated the nest was to stay. “Our preliminary reports showed they move the turbine or go one less and leave the nest alone.” Read article

13 thoughts on “Six Nations shocked NextEra takes eagles nest cuts down tree

  1. I did not see anything in the media that made it clear that this nest and tree were on Six Nations’ land. Were they, and if so does MNR have jurisdiction?

  2. MNR is bogus: they will refuse you a building permit for a cottage to protect a water snake habitat, but will do as the gov’t says for Big Bucks Wind!!!

  3. Come on folks….all these comments are worthwhile but other than venting we are making no difference. Everytime you send a comment, end it with “OPP ARB, where are you?” Maybe something will come of it. OPP Anti Racket Bureau will investigate corrupt governments. I think it is worth a try. By the way, MPPs have been asked to make the call but apparently it would be too much if an insult for the colleague. Yeah, I just shook my head when I first heard this.

    • All but a bunch of fictional fraudsters showing up with authority when we should have the guts to step in.
      Did you notice the cops protecting the unlawful acts committed in front of camera and all? What gives here!
      We do have the right realistically to make a citizen arrest as they are not.
      This is what we should do when it comes down to some areas were people do not want these things near them.Stop them from proceeding as this is a crime when harm is being allowed and we have enough proof now

    • But in general this is true. It’s a gentlemens agreement or the old boys club whichever you like.

  4. Who finances NextEra? Some bank must be involved in funding this project. I think, in addition to expressing (justifiable) outrage at NextEra, someone who knows the information should post the email addresses and phone numbers of the bank(s) that have invested in this company, whether for this particular wind farm or any of their wind projects. Then I think they should receive all the anger too, and maybe they will not continue to fund this company.

    I agree that there is no such thing as “good faith” in dealing with a wind company…not after all the things I have read and heard about and seen firsthand. So I suggest we all complain about NextEra to the people who can take away their money. That will get their attention!

    • The power brokers at the “banks” are well aware of us. In fact, reading our posts on here (“listening to communities”) is probably the biggest part of the job descriptions of wh0res like Josie. In Hagersville, Ben Greenhouse once admitted that he reads this stuff “day and night”, and thoroughly disagrees with it, although of course, he can’t post in response because he works in the industry.

      You’re right, the financiers are the ones making the decisions. If you want to have a real impact, you have to understand how to get their attention.

      In these wind turbine projects, the most risky time is during the construction phase.

      The only way these companies bring in revenue is by selling electricity to the power grid (and the odd grant, here or there.) If the wind turbines don’t get built, they can’t produce electricity and sell it.

      During development these companies dump millions of dollars into “development,” but this is a drop in the bucket compared to the costs of construction (and the payoff in the end.)

      This is why companies get extremely anxious once the construction phase starts. They’re spending millions of dollars a day on construction, and if the turbines don’t get planted, then it’s all for naught (unless they can recover damages in court). This is why companies bend over backwards to appease objections that arise during construction. And it’s why Nextera HAD to have the eagle’s nest removed immediately. They can’t afford any delays and they couldn’t afford to let it become an issue that could halt construction altogether.

      Once construction begins, the finish line is in sight for these companies, and they become extremely anxious. Anything the jeopardizes construction progress, no matter how small the risk, will get their immediate attention…

      • As far as I can find out, NextEra is a large enough company to raise their own private funding without bank financing. But their business dealings are secret so this could be wrong. Lots of these companies use bank financing at least as bridge financing to get the projects started and then other investors take over or the projects are sold.

  5. What we really need is an environmental superhero to solve these problems and sort out the differences of the various parties… — I just happen to have a modest example right here…

    Some may even have noticed but not realized that we could use the services of HER…

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    The game is set to debut on March 8 on International Women’s Day.

    The college’s digital newspaper described the project this way: “What would happen if the societal issues affecting women put other planets at risk? Well, of course, HER, a black female superhero, would swoop in with a plan to save the universe. HER is central to HERadventure, a science fiction-based, multimedia platform project that interweaves virtual worlds, digital and social media to create a gaming and storytelling experience. HERadventure not only entertains but tackles social issues that permeate the daily reality of many women.”

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  6. Way to go six nations for protesting the removal of the bald eagles nest. NextEra also found ancient artifacts on conc 6 between sandusk and cheapside. They should be stopped!!!!

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