Bethany area wind turbine farm opponents keep fighting at raucous public meeting

Bethany protestBy Rob McCormick, Peterborough Examiner
BETHANY – A question-and-answer meeting quickly deteriorated Thursday night as more than 230 area residents opposed to a proposed wind farm in their community chanted, blew whistles and shouted down a panel of experts assembled to answer their questions. “We don’t want you here” and “Go home,” they repeatedly yelled as the meeting got under way in the gymnasium of Rolling Hills Public School.

The Snowy Ridge project, a five-turbine wind farm east of Hwy. 35 north of Hwy. 7A, is one of two proposed for the area. The company running the project, Sprott Power Corp., expects to submit its application to the Ministry of the Environment in February, said David Eva, the project manager. If approved, the wind farm would begin operation in the fall of 2014, he said.

“In our view it’s a well-designed project,” Eva said before the meeting. “A lot of thought has gone into not only a project that meets all the necessary guidelines, but can also be integrated within the community, so ultimately, we are confident that it should receive its approvals. We are very much committed to proceeding.”

He acknowledged community opposition to the project, but suggested there is “a spectrum” of opinion. “There are some strong supporters,” he said, as well as “people who are more ambivalent, and there are those who are dead set against it.” As the meeting got underway, no one in the school gym seemed ambivalent, and if there were any strong supporters among the combative crowd, they kept it to themselves. Read article

22 thoughts on “Bethany area wind turbine farm opponents keep fighting at raucous public meeting

  1. I love those last two lines.
    If 6 people like them (have contracts) and 10 people are indifferent, and 4000 hate them – they call that a spectrum of opinion. They are wind people – they know spin. But so do we.

  2. And this being loud – shouting out – that’s the thing to do. At Zurich open house the other evening, a woman from Grand Bend took into a group of Nextera people and their consultants. She was loud and very angry and coherent. There was nothing hysterical about it. She went on for several minutes and I don’t think she repeated herself. And as she got into it, the rest of the room went quiet. Everyone turned and many started to move closer – to hear or maybe to intervene. And her targets just stood there and took it as she wound up with, “And you should be ashamed of yourself, and you, and you, and you… as she went down the line. And as she turned to walk out, the room applauded. She was GOOD. I was impressed.

    They come into our community and tell us lies – there are no health concerns – property values aren’t affected – and when they aren’t lying, they are putting spin on a partial truth. And we are supposed to be satisfied that we have been allowed to voice our ‘concerns’ as they call them.

    I used to argue with them, but I have a problem dealing with people who will tell an outright lie to my face, even more when we both know that he is lying. Now I just confront – point out contradictions in what they say, and I’m aggressive and rude and I call them rude names, and I’m getting better at being loud. They stand their, keeping their smiles pasted on, sometimes trying to inturrupt, but twice now, I’ve just talked over them – and then walked away. They say, “Don’t you want to hear my answer?” and I say, “No – it’s just lies and BS and I’m not interested.”

    You get in their face and berate them, call them names, and refuse to listen to anything they try to say. you’re not only demeaning them, but they have to smile while you do it. You can start with little insults and work your way up to the nasty stuff. Really – it’s empowering. I believe it’s good for the soul. Get it out there.

    I wasn’t always like this. I’ve been hanging out with these three really tough broads in MLWAG and they’ve been showing me how to bring out my inner ‘angry young man’. We all have one. Let it out.

    • Any room for me up there on cloud nine, Bob?

      C’mon. Gimme a break…


      • Hey S&D – you’re not the only one to disagree with my approach, or doubt it’s value. There’s room for all approaches. We aren’t a united front – that would be easier for them to deal with. We’re more like fleas on a dog, and they never know where they’re going to get bitten next.
        And there’s always room for one more on cloud 9. Nice view.

    • Bob, and I believe after the lady from Grand Bend told them they should each be ashamed of themselves, she wound up her remarks with, “See this face (pointing at her own face)? Remember it, because you’re gonna be seeing ME again!!!” We gave her a good round of applause & yelled “Bravo!!!” She sure had control of that discussion.

      • Bob, don’t let anyone discourage you. You are doing the right thing. We need to show that we’ve had enough of their crap. We asked nicely the first few times….now it is time for demands. In West Lincoln, on the Monday night coming up, there is going to be a discussion about adopting a 2km setback, as Wainfleet has done. The wind co. and turbine farmers will be there. We have been told several people will call for the mayor’s resignation if he does not agree to protect us. The time for pleasantries is over. “How to Fight the Big Wind Onslaught” needs to be our “Wind Warrior’s Bible”. Oh ya Bob, blame the ladies for making you loud! ha ha!

    • It’s been suggested that a “BITCH” is actually a “Babe In Total Control of Herself

      • I would have loved to have seen that lady in Grand Bend. I wish we had a video of her. As Canadians we are generally so unassuming and polite. Now the time is coming and we have to learn how to fight for what we believe in. Our governments …municipal and provincial just assume we will not fight back. These wind companies walk all over us. Because we have a history of just sitting back. Speak up. Talk back. Fight for what you believe in. That’s the plan from here on in!! Thanks for sharing Sylvan Bob.

    • YOU ARE A GREAT role-model, Bob! I didn’t realize you had worked your way up to such confident self-expression. Thanks for hanging out with us at Exeter and Zurich this week. We really needed you! The feathers were flying both nights!

  3. “In our view it’s a well-designed project,” Eva said before the meeting. “A lot of thought has gone into not only a project that meets all the necessary guidelines, but can also be integrated within the community, so ultimately, we are confident that it should receive its approvals. We are very much committed to proceeding.”

    integrated within the community … I think that means extra noise for you… You guys are so lucky to have such thoughtful jailors…

    Hope you enjoy the low frequency thumps and bumps — they should feel better cause they’re “integrated”. Neat stuff!

    Can these guys be sent back to Florida? Is it time yet to boycott all things Florida?

    Rail, tar and feathers — arrange in sentence and stir well…

  4. Way to go ballsey people of Bethaney (and surrounds)!!!!
    Keep it up or you will be become wind wraiths like the people in Chatham-Kent.
    Do not let the wind scam into your community!

    • The folks of Bethany ( Manvers ) are well versed with the tactics of these wind scammers and we give them hell every time they try to visit our community. Of the 235 people at the last meeting at least half of the folks were screaming at these liars and by the end of the meeting the wind scammers were sweating and shaking. They tried to divide and conquer us by turning two finals meetings into four but it didn’t work. We packed the last three meeting and gave them hell each time. Anyone in Orono or surrounding communities who are threatened by wind should join us for the last meeting on Jan 17th, 7 to 10 pm and see how Bethany deals with the wind creeps.

      • Andrew, you’re a long drive from London area, but I’d love to see the action. Any chance of doing some video and posting it. The more people see that kind of thing, the more they feel they have a right to stand up for themselves. We all know we HAVE the right, but examples help polite people to FEEL they have the right.

      • I’ll see what I can do Bob. I think there might have been some footage taken of the other meetings we had. It’s the only way to treat these wind companies. They couldn’t care less what they are doing to us.

    • I am proud to be a Pontypoolian! We’re not going to let these windies get a foot in the door here. Looking forward to seeing them sqirm again this Thursday night.

      • Find someone who can do video and have them set up and record it, my proud Pontypoolian friend. We want to see raucous!
        Someone will try to talk about listening to them and ‘reasonable discussion’ but that’s a waste of time and best ignored. Tell the truth. Call them liars and carpetbaggers. We know they lie so why would we listen to them? OWR here is really good, but there’s also a lot of fine information at If you haven’t been there.
        It’s the health aspect that is the worst. They are fully aware that wherever they go they leave a trail of suffering, broken health and destroyed dreams. Not everyone – but it isn’t one or two people, either. It’s a lot of people getting sick, and even more people having greatly reduced value in their home, Some having to walk away and start over – kind of tough when you’re 50 years old and starting to enjoy what you’ve worked for.
        To lose your home and your health to a foreign corporation’s greed, with the connivance of your democratically (ha) elected leaders… it really bites. You and me and the birds, we are just collateral damage. Next Terror’s Tom Bird snears when he answers questions.
        Y’all have fun now, y’hear?

  5. Just a tid bit of advice that worked in our
    Area, we wrote the school board and refused
    To let these snakes have an further meetings
    In any of our schools!

    They had to find a new den!

    These “broads” Bob hangs with even kept one step ahead of them and booked any halls in the area
    Forcing them outside in a pavillion.

    Hey whatever you can do to make it hard for these Arses!

    Karma ( my son even took some food they
    Catered the “event” with and walked up
    Right infront of the smarmy reps and threw it in the garbage saying something witty to them about being so phony, and you cant win over us with food! even i was surprised as hes a very Polite child in all other cases. Sad that he Can even spot at his age thier real nature of decet.

  6. Manvers … what happened to the large sign on the gable of the barn, eastbound on Hwy. 115?

    Was it the wind … or ?

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