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On the morning of January 5th, 2013 Nextera Energy removed a bald eagle nest (species of special concern in Ontario), and the tree it was in, in order to accommodate an access road and a wind turbine for their company in the Summerhaven project in Haldimand Cty. The MNR gave a permit for the company to do so the night before.
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I, as a resident of Ontario am outraged at the destruction and ultimate displacement of the eagles and their habitat.    The  mismanagement of The Ministry of Natural Resources at the request of foreign based companies in order to erect wind turbines is irresponsible and unacceptable.  Additionally, it is an outrage that the MNR posted their decision on Friday January 4th after 5 pm, for the distinct purposes of not allowing local residents to express their concerns over this action.  Ontarians are watching.

Subject: Stop the Approvals Now 

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  • The Bald Eagle builds the largest nest of any North American bird, up to 4 meters (13 ft) deep, 2.5 meters (8 ft) wide, and one tonne in weight.Picture 009
  • The Bald Eagle is extremely sensitive to human activity, and is found most commonly in areas free of human disturbance.
  • Every year, the number of active territories and the number of active nests slowly increases. During the last five years, nesting productivity has stabilized at 1.4-1.5 fledglings per active nest, which is likely sufficient to maintain a stable population. Currently, most of the Bald Eagle nests in southern Ontario (59%) are located along the north shore of Lake Erie. Bald Eagles have not yet returned to the north shore of Lake Ontario, probably because of a lack of suitable habitat away from human development. 
  • 57 active bald eagle nests in Southern Ontario in 2011

28 thoughts on “Tell the MNR they have gone too far!

  1. Occasionally some species of birds become over populated (not Bald Eagles). In some cases it makes good scientific sense to reduce these overpopulations. This is generally done by somehow disrupting the reproduction of the birds. One of the most effective ways to do this is to alter the nesting sites or nests.

    Who does the MNR think they are going to fool here? Not a proud day for the MNR or Ontario.

    You can be sure they will hear from me.

  2. Remind self – it’s ok to write a letter when angry, but wait a while before sending it. I didn’t do that, so some of what follows could have been better put. I was addressing the MOE and hadn’t noticed who else was going to get it. They’ll probably be able to figure it out. sigh.

    Quite the record you’ve got going there – approve the Ostrander Point windfarm on crown land/endangered species location on Dec 20 – making it virtually impossible to put together an attempt at an appeal by Jan 4, and now you approve taking down an eagle nest – approve it an 5pm on Friday as long as it’s done by Sunday.
    That pretty much eliminates any chance anyone had of protesting it.
    And they were out there first thing Saturday morning, weren’t they.
    So how does it feel to be a lackey of a bunch of idiot politicians instead of doing the job you are supposed to be doing – PROTECTING the environment.
    You people have lost all credibility.
    We’re always being told to tell our ‘concerns’, appeal where necessary, etc, but you make it nearly impossible and you have made it clear that the whole process is a sham, so a lot of us are looking at alternative means of getting your attention – changing how these things work.
    You might well end up wishing you’d all been a bit more honest to start with.

    • Don’t lament the wording…usually the best and strongest comments come from the heart.not the mind….when one ponders a comment usually “political correctness” begins to work it’s unsavoury way into the wording…………”political correctness” has got us to this point of no return by allowing politicians to drive the agenda!
      That must stop before any meaningful and real dialogue can take place!
      BTW….well written and impossible to ignore Sylvan Bob

    • Your anger is mild compared with what damage is being done. We are being outright attacked, and the government has tied our hands behind our backs. We have no choice but to fight back with every means available…..anger included. Don’t ever feel bad about telling those miscreants how you really feel. Nothing you could possibly say could be worse than the dirty truth.

  3. Disgusting , the politicians and wind turbines need to be relocated to the scrap heap , This is an outrage

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  5. All of us have to come together on this issue! We have all been divided and conquered so far but are gaining ground. We need the mainstream media to be involved in this fight to stop the industrial wind turbines. There is no easily obtainable information found on the pro’s of wind power only the con’s. And speaking of con’s ; Is the liberal government available for comment on the destruction of the Bald Eagles Nest (United States Emblem) which represents “Freedom” and loosley interpreted freedom to choose? On no, I forgot their closed. Our choices have been taken away. Shame on you Ministry of Natural Resources.

    • Shame on any lowlife individual who supports the proliferation of these destructive turbines. They have sold their souls to the devil.

  6. This travisty has got to stop. If we can not even protect the least able to protect themselves then what is left. The ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of the Environment are both at fault here. They both have the following goal posted in their manual:
    1. The people of Ontario recognize the inherent value of the natural environment
    2. The people of Ontario have the right to a healthful environment.
    3. The people of Ontario have a common goal – the protection, conservation and restoratioin of the natural enviroment for the benefit of present and future generations.
    I guess the peole of Ontario have all the right goals, but somehow the ministries have misplaced them

    • The people of Ontario do not matter any more….nor do the natural resources. There is some serious cash available to be fleeced from the public under the guise of green energy. There is not a single benefit from the destruction we are forced to witness. We need turbines like we need a hole in the head. All government institutions in Ontario have been forced to comply with McGuilty’s wishes, and to hell with self-respect, decency, and doing the “right” thing. This needs to stop NOW!

  7. The Harper Government (you know – they replaced the Canadian Government) did the health study solely because they hate the provincial liberals. Ask them for any additional REAL help and they shrug – that’s provincial. There’s nothing we can do. (It would be different if they WANTED to do something!)
    Bald Eagle’s nest. Does Environment Canada have any say about this? Probably not. They’re probably pretty busy right now trying to approve the tar sands (sorry – ‘ethical’ oil) pipeline through the mountains.
    Just wondering.

    • The sun does not shine here in this area called Ont until we they try to finish & destroy our communities and devoured all of our pocket money. No sun for a while unless these parasites are driven out and sent to Mars were they can deal with the Martians. I am sure if it does not work out the Martians will have some food source for a while.

    • Money seems to be the only thing that drives the government at any levels. What good will money be when there is nothing left to enjoy with it. I hope they like the taste of carbon-fibre turbine blades, because that is all the farms will be producing….very toxic don’t you know. All of the crooked pro-windies should be forced tom eat them…it would be the greenest way to dispose of the garbage!

  8. A letter I sent to the PM and the Minister of Natural Resources today

    Mr Stephen Harper and
    Mr. Michael Gravelle,

    My name is Jerry Van Velden. I live along the North Shore of Lake Erie in Selkirk Ontario. I am writing to you in the hopes that you can investigate a situation that happened in my neighborhood yesterday, January 5 2013.
    I am sure with your busy schedule that you may not be aware of a travesty that has happened in Selkirk.
    Let me give you a little bit of back ground on the issue at hand.
    A few months ago a Bald Eagle nest became visible to the area in a 100+ year Cotton Wood tree as the Fall season approached and the foliage began to fall away from the Branches. We were aware that there was a nest somewhere near buy but not exactly sure where as we had seen Eagles in the area for the first time,,,,,, ever. The problem is the nest is positioned such that it would interfere with the proposed 3 wind turbines scheduled for that exact location. After myself and many other local resident TAX payers contacted the local MNR office in Niagara region a window of common sense was opened and a cease and desist order on the road work was issued to NextEra and they complied. As a result almost all the people in the area were very excited to see that something was being handled by the Government properly. I had conversations with 2 separate biologists with the MNR one of which was Anne Yagi and she did her political non committal side step about her report, that we still have not seen and also the file was transferred to another person in the MNR. We as a group felt something was finally going to be done properly and stop the installation of these three units.
    Time moved on and we were not allowed to have a copy of any reports with regards to this situation.
    Well as we are all aware the wheels of common sense fell off the wagon, there was a permit issued on December 31 2012, with an expiration date of Jan 06 2013 to destroy the nest! Furthermore, the posting on the MNR web site was not completed until after the offices were closed at 5pm on Jan 4 2013.
    As a result of this permit issuance, the Bald Eagle Nest was removed by NextEra contractors, and there was not a single representative there from the MNR. They were at home so that their voice mail in their offices could handle the outcry of anger from who? The TAX payer that watched them destroy one of gods great gifts to us all! See the attached file for reference of the irreversible damage done here. Where is this the solution, destroy Nature to enable installation of Wind Turbines that no one other than the lucrative lease agreement holders want?
    My questions are numerous. Why was this permit issued without any input from the TAX payer, why is the environment and health of the Natural Resources of the area being put at risk, why when the government had the opportunity to do something right, they ignore the pleadings and wishes from the TAX payers and residents of the area? Not the people that will be benefitting from the ridiculous financial contracts for the turbine placements! Why was the public only informed of the permit via the internet after there was no way to contact any one at the MNR offices? Do I feel there is corruption here?, absolutely,,,, a slip of the hand was definitely in play here.
    When did our country become a dictatorship, my understanding is that Communism was only known to my generation to be in the now defunct Russia and Cuba, when did we start having to bow to the actions of madness?
    I was once a very proud Canadian and I am ashamed to be associated with what has become a full blown dictatorship!
    I must admit that I probably do not expect any response from either yourself or Mr. Harper as the wants of the people are so blatantly ignored in this province any more, but wanted you to know exactly what the feelings of many people of Haldimand County are.

    I feel an inquiry would be appropriate at this time!

    Does it matter, do we matter, do I matter anymore to my country?

    If you feel that my concerns actually warrant a response I can be reached by response to this email or in writing to;

    Jerry Van Velden
    305 Lakeshore Road
    Selkirk Ontario
    N0A 1P0


    Jerry Van Velden

  9. Very good letter Jerry. You did everything you could on the eagles’ behalf, as they can’t speak for themselves. I’m another who is utterly ashamed & saddened to be part of an Ontario that approves and allows such a despicable act as the sudden cutting & removal of a 100 yr old tree solely to displace such valiant ‘protected’ birds, all the in name of MONEY. Just when I thought we’d seen all NextTerror’s crooked tricks, they’ve drawn big attention to themselves again, by hitting this new LOW. The love of money is the root of all evil. SHAME!!!

  10. I, though not a resident of Ontario, am outraged at the destruction and ultimate displacement of the eagles and their habitat. The mismanagement of The Ministry of Natural Resources at the request of foreign based companies in order to erect wind turbines is irresponsible and unacceptable. Additionally, it is an outrage that the MNR posted their decision on Friday January 4th after 5 pm, for the distinct purposes of not allowing local residents to express their concerns over this action. The internet spreads information quickly, so not only are Ontarians watching, the rest of the world is also watching.

  11. One must wonder where Our Dear Leader is now! Probably reading nature books written by David Suzuki about all the wonders of the “Nature of Things”!

  12. I love your letter Jerry. You are speaking for an awful lot of Canadians. I myself do not want to pay one more penny in taxes unless this whole scam comes to an end. I do not want our hard-earned money to be used to destroy the only things in this world that matter. When the government returns to some semblance of sanity, we will reconsider. Throw me in jail….I bet there are no turbines there!

    • A growing number of ratepayers in our very small municipality are planning on not paying our taxes due to ongoing issues with our municipal council. We have decided to take a hit on the interest payments, but at least it will deprive the current council from having access to some monies from us up to the next municipal election.
      Politicians do seem to understand that concept–and they certainly don’t like it when we ‘underlings’ refuse to acknowledge our place–in their minds–at the so-called ‘bottom of the food-chain’.
      The time is nigh for all ratepayers to take a stand–and tell the politicians that we are not going to take it any longer!

  13. The pair of eagles that nests near me have had to make three moves that I know of due to just human activity. They are very sensitive creatures. Birds do get discouraged and won’t nest anymore in an area. And eagles run out of suitable nesting sites as there aren’t that many sites left now.

  14. I would just like to say that I am very Proud of Jerry’s efforts to save the Eagles. I would also like to say that this entire situation makes me sick to my stomac!!!!!!. I have come to terms with the fact that there will be Windmills in the area where i reside, like it or not, but to justify that there was no other place to stick THESE 3 windmills without relocating these gifts from God is completely confusing to me. I have 3 questions that I would like answered.
    1. How do these people sleep at night?
    2. Who is going to explain to my 14 year old son the justification of this all?… as I can’t?
    3.Who is providing these poor Eagles with the Google map for their relocated nest?… or me a map so I can continue to appreciate these magnificant gifts?

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