Video: Nextera Energy in damage control mode on Eagle Nest removal

Nextera Energy is questioned at a public information meeting in Exeter on their recent removal of a bald eagle nest, the tree it was in and the surrounding vegetation, in Haldimand County to make way for the company’s Summerhaven Wind Project. In this video Nextera spokespersons try to explain away the removal. They are speaking to residents who will live in their proposed Bornish, Goshen, Jericho and Adelaide projects who are not very encouraged by their responses.

45 thoughts on “Video: Nextera Energy in damage control mode on Eagle Nest removal

  1. McGuinty and the Green Energy Act took all our power away and gave it to these foreign corporations and their not-so-slick salesmen. C’mon election time!

  2. Are they for real? Do they really think that relocating eagles is as simple as moving a nest? Why don’t they make a video to show the eagles what’s going on?

    And why did MNR recommend removing the nest when they received expert advice that three turbines shuld be moved and the nest left where it was?

  3. Hey! This guy admitted to being there. I wonder if this was the mysterious masked workman who came over to the people filming the incident that they should blame it on Stephan Harper?

  4. Holy SPIT! Did Josie actually say, “It wasn’t part of our permit to notify the community”?????
    They’re both standing there with smug looks on their faces and she in particular is almost laughing at the whole thing…
    So they do their dirty deeds in the dark of night and follow up with – Oh by the way…..
    I don’t know how anyone can do the kinds of things they’re doing.
    They really think they’re untouchable…..

  5. I loved her 4 words almost at the end “this had to happen”. She forgot to finish the sentence (my quote) ” so we can quickly make some serious cash”. Election time can’t come quick enough.

  6. We don’t allow child molesters to prey upon children. These are sociopaths who could not care less about Nature’s children – and about the suffering of human children, as well. They are psychopaths who prey upon Nature in the name of saving Nature. They are insane. Run them out. It is time for blockades. The eagles will thank us. God, I wonder how these people sleep at night. Who thinks this way – these are truly not sane people.
    They have one interest only, like all the rest of the psychopathic corporations: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  7. I am sure to offend here and that is not my intention. However, there is no service being done here in the questioning. From an independent stand point, the both of you sound like uneducated, hysterical blathering fools.Posting these kinds of videos does not help, other than to show everyone that you were there. I would suggest that in the future , should you choose to post video for the cause, that your tone of voice be calm and reasoned, your questions prepared and on point at all times. I know that both of you are true warriors and I appreciate that, but video of this nature does not help at all.

    • Greg,
      Perhaps you could/should have contacted the ladies directly, instead of critiquing their video in a public forum. You can contact them directly by clicking on the “contact us” button at the bottom of all of the options on the right side of this page.

      Keep up the good work ladies!

    • Nonsense, Greg. They are speaking what we are all feeling. Angry beyond belief. Great job on the video! Keep it real!

    • Hey Greg, I’m one of the ‘uneducated, hysterical blathering fools’ that you heard on the video. I am also one of the hysterical extremely upset fools you heard on the video of the eagles’ nest destruction. I would like to let you know that encounters such as the one on Wednesday with the insouciant liars that work for NextEra, the one on Saturday watching Ontario’s wild life habitat destroyed for wind turbine development, and the one where our Minister of Energy, Chris Bentley proved to Ontario that he has no intention of assisting those people currently suffering due to their proximity to wind turbines, are important to our cause. I am not one who enjoys confrontational and angry encounters–these are very much out of my comfort zone; to do them on video also increases the difficulty for me. After these encounters, I generally lose a great deal of sleep, and enjoy elevated anxiety levels for quite some time. However, I am aware that there is, contrary to your belief, value in exposing the events, and the procedural deficiencies of these companies and elected officials that discount the public. Under normal circumstances Greg, your comments would have upset me immensly; however, I must be developing a thick skin from my encounters with people such as the two NextEra reps on the video. I wish that I could approach every wind turbine dissension with a calm and reasonable manner, but I guess that just isn’t always possible. For the record, the war against wind turbines will be won through many different tactics, and each one of us is of great significance. I personnaly would like to be supported in my efforts, but I do appreciate your comments. If you have any advice on how to maintain a calm demeanour while dealing with these people, please pass it on.

      • Thank you for all of your efforts. I think it’s great that you record these encounters and make these people feel as uncomfortable as possible. Considering what they are doing to all of us they deserve much worse than this. Besides that, It doesn’t hurt to have a record of statements made by these people. Hopefully some of what is said will come back to haunt them. You know, give them enough rope etc..

        As far as demeanor goes, frankly I don’t know how you remain as calm as you do. I would have a hell of time standing there listening to some of this complete and utter B.S.
        If I had to sit through that meeting with Bentley stonewalling the way he did I would have lost it completely.

      • I agree – videos such as this are invaluable. Thank-you.

  8. Whatever Greg where’s your video of calm and reasoned questions …. nowhere… crickets.

    • …and not “Whatever”…I read your comments in all the papers. You seem to think that it is your right to shut anyone down that does not agree with you. You are mistaken in that and no better than the dictator at QP.

      • I don’t shut anyone down Greg but if they give it they got take take it. Called people ‘uneducated, hysterical blathering fools” is neither calm nor reasoned. I respect what you’re doing, just as you should respect what others do to fight back. We may not always agree on tactics but each one is important. There are no heros just lots of people fighting for what is right.

      • Greg, your opening post in this discussion was to tell Esther and Murial that this was not the way to accomplish anything and if they don’t do it your way, they should shut up. Is that a fair summary? And then you accuse Dan of thinking he can shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with him. I read Dan’s comments too, and I didn’t perceive him that way.
        To me, your opening post reads like an example of what you accuse Dan of doing.

  9. I am sure to offend here and that is not my intention.

    I have great respect for everything that Esther does. I just don’t see the value of this video, ok Dan?
    I do not make videos myself Dan, so I can not share with you what I do. I can tell you though that I have spent 3 years getting the fire chiefs and OFMO on board. I can also share with you that I will be appearing before a JP on Thursday to bring charges against the Ontario Liberal Government. If successful, I will appear in The Superior Court of Justice that afternoon seeking an injunction to halt all provincial government operations until an independent authority in place to oversee.

    • …and if you are wondering why I have to appear in court Dan…the very same reason that a private citizen had to obtain the FOI dialogue that the PC’s now flout as press releases….because government won’t do their job. Play the CFOS interview between Bill Murdoch and Lisa Thompson…she was called out several times to call in the OPP…her response was that historically that is not done and is not the way politics is done. Short of the story Dan, cops investigate cops, lawyers investigate lawyers, doctors- doctors, politician’s investigate politicians. I will not support any political party until one of them start protecting me. I am fed up trying to protect myself from government.
      OPP ARB where are you?

      • Yes cops investigate cops and lawyers investigate lawyers and so on but what are the results anyway? About 99% of the time they get off anyway.
        MPPs can investigate government agencies and employees but not one another by gentlemen’s agreement.

      • Greg, I don’t really understand what you are doing – suing the gov’t – but good on you for taking it on. Personally I have no faith in the courts and I’m not inclined to put my money or time there. There are many ways to attack them – the windies and the government – and I applaud everyone who does anything at all. You go for it.
        Some of us, on the other hand, don’t really feel there’s even any point in ‘discussing our concerns’ with people who will just smile and laugh in our face. When we confront – as Esther and Muriel did in that video – we’re just making the point, and making them say the silly things they say, and then we abuse them for it. This kind of thing emboldens other people. It’s way too late for calm and reason. That’s what they want, but we aren’t playing their game.
        And we are gaining ground because every time they turn around somebody is snapping at their heels. Some days it’s you with your lawsuit, sometimes it’s Esther with her camera, or Muriel giving presentations to the Conservation Authority, Marcelle getting Lambton County to call for a moratorium.
        To paraphrase Anonymous, We’re anti wind. We are legion. We don’t forget. We don’t forgive. And we live here. We aren’t going away.
        We do ‘calm and reason’ only with someone who earns our respect.

    • Be sure to keep everyone posted on how you make out on Thursday. And thanks for all you have already accomplished.
      People are fed up with being pushed around by IWT developers so they are short tempered right now and righty so. So cut them some slack in this situation.

      • I keep trying to tell people, “We have no problem with the wind….it’s the damned industrial turbines we’ve got a problem with.

  10. 0:12 Tom Bird,
    the authorization we got from the ministry of natural resources was to destroy this nest

    0:32 Tom Bird
    So you’re saying that an option could have been to remove the three turbines rather than the nest?.. you know, from our project’s perspective, the reason that was problematic, is we have obligation to generate a certain amount of energy for our FIT contract, we wouldn’t be able to do that

    1:23 Tom Bird
    you were leaving the site as we got there… I was there because I wanted to ensure that we were preserving the nest and putting it on the trailer

    Where is the nest now then?

    1:37 Tom Bird
    it’s in a location that I’m not going to disclose… it’s in our interest to make sure it stays safe until we can find a way to utilize it

    2:12 Tom Bird
    One of the things we’re discussing with them [MNR] is the re-location of that nest… a tree, or it could be a platform

    2:36 Tom Bird
    There’s a number of places along Lake Erie where, where you could site a nest and be outside of a area of concern for turbines…So there’s a number of places along the north shore of Lake Erie, that through consultation with MNR.. ya, possibly with Jody Allair.

    3:38 Tom Bird
    We followed the recommendation of the agency that has the authorization to grant this approval

    Yes there were eagles in the nest

    3:51 Tom Bird
    The biologists at MNR spent quite a lot of time deliberating on this and you know, in the end they felt like this approach was the best one obviously…

    4:20 Tom Bird
    I absolutely don’t want to do that again

    4:36 Tom Bird
    I can’t speak to which of the Aboriginal communities were notified

    Are you feeling good about this?

    Hey Josie?

    4:45 Josie Hernandez
    I am Josie

    We know you’re Josie

    Are you feeling good about it though?

    4:50 Josie Hernandez
    I am. I think we did do the right thing. Unfortunately it did work out that, you know, a nest had to come down, but

    Why wasn’t the community consulted on this particular activity?

    5:00 Josie Hernandez
    We had a small time frame to make sure that…

    You got approval on December thirty-first

    You had a lot of time to notify the community

    5:08 Josie Hernandez
    Five days

    And when did you notify, when did you notify the communities?

    5:12 Josie Hernandez
    It wasn’t part of our permit to notify the communities… it isn’t necessary

    5:28 Josie Hernandez
    No there’s two different things here. He said that we didn’t have to prior to this, you know, the nest coming down. What I’m saying now, is, we want to make sure that the people that, the local community members do understand what happened, have a full understanding of why

    After the fact

    5:42 Josie Hernandez
    Better, better to have say, you know, to say something now than never

    • Thanks S&D- this is the ‘meat’ of the conversation. Nobody was notified because it wasn’t ‘necessary’. The nest is begin ‘preserved’ in ‘storage’ and they still have to figure out what to do with it…after the fact. The object was to move the eagles out of the area, just like the object is to move the people out of the area. More room for wind turbines.

      • 1. Notice how these proponents portray it that the Ministry is in total control here:
        “obligated” to generate a certain amount of power;
        “the recommendation of the agency that has the authorization to grant this approval”

        0:12 authorization was to “destroy” the nest
        but then
        1:37 “find a way to utilize it”
        If they “utilize” it, would it be breaking the rules of the permit which called for its destruction?

        3. 2:36
        Tom Bird has the audacity to refer to Jody Allair at Bird Studies Canada??? Didn’t they disregard Jody’s opinion last time ’round? D’ya think Jody Allair appreciates his name being thrown around like this?

    • from your project’s perspective… you are not welcome here!! Build them in your own backyards… not mine. Respectfully, because I really don’t know you as people… you are real people right?!, Lyn in Dashwood

    • Everyone knows what happened, and why, and they know the wind companies in conjunction with the MNR have acted in a despicable manner, and should be brought up on charges, not only for this, but for the entire debacle. All the government of Ontario offices that were supposed to protect us have failed miserably, they should be dismantled and started over from scratch. Much like the provincial government.

  11. I have to apologize. My comments came off in a very different way than they were intended. I have been here from day one, but tend to refrain from commenting because this whole thing just eats me up, and I sometimes say the wrong thing. I apologize .
    I am not suing the government. I am appearing before a Justice of the Peace and will ask that charges be brought against the Ontario Government. I am doing it this way so that nothing appears on a court docket ahead of time. If I can place enough uncertainty in the JP’s mind about whether charges are warranted, then the JP will process charges and the case will be referred to a judge. I have deliberately planned the day knowing who the JP will be and his/her distaste for the Liberals and the fact that a JP can process any charge w/o substantial evidence.The charges then move to the Crown Attorney’s Office for evaluation of successful prosecution. I have now tied the Crown as prosecutor vs. defender of the Government. If this works, I can then seek “emergence” in Superior Court that day and ask for an injunction halting all government business and appointment of third party overseer. With charges pending, the order would be granted.I really don’t think that I have a hope in hell of pulling this off, but someone has to try.

    • Greg, I don’t think you have a hope in hell, either, but you never know which straw will break the camel’s back. That kind of operation takes a kind of energy that I don’t have. If you can even get it part way along the path you’ve outlined, and get some good media coverage, it will be worth it. It’s not so much any one thing, as the shere cumulative weight of all of things we all do, but that one could make quite a stir. I don’t know how this all works, but the proroguing itself is illegal. There’s supposed to be a specific date to end it.

      • I agree Bob, and the last thing we need is to criticize each other’s efforts in this war. We are each doing whatever we can to win this. We are all on the same side, and if one of us wins, we all win. Keep up the fight everybody! We are making progress!

    • HI Greg, Know the frustration,and Esther and Muriel are doing a great job which I myself cannot do that well. We all have different talents and tools giving to us as gifts. Some of us like the Wind pusher use them against us just only for the money sake.
      As for the courts they operate in darkness (their gowns are even in black) and they make their profits on warring parties and they work for the crown and the crown is run by the Vatican the richest organization in the world.So they use legalize and will spin it and side on guess who unless there is a very large backing to shut these down.
      Good news is they are just about finished and they now it. I been studying this for a while now as I could not understand why we are not being heard from the first year of living next to IWT. I myself turned a path differently than others here and many may think i am a nutter but I hanging on to what I have learned and using different tools.
      We can all use our tools to chop away at these parasites that are ruining our communities and bring back love and peace and bring light to our communities

      • If we all did the same things, protested the same way, wrote the same letters, talked in the same manner — we would be such easy targets. Thankfully we are all different in nature, all have different ideas — unlike a corporation where they all have to be cookie cutters and not deviate from their lines.
        All that is important in the end is that we are all DOING something, whatever it may be. there is no magic silver bullet in this fight, it will be the combination of all our efforts that will make this insanity stop.
        I may have been calm 4 years ago, but those days are long gone. I’d be more than delighted to post a video of someone who has still retained their calm demeanor and is willing to get out there into less than comfortable situations, push the trespassing button, ask questions, and videotape the responses.

    • Greg, I respect and admire the route that you have chosen. And I wish you all the best in this endeavour with the Justice of the Peace. I appreciate that sometimes things are construed in a manner that was not intended. I have also had that happen to me, and know that it is not pleasant. We are all working hard to defeat the wind companies, the Liberals and those that would remove our democratic freedoms from our communities and ultimately our children. We are together in this battle, and our criticisms and suggestions for each other are only meant to elevate the cause. I do hope that you understand the difficulties that we have in choosing our path through this battlefield. I trust that you will be successful in your pursuits, and I thank you profoundly for your efforts. We all thank you, and our thoughts are with you.

  12. This is collateral genocide, species by species, against both protected and unprotected species, and against Mother Nature Herself. When will this Holocaust end?

    • Everytime I look at the pictures I think the eagles (unknowingly) made a huge sacrifice for us. The devastation of their nest has brought world wide attention to the selfish actions of NexTera. I love they way the company is spinning to absolve themselves from responsibility. But they keep digging themselves deeper and deeper. Tom Bird…speaking, wiggling around, totally out of his depth answering questions. Where are the people who authorized the removal??? Tom is just the lacky. Then poor Tom divulges that there were birds in the nest!! I am sure that information was not to get out. This Josie person…so typical of PR people…they must take a course in arm waving with their long nails. Arm waving while not rustling the scarves and accessories they wear.
      Jim…we are all doing as much as we can to end this holocaust…I believe it will end soon. Just keep writing to the newspaper, local council, MOE, MNR. opinion polls. Keep ranting. Keep toogether. When you get a dumb form letter answer…write back. Above all…keep the faith. Like vultures they can sense when you are weakening and moaning…..

      • At 3:49 on the video, Tom Bird replies, “Yes there were eagles in the nest.” So what has become of these little ones? This bothers me . . .

    • Not until the people, the only creatures with voices to demand justice, are able to create enough chaos, that it HAS to stop. It may come to a complete refusal to co-operate in any way, such as with-holding taxes. Each time we are not heard, we must get louder and stronger.

  13. Yes, “keep the faith.” We are gaining momentum.”Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The truth will eventually prevail, justice will be served. Regroup and press on. Civil and polite…does not work with these ruthless crooks. I will not stop the fight until the turbines are halted and those responsible have their time in jail. These bastards are responsible for the death of many people.
    As for the eagles’ nest, I would be willing to bet my last dollar it already has been destroyed, as in burned. I very much expect that “if”, and that is a HUGE “if”, the nest is relocated; it will remain vacant.
    Please, everyone associated with this anti-wind fight, attend the upcoming Liberal convention in Toronto. Have our voices heard. A three day – in their face protest/camp out at this time will be a big step in the right direction. There is strength in numbers.
    Breaking the law a concern? What continues to be imposed on us by our government is not legal. It is not ethical. To do nothing is wrong. Action as such, not really your cup of tea?? Mine neither; neither is living like a gypsy, one wounded by the assault of our government resulting from their green energy scam. As citizens of Ontario, it is our responsibility to protect our families, our homes and the environment.
    Arrest all of us; so be it. Bring it to the courts. The sooner the better.

    • The people of West Lincoln will be there, and I know many other communities are organizing buses as we speak. See you all in Toronto!

  14. Kudos, Love, Energy and sincere appreciation to those who do say what has to be said. I applaud you, I stand beside you and I thank you. Sincerely, Lyn in Dashwood

    • We’re all in this together Lyn, united, we stand. The internet gave a face to the oppressors, and a voice to the oppressed. We will run with it!

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