CTV News: Municipal officials speak out about wind turbines


17 thoughts on “CTV News: Municipal officials speak out about wind turbines

    • My Iphone played it, darned! What a discusting pc. of #@&%*, that Randy Hope is! He needs to go down, along with his obvious love interest, Dopey Dolton McGuilty.
      One might wonder, just how much he`s been/being paid off by the Windies, to totally destroy Chatham Kent, for a generation or more. Or is he just an extraordinarily Stupid / Naive Fool ?
      It reminds me of the Manvers Dog & Pony show Thurs. night, referring again to the MOH 2010 phony health study. It`s hard to believe they`re still pulling out that discredited insult to peoples intelligence.

  1. around and around we go – pass the almighty green buck…we need to get all the bogus information out to property owners before they sell their soles to the windys (Nextera and Suncor)…help stop the transmission lines and we help stop the wind farms…Nobody has the right to affect someone elses life for their own financial Gain !

  2. Put all Mayors and Councillors on notice that if they continue supporting these disgusting scams that their political careers are done…..just like the Liberals are in Rural Ontario………….let’s see the Randy Hope’s of Ontario hit the bricks to look for a real job…………………doubt they will!

  3. And the LG speaks (or perhaps dribbles…)


    “It caused me to rethink, well, what is it that collectively the vice-regal offices are communicating to the general public? Because that’s important.

    “I think one of the most fundamental things that people don’t understand is that under our system of government the premier … is the chief constitutional adviser to the vice-regal representative. There never has been a case where prorogation has been denied.”

    And that is the nub of it, the point that Onley keeps coming back to.

    Whether in Ottawa or at Queen’s Park, the first minister is the unrivalled chief constitutional adviser to the Queen’s representative — not vice versa.

    “They think that it’s the vice-regal who advises the premier or the prime minister on the constitution, when it’s the other way around and … the elected official has the right and has the authority,” Onley observed.

    “That’s just the way the system is. But most people think it’s the elected official going cap in hand seeking permission, which isn’t the case. It’s the other way around: it’s to advise that ‘these are the steps that I plan to take.’ ”

    Did he advise on, warn against, or question the premier’s request for prorogation?

    So there you have it — all quite innocent…

    • Hey WillR –
      – the LG just told you – McGuinty and the Liberals – are A holes…….
      and, he’s watching – with more comment – to come.

      Good idea for Ontario citizens –
      to listen to Liberal propaganda –
      especially on ‘democracy’ –
      in a Free Nation.

      The Liberal party – introduction to:
      Third World Democracy

      Topic: Globalization

      Oh yeah –
      high on the Liberal list –
      Political Civility – The Conversation – Ugh!

    • This goes back to the issue that how government works is not considered relevant in today’s school systems but one world government is considered relevant.
      Result is that when events like this take place the general public dosen’t understand what is taking place and why this is possible.
      The general public is confused by how the U.S. system works and how the English parliamentary system works as adapted by Ontario. Mostly due to U.S. media being viewed here.
      MPs and MPPs are elected in thier own little “kingdoms”/ridings to represent the citizens fo that little “knigdom”. They meet togther in parliament to govern the larger jurisdiction.They are supposed to be independent but this is not the practical result as most also belong to political parties which can unite members to form a majority which then governs. If they all remained independent then likely nothing wiould get done. And investigating one another is a no-no or they may find themselves being investigated.
      The LG is a figure head and can advise if asked to do so but the LGs advice can be ignored.

      • The U.S did not retain the parliamentry system when founded becasue the founding fathers believed a new system should be devised that would better serve the needs of a new country. So they opted for a system that provided for an elected president, an elected congress and a non-elected federal court system which would provide the necessary checks and balances to serve the needs of the citizens. This insured that no one part of the government could rule the citizens at least in theory. Also provided for a bicameral legislative body the house and senate. The original unelected fedeal senate was later changed to an elected senate. The state governments follow the same pattern but with elected judges in the state systems. Each state also has a militia/national guard which is separate form the federal armed forces but which can also serve as federal armed forces if needed. The governor of each state is head of the state national guard.
        The president serves as head of the federal armed forces as comander and chief.

        Maybe this will help to explain the two diffferent political systems.

      • The original U.S. senators were appointed by their states and then later change so they are now elected by the citizens of each state. Each state with two senators which protects the states with smaller populations from being overrun in government by the states with the largest populations that have many more house members.

      • Some lessons can be taken form the U.S. War of Independence. People in the U.S. Colonies believed that they were English citizens too but their rights and needs were being ignored by the parliament in London and/or the British government. These colinists did make many attemps to remedy this situation but they were ignored.
        So separation/independence was just a logical step for them to take.
        When peoples’ rights are removed or ignored then trouble begins. If more representation is shifted to urban Ontario this in itself will cause more trouble and possible separation of rural Ontario.
        Right now it dosen’t appear that the present government is even aware of what the consequences of their actions can lead to.

  4. Mary-lynn! I thinks it far too late to offer landowners any ‘out’ for the decisions they still continue to make and the contracts they still continue to sign. They have all had the same opportunity to research as you and I have done. Like the wind energy companies it is now no more than ‘greed and personal gain’ because bad legislation still allows them to profit by it Many of them are leasing land away from their own principal residences, Those dumb enough to live within perhaps 10kms are likely to suffer the same as the rest of the communities and will have to live with their mistake based on greed.
    Sorry, host landowners no longer have any excuse and are as bad, if not worse than the wind energy companies.
    Andrew Watts , .

  5. I totally agree Andrew. There is no excuse whatsoever, other than pure greed, for profiting at the expense of their freinds, families, neighbors & communities. They are sick, anti-social, bastards from hell. They belong in prison, along with McGuinty & gang.
    If you think about it, it`s every bit as bad, probably far worse, than breaking into a business or a home & robbing the owners, trashing the property & shooting their dog. The harm done & the costs, are far, far worse and far longer lasting.
    Bank robbers are saints, compared to Wind Turbine promoters / hosts! That`s a cold, hard fact.

    • “The headline news might be that Gore is now richer than Romney, but the real difference between these men is on the question of integrity. One is honest and the other is a hypocrite.”

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