Nextera East Durham final meeting – PROTEST

NO NexteraDate: January 15
Time: 5-8 pm
Place: Durham Community Centre – 451 Saddler Street, Durham ON

Join the protest against the destruction of eagles’ nest

8 thoughts on “Nextera East Durham final meeting – PROTEST

  1. Things are definitely heating up. This is going to become impossible to ignore. There is power in numbers, and our numbers are growing.

  2. 1957chev….. Something I’m sure McGuinty and his cronies, and Nextera, never anticipated! Re: the Eagle’s Nest….If they did it to us, in Haldimand, they’ll do it to YOU!!

  3. A referendum is required. Too many people are saying NO to the project but not talking load enough. We need an official way to say NO and that is a referendum.

    • Just pee on their feet as you ask your questions… That might get the message across — though they do seem a bit thick don’t they?

  4. All these people who accept to install a wind turbine on their property must pay the property tax accordingly as their property value was increased. Wind turbine value is over 2 millions so MPAC must reassess the value to reflect that amount.

    • Sorry Attila, No.

      The govt has capped the amount one has to pay property taxes at an assessment of $40,000 per MW. So the average turbine is only being taxed to that similar to a small shed.

      • OWR According to the Samsung Lease Agreement, I understand that the IWT company is responsible for any increased property taxes applied to the “host” in regard to the “demised lands”. Please confirm if this is true. It looks like I’m not the only one that’s somewhat confused on how this works.

      • Some agreements may have the developer pay the taxes, some the landowner, it all depends on what is in the contract.

        In any case, the assessed amount is a pittance to what the turbines are actually worth. Very low. One more advantage given to green energy corporations courtesy of the Ontario Liberal govt.

        It’s certainly is no windfall for municipalities unless they negotiate some extra financial perks (bribes) from the developer.

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