Liberals’s green act showing its true colours



14 thoughts on “Liberals’s green act showing its true colours

  1. The list of negatives, and evidence that they are all very legitimate concerns, keep on piling up.
    And all for no significant offsetting benefit…miniscule displacement of coal…frequent displacement of already-clean generation…and increasing difficulty in managing the grid.
    This cannot be just about misguided, technically-illiterate attempt to do something good…it cannot be just about stupidity…it cannot be just about urban-vote gathering…what’s left?…money maybe?

    • I am mystified also. I understand those who stand to make a lot of money from this idiotic scheme want to continue, but the political connection puzzles me, particularly now that dumb dalton is fleeing in shame and terror.
      I suspect the new leadership candidates don’t want to tarnish their Liberal brand by admitting and abandoning this stupidity, so they keep on, hoping to keep the urban base happy.

      • Don’t forget the political campaign contributions…you can bet that’s a big part of it.

  2. I urge people to read the Watts up with That article on Moronomics

    And that, dear friends, that means that you can stick a fork in California, we’re done. By the time that the 33% renewable policy is implemented statewide, all Californians will be paying the twenty-five cent per kilowatt-hour price that the LA folks are test-marketing right now. And meanwhile, the neighboring states are ending up with the businesses that are fleeing California like cockroaches from the light, in part because electricity and fuel costs are so high that a business can no longer afford to run a factory in California.

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, expensive energy is always a bad idea. It turns out that in California, it’s a lethal idea, it will both kill businesses dead and be very hard on the poor.

    It seems to be a good term for what is happening here.

    Poor Willis — he might face what we already have. Will it kill their economy too?

  3. Urban centres are their power bases and all they need to do is keep these people satisfied with the way things are going. Keep urbanites in the dark about the true issues surrounding IWTs. The MSM helps them to accomplish this.
    Urban peoples’ rights have not been removed and they won’t suffer illness and loss of property values so they don’t care. These are non-issues for urbanites. They can also hide how much money is changing hands in this situation and who is involved in these scams.
    They are playing a very dangerous game in this political saga.

  4. They have their TVs and iPods, Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with their ‘real world’.I doubt if many of them have a real clue about the wind energy scam and would look on anyone admitting to belonging to a rural community as some strange species that doesn’t deserve recognition. A far greater threat are those most likely to influence their actions,their children.
    I would guarantee that every classroom in our schools and colleges in our towns and cities still actively promotes wind and solar energy as the only hope for mankind’s future. We already have young people supporting the green energy industry who believe it as fact. We’ve all met them at open houses, they have no answers for any of our questions.
    I agree that even if they are aware, they don’t care. However, they will suffer as we all will as Ontario declines into bankruptcy.
    Andrew Watts

    • Right, but they don’t have a clue as to how much this scam will cost them.
      Either the present government dosen’t know how much political trouble they are in with rural Ontarians or they think they can get away with this.
      The present government has already spent its rural political capital. Only urban areas are now left for them.

      • Somewhere I read about a study that said it was getting too expensive to provide services to rural Canada.
        When the windfarms are all built, the REAL farms – you know, the ones who grow FOOD! will all be bigger than Saskatchewan wheat farms and there won’t be enough voters left here to matter.
        Currently, ONtario ridings are the same as Federal ridings. There is talk about changing that, also. There are those in government who feel we are over-represented.
        Once you start looking into all the crap and manipulation that is going on, it is very easy to slip over into conspiracy theory thinking. I lean towards conspiracy – but not the one about the aliens. The psychopaths in business and government are alien enough for me.

  5. Refer to the Liberal’s Bill 55 (see below). I also made sure that our local Aboriginal Bands were aware of the environmental changes hidden in the Bill, and that is also why I support the “Idle no More”. This budget bill allowed the MOE to do this. See the OWR and other links below.

    Ontario uses the budget to dismantle environmental legislation: Posted on 04/10/2012 by OWR
    Keith Stelling, Southampton, Ontario
    Bill 55 paves the way for environmental destruction: Posted on 04/05/2012 by OWR

    The Omni Budget Surprise: Posted on April 2, 2012 by Environmental Commissioner of Ontario:

    then visit the ONTLA website for the actual Bill 55

  6. Hi Everyone,

    “Civil Disobedience” is defined as “n. the refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes, etc., as a peaceful form of political protest”.

    All across Ontario, residents are becoming increasingly perturbed at the growing list of provincial boondoggles, downloads and deceitful, dishonest politians. Many of us feel the same sentiment applies to many of our locally elected municipal officials–with some refusing to speak with their constituents, and others refusing to listen to their constituents.

    Well, it is time we did something about it! I say, “enough is enough”.

    We have to speak out before that right is also taken away from us.

    Refuse to pay your property taxes and let them know why!

    Yes, we will be hit with almost illegal interest payments on the outstanding taxes–but if we do withhold the taxes until after the next municipal election–the current batch of municipal politicians will be out of office before we have to pay the piper–and well we know that “money” is what truly rules!

    Tell your municipal officials that you are fed up with crumbling infrastructure, roads that are literally going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore, outrageous increases for shrinking levels of service; and elected municipal politicians who refuse to stand up for us on a provincial level–let alone on a municipal level–for the betterment of our communities.

    The Green Energy and Green Economy Act is a major bone of contention for many of us. The Act removed planning control from municipalities regarding the siting of renewable energy projects. The major problem however, is that many of our municipal politicians have refused to stand up for our rights–and they are letting the provincial officials walk all over our elected municipal politicians and us!

    Refuse to pay your property taxes and tell your municipal council that until they stand up for us–against the Provincial Government–we will no longer pay the bills!

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