Nexterror circus comes to Haldimand

NextEra with their white tents heating and drying the ground for archaeological digs at the Summerhaven project’s site in Haldimand County. Maybe the bald eagle nest is ‘preserved’ and on ‘display’ inside….

9 thoughts on “Nexterror circus comes to Haldimand

    • They arrived a couple of weeks ago. We watched in dis-gust as the true high flying specialist found their home removed by those clowns.
      Coming soon to a field near you, watch and be dismayed as we make bobolinks disappear!
      Following that alarming act we will see meadowlarks join the bobolinks somewhere undisclosed.
      Don’t worry folks we will be sending all other species to a better place as well.
      Our act will never be seen again once we remove everything in our way to a greener dreamier place called hell!!

  1. Rumour has it that there is a lovely sign on Hwy. 20 near Gee Rd. that reads “April Jeffs has bigger balls than Mayor Joyner. Can’t wait till morning. to go check it out. I think he must be considering a career with the wind co., because he knows he has no future in West Lincoln.

    • Hey Chev, if you happen to find the ballsy sign, please photo and post at first light!

      • Hey Skep., someone got there before me, and the sign was gone…but I am trying to find out if someone was able to snap the picture first….keep you posted.

  2. Does anybody wonder why (or HOW) this wind company Nextera can get it’s approval, win an appeal, start construction…and NOT have their archaeological studies done? Or for that matter, miss a bald eagle nest? To me these white tents are big red flags saying they didn’t complete all their studies that the public was supposed to be able to comment on. I think this should be reported to the MOE (haha, I know, but necessary to say you did it) and the ombudsman by many people. This is sure to have happened in other areas, and will happen in all the projects that will come in the future.

    • They seem to have been given “carte blanch” to destroy anything and anyone that gets in their way. Memories of Nazi Germany??? Papers only publish the things that won’t cause a fuss, even though they’ve been given the cold hard facts. Scary times….

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