Windsor to pay more than double for C.S. Wind railway spur

cs windDoug Schmidt, The Windsor Star
Windsor has to dig up an extra $2.3 million after the cost of its pledge to pay to connect wind tower manufacturer C.S. Wind Canada to a nearby railway line more than doubled. City council on Monday will be asked to approve spending almost $4.3 million on a spur from the CP Railway main line. Council set aside only $2 million for the project in its 2011 capital budget.

With the originally approved $8 million in required land acquisitions, it puts the municipality’s investment toward luring the South Korea-based company to Windsor at $12.3 million.

“It’s a surprise we don’t like to have,” said Ward 9 Coun. Hilary Payne. “The initial estimate turned out quite a bit low,” said city engineer Mario Sonego. “I’m disappointed … 95 per cent of our projects are on budget or under budget, but a few of them – this is one – can be surprises.”

Building the spur line was part of the city’s agreement with C.S. Wind, a junior partner of South Korea giant Samsung, which signed a $7-billion renewable energy deal with the province. Sonego said the railway spur remains an “essential” element of the Windsor company’s plans to expand its business in North America. Read article

9 thoughts on “Windsor to pay more than double for C.S. Wind railway spur

  1. From the story – “In December, the city got approval from Ontario’s environment minister to proceed without a more comprehensive environmental assessment that had been requested by a local intervener.”
    That’s hard to believe!
    Hey, Windsor, JUST SAY NO!
    Hey, Samsung, is that a turbine in your pocket or are you just glad to see all money?

  2. The Windsor Star, Jan.15,2013
    “Competing against plants in lower wage right-to-work states, transportation costs to market and the rising cost of electricity in Ontario are just some of the issues.”
    Higher cost of fuel for transportation of Ontario manufactured vehicles and high cost of electricity.
    Diesel fuel for vehicle carrier truck transportation is cheaper in the States and so is electricity.

    • This is the kind of information that urbanites pay attention to. Pontential flight of companies out of Ontario to places where it is cheaper to do business due to high energy costs.
      Good artilce to send to MPPs as bad news like this isn’t broadcast very far.

    • Not – just for fun!
      Ward 4 Coun. Alan Halber-stadt ……..might have a valid point
      @ the end of the day

      ‘[excerpt] The figures on total spending by the mayor’s office on travel, as well as that undertaken by city councillors, are usually released in the spring.

      Ward 4 Coun. Alan Halber-stadt said he would like to see more detail provided on how travel dollars are being spent by the mayor’s office. “At some point, maybe we could do an analysis on it … what’s the payoff at the end of the day?”

      While “hard to judge,” Hal-berstadt nevertheless said he could see justification for the mayor’s efforts abroad to reel in foreign investment for Windsor. And he acknowledges all those foreign trips likely can’t be all fun.

      “I don’t think anyone has accused Eddie of using them for pleasure,” said Halberstadt.

      Asked why flying the far corners of the globe wouldn’t be lots of fun – especially on somebody else’s tab – Francis explained he has a young family at home and a very busy work schedule at city hall.’

      Yeah – this calls for some – deep thoughtful analysis!

  3. The irony is that the city is trying to shut down 7 parks by indicating they do not have the budget to maintain and are now trying to allow the recent increase in pay for city police officers but still maintain the same budget. All this in the shadow of a $17M pool complex which has shut down several local pools where kids learned how to swim in their own neighbourhoods. This is the mindset of progress in Essex County. Now you know why we have so many turbines.

    • What happened to the
      VIBRANCY FUND”??? Closing everything down does not reflect vibrancy, it reflects a dying community, which is exactly what they want. Once everyone is gone….it is officially a electricity complex, not farmland.

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