Appeal Against Samsung wind project dismissed

Bill MontureStephanie Dearing, Tekawennake News
[excerpt] The recent removal of a Bald Eagle nest near Fisherville, to make room for a Summerhaven wind turbine and access road serves to highlight a number of the points the Six Nations men had laid out for the Tribunal. The nest removal had the full blessing of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Monture said the men are now considering their next steps, which may include going to court to appeal the Tribunal’s decision on the Samsung wind park. They will definitely be watching to see if the Tribunals recommendations are implemented.

While pleased to have won the recommendations for the Samsung wind farm, “To us it’s not good enough”, said Monture. Read article

1 thought on “Appeal Against Samsung wind project dismissed

  1. The problem is, the wind companies never follow the rules, and the government backs them every time. There is no justice or safety mechanisms in place to protect anything but the rich wind pushers. We need to change this immediately. Protesting loudly and continually is our only tool at this time.

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