HDI concerned with removal of eagle’s nest, no notification

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The Haudenosaunee Development Institute says it is going to have a meeting with the Ministry of Natural Resources and NextEra Canada to voice concerns about the removal of a bald eagle’s nest at a wind turbine development site near Jarvis last week. “We will be contacting the MNR to discuss what happened,” said HDI Director Hazel Hill. Hill said the sudden removal of the nest last week was a “violation” of the negotiation agreement between the HDI and NextEra. NextEra is planning to build a wind farm on unceded Six Nations lands near Jarvis and has been negotiating with the HDI on the project. NextEra removed the nest because the tree it was built in was in the way of a planned access road to the wind turbine site. The MNR gave NextEra permission to remove it on Dec. 31 but did not inform anyone on Six Nations of their plans. NextEra, with the backing of the MNR, cut down the tree the first weekend of January and the MNR is currently holding the nest until it can be relocated, said Ministry Spokesperson Jolanta Kowalski. “Bald eagles have been known to use more than one nest,” said Kowalski. “By relocating the nest it’s anticipated they will find another suitable location.” Hill said she believed NextEra and the MNR “conspired” behind the backs of the HDI by not informing its environmental monitors present at the site of the decision to remove the nest. “They knew we would have opposed,” said Hill. “The environmental monitors are there for a reason.” Read article

Company ignoring HDI cease and desist
The Haudenosaunee Development Institute, with the backing of Confederacy Chiefs, will be sending a letter to Capital Power informing them again that they will not allow the company’s Port Dover/Nanticoke Wind Project to go forward. HDI Director Hazel Hill said the company has ignored HDI concerns about the project and a cease and desist order sent to them last September. Hill reported that HDI archaeological monitor Wayne Hill confirmed the company has already built roads leading into the development. For entire story purchase a subscription package. Read article

Samsung negotiations hit roadblock
The HDI is sending a letter to Samsung Renewable Energy regarding the $7 billion Grand Renewable Energy Project informing company executives of the Confederacy’s treaty rights. The HDI says the HCCC was “perplexed” with an offer from Samsung last October and they are still reviewing it, but there was no discussion of proposed amounts from Samsung at Saturday’s Confederacy meeting. The HDI says it is not happy that Samsung has proposed creating its own financial Trust of the monies Six Nations will receive from the wind and solar farm projects it plans to build on South Cayuga lands. The HDI says it will create and administer its own Trust that will manage the financial benefits Six Nations receives from the project. Read article

5 thoughts on “HDI concerned with removal of eagle’s nest, no notification

  1. Birds have deep, often loving bonds with one another. This sounds like the end of all compassion and sanity. More corporate psychopathology let loose upon nature, without which none of us will survive.

  2. Whip-T Do-Da, discuss what happened?
    like talking to a bunch of reckless bullies kids playing in the sandbox and cannot play nice and throw sand at everyone that gets in there way. And the grown ups tell them to stop it but get bullied out .

  3. Ho hum, another “I told you so” / “the swallows have come home to roost” / “you play with the bull you get the horns” story. Eagles and nest = collateral damage.

    Also heard that some huge IWT supporters down Prince Edward County way were “protesting the cutting of trees on their turf for power poles and lines”. A fine schadenfreude moment, indeed!

    I’m confident that these, and other similar problems, will simply go away when the wind companies peel off a few more greenbacks.

    Somehow, I don’t think Bill Monture and Lester Green will be impressed.

  4. Where are all the “Save the Planet” eco-warriors”???….oh yeah, they are all out in the “BC protest the pipeline” that was set up by the Liberal and NDP politicians!

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