Milligan says “Wind not worth the risk”

milliganNorthumberland View
Cobourg – MPP Rob Milligan (Northumberland-Quinte West) is frustrated that a wind turbine project is being considered in Grafton. Milligan attended a public meeting for the project last Thursday evening in Roseneath with well over 100 local residents. “My colleagues and I have pushed for a moratorium on wind development projects,” Milligan explained.

He went on to say that this current Liberal government is more concerned with furthering a misguided and unaffordable green energy program than addressing legitimate health concerns that these turbines pose. The Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program has been immensely unpopular. FIT subsidizes renewable energy producers over long contract periods. The program has driven up energy prices and many have criticized the lack of transparency in awarding contracts and determining subsidy rates.

Milligan highlighted the recent work of his colleague, MPP Lisa Thompson, in obtaining documents through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request. These documents show that Ministry of Environment officials were aware of the adverse health effects as far back as 2009. “I’m disturbed that this government continues to support wind turbines when they know significant risks exist,” Milligan fumed. Read article

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  1. This is sickening. In the island of Skye they built windfarms near the most dense population of golden eagles. These people are the puppets, you need to go higher, to who provided the instruction to remoive the nest!

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