NextEra takes questions during open house

durhamBy Laura MacDuff, The Post, Hanover
DURHAM – Emotions ran high in Durrham Tuesday evening during an open house organized by NextEra Energy, the largest generator of wind in solar power in North America, currently proposing a wind turbine development in West Grey. The first half of the open house was a drop-in, one-on-one conversation style meeting, typical of most open houses for previous wind turbine proposals.

The second half was different, a question and answer public forum, one and a half hours in length. Questions were written down and given to the moderator Sheila Willis, who orchestrated the meeting. The authors of the questions were not identified. NextEra hired security to be present at the meeting. A West Grey police officer was also present.

Fifteen landowners have signed contracts with NextEra in West Grey, explained Adam Rickel, project manager, however only 10 landowners will have wind turbines on their properties.

Questions, comments and outbursts erupted from the audience more than once to answers provided by NextEra. One of the first questions answered was in response to why NextEra needed security to be present at the meeting. Nicole Geneau, director of NextEra, said that employees and other people associated with the project have been threatened with physical harm and death. Therefore, to keep everyone safe, they employed security, she said.

Joan Osborne, a citizen concerned with the way NextEra handles wildlife near its turbine operations, handed out pamphlets regarding NextEra removing a Bald Eagle’s nest from a tree during construction of a road intended for use to construct a turbine. A question was posed asking whether the employees of NextEra had told their children about the bald eagle’s removal. Read article

6 thoughts on “NextEra takes questions during open house

  1. “Fifteen landowners have signed contracts with NextEra in West Grey, explained Adam Rickel, project manager, however only 10 landowners will have wind turbines on their properties.”

    Why kind of contract did the other five landowners sign?

  2. Oh, Did they forget to mention phase 2?….once their foot is in the door, the porcupine effect begins. No point in anyone fighting then, is there? We have to stop this NOW!

  3. I can’t believe Nexterror is so stupid..What boggles my mind is… How can those landowners be even more stupid to sign those “agreements”!! Once again, it’s neighbor against neighbor….Hiring armed security says it all…. Gonna be trouble, I’m afraid…Just sayin’…

    • “…. Gonna be trouble, I’m afraid…Just sayin’…” We should not be afraid of Nex- Tera,we are the masters and they are only working for a fictional corporation looking only what’s best for the fat cows hiding behind the stock market screens and veils called traders and stockholders.
      “Hiring armed security says it all ” They are afraid of us as they know we are right and the more masses we have and knowledge, as we have the power to proceed to shut them down if we apply our wisdom and courage.

  4. I think they routinely sign up more than they need. In the first place, if they run into unexpected problems on some sites, they still have enough. Also, as opposition mounts, they say that they had (in this case) 15 sites but are only putting up turbines on 10 – like they are doing us a favour – cutting back due to their concern for the community. roflmao. Or sometimes they have signed leases based on smaller turbines but then cut back the number of turbines but put in bigger ones.
    Standard Operating Procedures, just add BS and spin.

  5. ……nothing said about existing turbines and health/property problems……just some more
    human collateral damage… of these days, the real people of Ontario are simply going to boil over…….MCGUINTYGATE!

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