Trillium Power Vows To Forge Ahead With Offshore Wind Plans

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Despite an Ontario judge’s dismissal of the case, Trillium Power is forging ahead with its C$2.25 billion lawsuit against the Ontario government, as the Toronto-based developer says the October 2012 decision contained errors in points of law and evidence.

“The reason that there are appeals courts is that sometimes, judges get it wrong,” John Kourtoff, Trillium’s CEO, tells NAW, adding that he does not anticipate a ruling before June.

The lawsuit centers around the government’s confiscation and cancellation of Trillium’s proposed 600 MW TPW 1 offshore wind project as a result of the provincial government’s February 2011 decision to place a moratorium on offshore wind. The developer says it was planning to install 120 wind turbines on a site 17 km to 28 km offshore in Lake Ontario. (Siting the project further from the shoreline alleviates much of the avian impact, because 93% to 95% of such incidents happen within 1 km of the shore, Kourtoff says.)

According to Trillium, the offshore wind moratorium was issued just one hour before the company was to complete a C$22 million financing deal for the project. Furthermore, Kourtoff says, Trillium’s out-of-pocket expenses for the project total C$5.3 million. Read article

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  1. “The good news is that Sandra Pupatello and Kathleen Wynne – two of the front-runners vying to lead Ontario’s Liberal Party – both have expressed support for offshore wind.”………………Hmmmmm……………..statements like this from Kourtoff can’t make these two gals feel too comfortable eh?

    • The smart thing for them to do would be to tell the people that recent research and information coming in from all over the world is showing that there are serious problems happening with these iwt projects, and the only moral thing to do is to stop them completely until UNBIASED studies have been done using real-live people that have been suffering from these installations which have been placed disgustingly close to homes. The GEA and the FIT programs caused this feeding frenzy, cancel them NOW, and use their power to stop it. NO-ONE should be forced to live near them. A study should have willing participants, not forced guinea pigs. Let the turbine pushers themselves volunteer….

  2. Power to ya, John Kourtoff! You’re right about a couple of things:

    “”This is another smoking gun that demonstrates that the government’s actions were in bad faith,” Kourtoff says. “The actions were undertaken within a political calculus of the 2011 Ontario election.”

  3. More lies; these guys can’t get their story straight.
    “The developer says it was planning to install 120 wind turbines on a site 17 km to 28 km offshore in Lake Ontario”
    That statement, in itself, is a total lie. My, how their story changes. As a Scarborough resident, the plan was to install these 2 km to 4 km offshore. That is what Joyce McLean of Toronto Hydro told us in their public presentation(s). There was tremendous opposition from the residents.

  4. We would prefer that the entire windscam be cancelled. Onshore and offshore. No surprise that it was calculated to buy votes. The entire green energy lie has been told to convince the people that wasting all this money on this minimally efficient energy source was a worthwhile endeavor….nonsense.

  5. Before welcoming offshore IWTs as an acceptable option you should research the sheer additional costs of constructing and maintaining these Industrial Power Machines in any marine environment, both fresh and salt. They are enormous and whether onshore or offshore, neither can live up to the myths and broken promises made by the wind energy industry worldwide over the past 30 years.
    If it looks like a windscam, walks like a windscam and talks like a windscam – It’s a windscam!!!!
    Just like Rankin and that Niagara Region rep at West Lincoln last week, the Trillium CEO has nothing to offer but his threat to further bankrupt Ontario by suing the people of Ontario.
    Andrew Watts

      • Yes, but you can’t get much from people who are already broke.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more Barbara! And if they do sue and win there will be nothing left of Ontario to be worth wasting our time over apart from a miserable existence…………
        Andrew Watts

  6. I was just discussing that fact with other members of this community… that’s the only weapon they have left. The other’s have been completely blown out of the water! Let us make you sick and destroy your community or we’ll sue you….all of us? The only people who want these things have been shown the carrot, or the stick. No person using their brain, would agree to this fiasco.

  7. I would wager that the mafia (I know, I must sound crazy) was involved in the offshore projects near Essex County. (715 turbines). The guy who was leading it owned a small construction company. Who were his backers?

    Put 2+2 together and then read up on what has been going on in Italy. Maybe that’s why McGuinty quickly pulled the plug?

  8. We the people cannot afford your Wind Power. Do we have the right to recoup our over priced household power?

  9. The sad thing is we let the jerk McGuinty just say he’s quitting, prorogue parliament, collect his pension and walk away with no accountability. He should be in jail.

  10. WOW! Just read that ‘somebody’ in Haldimand County caused approx. $60,0000 damage to some NextEra turbine parts……it was only a matter of time!

  11. I’m sure they must know that people will fight back somehow, and most have been trying to use their words….but no one was listening.

  12. This guy wants to sue Ontarians because he is not being allowed to install IWTs on crown owned land and to get gobs of money from those same Ontarians for any electricity produced by these IWTs or to turn around and sell the project for a huge amount of money.
    So who the hell does he think he is that he is entitled to do this?

    • He is someone who had every indication–and endorsement–from the McGuinty government that they would allow his project to proceed. He is someone who invested $5 million in good faith (?)

      Is he not entitled to believe that the government would treat him fairly? And if turns out there was “bad faith” on the part of the government, isn’t he a Victim?

      • A victim of his own greed? Where do some people get the idea that they can just use/take crown land from the people and make millions of dollars off form this? And why do politicians think they have the right to allow certain people to do these kinds of things? These Great Lakes crown lands are the people’s to use and enjoy.

        The same thing is being done on the U.S. side of the Great Lakes. These Lake states are turning over the peoples’ land to select investors and companies so they can make multi-millions on offshore IWT projects. Direct transfer of the peoples’ wealth to select parties.

      • Suspicious and Dismayed – Sorry! Apart from perhaps the first one or two host landowners back in 2009 who just may have some excuse for believing they were being environmentally friendly in hosting these machines I don’t believe there is a scrap of good faith in anyone concerned. And even those first host landowners should have been concerned when they were contacted by the wind energy carpetbaggers in secret and then agreed to gag orders in their contracts should have had at least some second thoughts don’t you think? You need more than just a modicum of intelligence to be a successful farmer nowadays!
        Negative health effects and property devaluation were being documented by 2006, even earlier, well before the McGuinty Green Energy Act.
        Anyone involved in this green energy scam in Ontario has known full well about the potential human, wildlife and environmental harm they were going on inflict rural Ontario and its inhabitants, they have just lied throughout.
        Their is no ‘good faith’ in any wind energy developer, just pure greed.
        Sad to say, on our most optimistic days there does not appear to be a single politician in Ontario of any party who is talking about not only halting these projects but also cancelling those already approved and suing all the companies involved for damages and for decommissioning and removal of all IWTs already in service.
        I just wish there was a lawyer out there willing to explore the ‘criminality’ of what has been done, and continues to be done, by both the provincial government and the wind energy industry, against the Ontario people.

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