Documentary airing Feb. 7 on CBC: Interview with Filmmaker

Making the television documentary, Wind Rush, changed filmmaker Andrew Gregg’s point of view about Ontario’s leap into wind energy. The film, narrated by Doc Zone host Ann-Marie MacDonald, airs Feb. 7 on CBC.

Gregg, a veteran documentary writer, director and producer, spent two years working on Wind Rush after the CBC brought the subject to the production company he works with.

“There was so much in the media a few years ago about opposition to what looked like such a benign and green form of energy,” Gregg said. Gregg said he started out skeptical of health claims being made by wind turbine opponents.

Plus, he said he grew up on a farm and could see how lease income from turbines could help farmers out. “There seemed to be a lot of pluses and not a lot of negatives.”

And then, the filmmakers began looking more closely at the issue and found the complaints they were hearing “were surprisingly consistent,” Gregg said.

They also talked to specialists and scientists, including Hazel Lynn, the Grey Bruce medical officer of health. “She didn’t have a dog in this fight, one way or another,” he said. But, Lynn saw how consistent symptoms some residents living near turbines were reporting “and then started to think, ‘OK, we’ve got a problem here,’” Gregg said.

“It was a very rational way of looking at things.” Read article

7 thoughts on “Documentary airing Feb. 7 on CBC: Interview with Filmmaker

  1. Maybe the folks who have been wrongly accusing Sun Media of racist reporting have somehow thrown a monkey wrench into their websites. Seeing as the Sun is anything but racist that would be a real shame. They are our number one supporters in the MSM
    Lets hope they are up and running again soon.

    • Now it works. I can’t wait to see this doc. It sounds excellent.:
      You know how when our countrymen are taken hostage by terrorists in a foreign land, people are very upset and demand their release, yet right here in Canada we have hundreds soon thousands of people being held captive and brutally harmed, robbed of their life savings and health by foreigners and their own government, and its somehow ok????!!!!!! Go figure! This must be stopped by whatever means is required! McGuinty has declared war on his people

  2. Ok — I watched the advert…

    Let’s wait and see what happened between the can and the screen… The CBC is full of clueless leftie Greenies — it could end up as paen to Al Gorezeera…

    It sounds good — but I have my doubts still…

    Maybe they will even offer rebuttal time as way of apology to the hopelessly anti-science windies…

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing it and I hope all the pro-wind people are watching too. This is only the first story to hit it big. There will be many more once the floodgate opens, I am sure.

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