Open Letter from Lisa Thompson, MPP to Dr. Arlene King

Dr. Arlene King continues to ignore the issue

Dr. Arlene King continues to ignore the issue

Dear Dr. King:
I am writing to you today to express my growing apprehension over the revelations arising from recent Freedom of Information requests that were released. In November 2012, emails from the Ministry of the Environment, released through the FOI process, reveal that provincial field officers had confirmed adverse health effects from wind turbine noise as far back as 2009, and were working on an abatement plan to assist affected residents. The released documents indicate that, in response to a redacted email from government staff, the MOE officers agreed to stand down.

I also have concerns with another FOI document I received, in which Q&A’s were prepared in response to your report, The Potential Health Effects of Wind Turbines. In one section of these Q&A’s, the track changes indicated that you should “add the word direct as studies would show a link through annoyance.” As the Chief Medical Officer of Health, I am sure you are aware that the World Health Organization has determined that annoyance is a health effect of wind turbines.

In another section of the Q&A’s document, this statement was made in relation to health and wind turbines: “there are no known indirect links.” Except, in the track changes comment box it said, “Not really true. The link between perceived noise and symptoms is probably linked to annoyance. The link with annoyance should be recognized.

The last section I would like to draw your attention to is one more Q&A. One answer stated: “Although some people living near wind turbines report symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and sleep disturbance, available scientific evidence does not demonstrate a causal link to wind turbines noise.” The track changes of this comment tells a different story, where you were told, “this answer isn’t credible. Either fess up to the annoyance link or delete.

Dr. King, Dr. Gloria Rachamin acknowledged under oath in the Kent Breeze wind farm case that your study did not look at the indirect health effects of wind turbines. These indirect health effects are the ones that cause the sleeplessness, depression, dizziness, headaches among other health problems.

I am asking you today to acknowledge publicly that your report did not study the indirect health effects of wind turbines. I also have many questions surrounding not only your report, but health complaints that were received by either the Ministry of the Environment, Energy or Health and Long-Term Care. For one, did the Ministry of Environment advise your office that complaints about wind turbines and health were being received? Were you contacted to investigate any of these complaints? Why were any of the reports from MOE field officers in 2009 not included in your 2010 report?

Respectfully, I ask that you review your 2010 report for clarifications between the direct/indirect link between wind turbines and health effects. I can respectfully acknowledge that the likelihood of a wind turbine blade falling off and hurting someone (a direct link) is highly improbable, but the valid health effects (indirect links) need to be studied so we can help families who have been displaced from their homes and are dealing with serious health consequences. I am sure that we can agree that the health and well-being of Ontario families is first and foremost for both of us.

I appreciate your time to review my correspondence, and I and many Ontario families await your response.


Lisa Thompson, MPP

cc.       Mr. Vic Fedeli, MPP, Nipissing and PC Critic for the Ministry of Energy

Ashley Hammill
Executive Assistant to
Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce)

55 thoughts on “Open Letter from Lisa Thompson, MPP to Dr. Arlene King

  1. Now, we all know more than likely, nothing will be done in response to this letter from Lisa..I have always associated the word “doctor” as being a professional person.. Arlene King is far from being a professional..She is being coached as to what to do or say, or maybe she has done this under her own volition, or both..Whatever the reason,,, not professional at all. I personally, would call for her resignation from her post…It’s all about money, not responsibility….

  2. We won’t hear diddly squat from Arlene.
    She is like an ostrich, stick your head in the sand and hope it goes away.
    Good job, Lisa, keep at it.
    Maybe through the Drennan case we’ll hear something?
    Of course the wheels of justice move slowly…. But there is always hope.

  3. Our biggest hope is and election this spring. I heard on the news today that an election is not likely to happen since the NDP are basically Liberals. How can we push for one?

    • The longer the NDP backs the IWT scam the less chance they have of being elected and/or re-elected in rural ridings in the next election.

  4. Yes, Thanks to Trish & Shawn perhaps Dr King will be forced to answer. This is something the opposition should be forcing. Why is she allowed to refuse a judges order and use tax payers money to again fight the order? That is all we see with this government and its cronies is a blatant contempt for the people.
    I also wonder why Tim Hudak is not doing any of this work. It seems to me he is doing very little. If it was not for Lisa, Randy and Vic this issue would not even be a blip on the radar. Has he or Horwath even met with people in Ontario that are suffering? I have not heard from anyone that they have. You can read about it all you want but until you meet the people and hear their stores it truly does not compute in my opinion. So much is being destroyed and for what…..GREED!!

    • Hi Carol! The NRWC project, the largest in Ontario to date with the biggest IWTs, targeting West Lincoln is in ‘Timmies’ constituency. Why do you think NRWC were pointed in that direction and told the provincial government would make sure they had no problems…!!!
      And I agree with you entirely, its very strange that ‘Timmie’ isn’t jumping up and down and publicly leading the charge to oppose these monsters. He will be every bit as well briefed as the other PC MPPs you mention.
      Even sadder than Timmie not being strong enough, is the fact that Hovarth has already, and only recently, said she supports this Liberal government and would consider a ‘coalition’! The NDP are totally onboard with the GEA and ‘green’ energy so unless Timmie pulled a surprise and received a majority after the next election, most unlikely, then between them Hovarth and ‘whoever’ from the Liberals could still form a government and keep the GEA alive.
      We live in truly ‘scary times’!
      Andrew Watts

      • The NDP stated today on CHCH that they wee not intrested in an election in the spring. That says it all, they are up the Liberals ass so far they will never see the light of day.

  5. Conservative MPPs Toby Barrett, Bill Walker and particularly Todd Smith have been very helpful to the IWT cause, as well as those you mentioned.

  6. Yeah- a few Conservatives with active anti-wind in their ridings are starting to speak up a bit. Five or six years ago would have been more timely. I notice Timbits isn’t saying anything – or is he starting to make vague noises? Supposing he does get elected, there will be an explanation of how they can’t get out of the contract, or they have to pay them so much we might as well get the benefits of the turbines (like there are benefits?!?!)
    They are politicians, folks, All of them. The turbines will go away when there are enough people willing to risk arrest and jail to do things like last weekend. When it gets too expensive for the companies – and they can’t get enough security guards to watch every turbine 24/7. then maybe they’ll pack up and go home.
    And if it happens that way – if they leave voluntarily – then the government doesn’t have to pay them off. Win-win situation – except for the windy scam artists, of course. My heart bleeds.
    Tim Hudak addressing the Ontario Power Producers Association said:

    “Whereas did you know that Alberta, using a competitive process, has brought online more wind energy as a proportion of its supply – at a lower cost – than Ontario has using the Feed-in Tariff?
    And it’s not just Alberta. Texas and much of the mid-western United States are finding wind power can compete in the open market on its own merit.
    50 US states and 9 other provinces procure renewable energy using the principles of competition. And I’m sure there are many of you in the room this morning with experience competing in these other jurisdictions.”

    Don’t count on Timmie. He thinks the only thing wrong with wind is the subsidies.

    • Don’t know where Mr. Hudak is getting his U.S. wind information from but he is dead wrong on U.S. IWTs being able to compete on their own merits with conventional power sources.
      He needs to be called on where his sources of information are coming from. U.S. electric utilities have been forced by state laws to use renewable sources of energy. Then there is the federal PTC and some states provide tax breaks to renewables as well.
      Dosen’t he know that last summer during the hot weather in the U.S that IWTs provided almost no electric power and this information has been documented?
      Time to find out who is supplying him with this B.S.

      • He’s a politician, Barbara. He was talking to the power producers so he told them what they wanted to hear – filtered through his own Conservative lens. It doesn’t mean anything.

    • Anyone who thinks that forcing U.S. electric companies by means of laws to use renewable energy is competition dosen’t even know what they are talking about.

      Apparently he dosen’t have any knowledge of what is taking place in Europe. People are stealing wood in Germany and Greece so they can keep warm because they can’t afford the high energy billls they are stuck with.

      Maybe this is reason for the problems people are encountering with stopping IWTs in the Niagara area.

      • Barbara! If the GEA was struck down tomorrow Niagara Regional Council would try to rush through a regional one!!!!! The majority of councilors entered into a wind energy project deal with Rankin before the GEA even! To coin an old phrase, in Niagara when Rankin says ‘Jump’ a majority of regional councilors only ask ‘How high?’
        We have so many long standing regional politicians who jumped on the bandwagon years ago and they have made so many promises to bring new ‘manufacturing’ and ‘green’ jobs to the region that any wind or solar carpetbagger is still welcomed with open arms and offered all sorts of tax funded ‘incentives’. These politicians will do anything to pretend to keep their ‘promises’ even as it becomes more and more apparent that will never be possible.
        Like the provincial government, none of them could care less about their rural residents who will suffer nor all our future generations who will have to clean up the mess their promises are causing. Sad to say a majority of voters in the region are still urban, not rural, and will continue to return many of those same councilors.
        April Jeffs is now the only one at Regional Council speaking honestly about the wind scam.
        We had better hope she can uphold her courage in the face of the majority who actively work against her at the Region. She must feel awfully lonely at times and really is the only honest face we have on that Council.
        Andrew Watts.

      • Yes, the Niagara region is quite urban in character and more allied to the renewable energy “food chain”. Is Rankin PC?

  7. Once again Lisa is on top of this issue. Very grateful to her. Truly wish she was in the leadership role the PC’s. Even as a rookie she has shown more drive and initiative than her leader, I’m afraid.

  8. Any politician who wants to be a leader today must embrace the “money handlers” and “power brokers” who finance the election process. That isn’t news or isn’t right but that’s the sad truth in today’s upside down world!
    If Tim declared out and out war on “renewable s” I would suggest he wouldn’t stand a chance in running and winning with an honest “down to the grass roots” campaign.
    He has to walk the fence between what’s right and honourable, yet has to also sound hopeful for the money people.
    It’s not a honourable profession any more, if it ever was, but that’s the reality of the times we live in…………………

    • Probably the main reason Tim Hudak didn’t win any seats in the last election in Toronto was because he said he would outright cancel the Samsung deal. To the myopic view of the city / condo crowd, that declaration would seem outrageous and an affront to all things “sensible and green”.

      Besides, if I was one of the many Korean voters, why would I want to support a guy that wants to hurt my home country’s economy? Ditto for Chinese voters and IWT components from that country.

      For now, in urban ridings, Hudak needs to keep his head down and his powder dry on IWT / GEA matters and let his MPPs get elected on other items of importance to this particular group.

      Hopefully, future elections in a more enlightened era would be able to be fought on all the issues right across the board.

    • That’s precisely right big greenlie! It truly sucks but Hudak has no choice if he wants to get elected. So Lisa and others have to make the noise while Tim has to bite his you vie. That’s politics, Ontario style in this present mess created by the Lieing Liberals.

      • Parkdale-High Park Riding Association
        Scroll down to:
        Tim Hudak’s Keynote Address to the Association of Power Producers Association of Ontario, Nov.7,2012 for the link to his speech.
        Also has links to other Hudak speeches

        This is a keynote address not just some casual remarks. Why do you think he was invited to give the keynote?
        Because he was there to disagree with them?

      • What is the time frame (minutes / seconds) of the offending comment?

      • “Tim has to bite his you vie” ? Typing on my Iphone, sorry about that, it should of course read,”Tim has to bite his tongue” Cheers!

      • In this situation what is needed is a statesman and not a politician. It will do no good to elect someone who says one thing to one group and another thing to another group. This creates a very big confidence gap.
        If Hudak can’t or won’t inform Ontarians as to what his energy polices will be then someone else will and he will lose out.
        Renewable energy is like a Ponzi scheme that once begun has to be kept going by proposing all kinds of ways and means to prop this scheme up like the energy storage scams because the whole scheme dosen’t work.
        Then you have the renewable energy money “food chain” which includes all who benefit in one way or another from this Ponzi scheme.
        All of this is on the backs of rural Ontarians because this is by and large an urban based scam.

    • Old farts are having a hard time adapting to the “new age”. Corruption used to rule politics is on the way out. “This is the way things have always been done,” means jack sh!t to Gen Y’s who’ve grown up with information at our fingertips.

      And since we recognize that it’s the complacency and greed of generations before us that have created all these problems which will burden us for generations to come, we have little patience for old people who perpetuate such reckless public policy. We simply cannot afford to continue with no accountability. You may take this as a word to the wise

      • “Old Farts” is an inclusive term, like “suspicious and dismayed.”

        Remember, you’re only as old as you feel.

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  10. Barbara! Is Rankin PC? I have no clue, but as the Regional Council don’t claim political affiliation it doesn’t make any difference……….. Doesn’t matter where he puts his cross on the ballot, he still has Niagara Regional Council ‘stitched up’ as far as wind energy projects are concerned. Although there are some private sector businessmen on the Regional Council the majority support Liberal/NDP policies as far as I can judge. They are as much about tax and spend as McGuinty and his bunch!
    Andrew Watts

  11. Read this, what the heck does she know on wind farms? She deals with colds and flu and pandemic outbreaks, soo…………….???

    Dr. Arlene King’s Biography

    Dr. Arlene King’s Biography
    April 23, 2009 12:29 PM
    Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

    Dr. Arlene King – an international expert in immunization, infectious diseases and pandemic preparedness – has been Director General of the Centre for Immunization and Respiratory Infections Diseases at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) since December 2007. AKA- THE FLU AND COLDS

    This was her latest role at Health Canada/Public Health Agency of Canada where she has been since 1999. Prior to this position, Dr. King was Director General of Pandemic Preparedness at PHAC from March 2006 to December 2007. AKA- SARS AND BIRD FLU….

    Prior to joining Health Canada, Dr. King held various positions in communicable disease control at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control Society from 1995 to 1999. AKA- WASH YOUR HANDS!

    She served as the Medical Officer of Health in Burnaby, B.C. From 1992 to 1994, and a Unit Medical Officer of Health in Vancouver in 1992.

    Dr. King practiced medicine as a family physician in Fairview, Alberta from 1985 to 1989. A WHOLE 4 YRS! MY SONS IN GRADE THREE HAS HAD 5 YRS OF SCHOOL NOW…….

    She received her medical degree from McMaster University in 1981 and certification in Family Medicine from the University of Calgary in 1984. In 1990, she received a Masters Degree in Health Sciences from the University of British Columbia and in 1992, became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Community Medicine. She continues to be an Adjunct Professor in the School of Population and Public Health at UBC.

    Adjunct professor
    A professor employed by a college or university for a specific purpose or length of time and often part-time.

    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
    Basically, it means they are only part time at that university. It means they probably work outside of the university in a job related to the field they teach. Most cc professors at this. These professors don’t earn benefits, and don’t qualify to be tenured at the university after so long teaching.
    I am an adjunct professor, but only because I’m working on my phd still.
    In 2003, she received Health Canada’s Deputy Minister’s Award of Merit for her contribution to Canada’s National SARS Response and in 2006, the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada’s Medal for establishing the Pandemic Preparedness Secretariat as Canada’s focal point for health sector pandemic preparedness.

    Dr. King is on two World Health Organization (WHO) advisory committees on pandemic preparedness and has been a consultant to the WHO on polio, SARS and influenza, and to the World Bank and to the Canadian International Development Agency on Emerging Infectious Diseases. She is a member of the Pan American Health Organization technical advisory group on immunization and belongs to the WHO Africa Region Polio Eradication Certification Commission. From 2004 to 2006, she served on the Board of the Global Alliance on Immunization (GAVI)

    Is it me or does she like to join a lot of clubs in a short time?

    Soooooo??? What expert of wind??? Lets get on board to chop her down, she’s a no body paid by the fiberals and we need to blow her whistle before she causes more damage to those truly suffering! Write to the media and mpps and anyone else you can think of.

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