Speaker connects ‘dirty electricity’ to wind power

By Nelson Zandbergen – AgriNewsstray-voltage
SOUTH MOUNTAIN – Dairy farmers are familiar with the negative health effects of wayward electrical energy: Stray voltage can be the bane of keeping milk cows as productive and healthy as possible.

Armed with this understanding, a retired dairy farmer now working as a stray-voltage dairy consultant – who once leased some of his own land to a wind-power developer several years ago – is drawing attention to another kind of unwanted electrical interference he attributes to the “cheap” DC-to-AC power inverters employed by wind- and solar-farm installations.

David Colling maintains that developers’ reliance on such equipment to process their final output of alternating current (AC) feeds a problematic high frequency into the power grid and the internal wiring of nearby homes and buildings.

This “dirty electricity” can sicken people and disturb animals, he suggested in a late-November address to local wind-power opponents gathered at South Mountain’s agricultural hall.

Instead of the smooth-sided “sine wave” expected of a clean AC source, the contaminated current shows a jaggedness when measured on an oscilloscope, according to Colling, who says he turned against the wind industry after a developer in his Ripley, Ontario, area, briefly hired him to measure the phenomenon, then refused to acknowledge a problem when he became an advocate for five affected families.  Read Article

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