$60,000 damage to turbine parts in Haldimand

NO NexteraJonathan Sher, London Free Press
Six days after Ontario officials allowed an energy company to remove a bald eagle’s nest to make way for industrial wind turbines, one of those turbines has been vandalized.

OPP in Haldimand County believe the vandals struck the Summerhaven Wind farm project overnight Friday, painting a disassembled tower, setting a fire and causing about $60,000 damage.

Wind farm opponents were angered when Ontario’s Natural Resources Ministry OK’d the removal of the nest over the objection of its own consultant.

8 thoughts on “$60,000 damage to turbine parts in Haldimand

  1. Who are the real vandals here anyway….. MNR, Nextera the Liberals’ GEA? These wind carpetbaggers have been vandalizing rural Ontario for years with impunity. I’d say they mistakenly opened Pandora’s Box when they removed that eagles nest. I don’t condone what these folks did but I’m certainly not surprised it happened either.

    Keep your stick on your sign

  2. People are trying to stop this travesty through the “legal” channels, and no one is listening. I don’t know how far this will go before they realize the desperation of the victims in this scam. I just hope that no one has to get hurt before the government opens their eyes and stops living in denial. Hopefully the information coming out will be the key to educating enough people to stop the lies and therefore, the scam ends.

  3. I don’t consider these people to be vandals. They are people who care about their community. It won’t stop next era though. They are still bringing their turbines over the bridge in Dunnville and storing them at the airport.

    • To biggreenlie…. They were certainly there on Sunday afternoon! My wife and I were just driving in the area and were pursued by two pickups driven by security personnel. They must have had Friday & Saturday off!

      • It was bound to happen and I’m surprised vandalism hasn’t happened sooner at the railway cars. This is just the beginning. When people are frustrated with the government and no one responds to needs and requests of the people…eventually trouble and rebellion occur. Vive La France!!

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