Fisherville wind farm target of vandalism

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A rural wind farm, the scene of a protest two weeks ago over the removal of a bald eagle nest, was hit by vandals on the weekend, causing $60,000 in damages to a windmill about to be installed.

It’s not known if there is any connection between the protest, which attempted to stop the removal of the active nest on the windmill project site near Fisherville, and the weekend vandalism of a new windmill, OPP Constable Mark Foster told reporters Monday. The protest centred on concerns that the development of wind farms in Ontario is threatening bird species across the province.

Police say vandals struck at the NextEra Energy’s Summerhaven wind farm project sometime between late Friday evening and early the next morning. The project is slated to have 56 turbines when completed. No turbines have yet been erected.

“The vandalism that occurred at the Summerhaven wind project will not impact the project’s in-service date,” NextEra spokesperson Steve Stengel said in an email Monday.

Stengel said the company is working with local police and is in the process of enhancing its on-site security.

Foster said he believes only one windmill so far is partially built, and damage from the weekend vandalism may delay the installation of the windmill slated for the Walpole Concession Road 7 part of the project.

The damage consisted of painted graffiti on the disassembled tower and blades — and the turbine portion was set on fire. Read article

42 thoughts on “Fisherville wind farm target of vandalism

  1. Oh, that is SO SAD that it has to come to this. We know that the wind people aren’t too bright, but how far do we have to go before they get the message.
    GET OUT OF TOWN, wind companies. You are not wanted here.

    • Sylvan,

      “how far do WE have to go”

      I’m not sure who the “WE” you allude to represents but it would be inappropriate to link anyone at this OWR site with the damage at the construction site. We are protesters, not vandals.

      As much as everyone here would like to see all things IWT burn in hell, I don’t think we should be aligning ourselves with acts of vandalism or violence.

      But having said that, I see no harm in sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine and watching the world unfold as it should. There’s that word again: schadenfreude.
      Make mine Shiraz!

      • Gord et al:

        Hey I think we can handle this..

        Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. (Especially that of wind turbines) As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons — except IWT execs. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Biut that does not mean you have to act on it…

        Avoid loud and aggressive persons (like windies), they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. But never bow down to an IWT exec or an MNR employee…

        Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Even though it be a career of painting… and firestarting

        Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. But far too many are just the opposite…

        Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass. Do even windies need affection????

        Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. As you get older — leave the adventures to the young folk — just finance them…

        Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. But IWT’s have no such right — they are an abomination…

        And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its shams, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful.
        Strive to be happy.

        that’s all she wrote…

      • I believe the “we” that Bob was referring to was in the “We the people” sense, not alluding to any particular group. The people are “any individuals that have been greatly upset by this entire windscam” That includes a great many people. Where would we even begin…..

      • Gord, the “WE” refers to ‘we, the victime’, or ‘we, the receptors’. or ‘we who care about the environment in which we live.’
        It also refers to ‘we who are actively protesting and getting in their faces and challenging them at open houses to arrest us… constantly pushing the envelope.’
        Nobody wants to get arrested or go to jail. We start with questions. We get lied to and proceed to letters to gov’t and protest signs and disrupting meetings. We get ignored and lied to – by gov’t and wind companies.
        If the wind companies are stopped it won’t be by politicians. It won’t be Tim Hudak.
        It might – just might – get stopped by people who ARE willing to get arrested and jailed.
        I’m sure your heart is in the right place, Gord, but it won’t be stopped by the people who sit back in the safely of their living rooms with a toast to the activists.

      • Maybe you two guys should read my version of Desideratus — very carefully — it will bring peace to your soul. Or else… 😉

      • Sylvan,

        When it comes to IWTs, I have no heart.
        I believe you are confusing my disclaimer on behalf of OWR with the idea that I am suggesting people sit back and do the minimum amount of activism. Not so. For what its worth, I’ve been to plenty of “events” over the last five years.

        I’m also thinking of the alleged incident of the man in the pickup truck with the shotgun who apparently threatened the IWT worker. If it wasn’t for a preemptive response from Wind Concerns Ontario, the wind companies would have had us all portrayed as rural rednecks and nutbars. This is the kind of incident that plays right into the windy’s hands and enhances the rural / urban divide, a gift to the Liberals come election time.

        Also, we may want to decide if “eco terrorism” by the likes of Greenpeace has been a success or failure. Some of the posters on this site who are advocating such recourse will be watching from the safety of their living room while others step to the fore and cast the first stone.

      • Since this incident involves eagles which are sacred to First Nations, wouldn’t the proper place for justice/trial for these actions be within the First Nations’ justice system?
        These people neither think about nor care about who they trample on.

  2. I don’t see any connection. It was probably one of the government researchers scrawling notes on the turbine and smoking cigarettes — dropped match maybe…

    Or the turbine company faked it — hoping to get sympathy. Some of these guys are scurrilous ba****ds…

    Or maybe the OPP sent in a gang officers to guard it — but they dropped their can of paint by mistake…

    Or a newspaper reporter was looking for a story and dropped his ink by mistake…

    Perhaps kids were lighting firecrackers.

    Let’s face it — it may not be vandalism at all — just a little mistake on someone’s part…

    You know how the media hypes stuff to get a story…

  3. Every action gets a reaction …Domination leads to intimidation…But some times the intimidation bites back….I,m pretty sure this wont be the last incident of this nature . My question is WHAT is next? Wind companies and the goverment can only push so far before there is a reaction from the general public!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you get backed into a corner, you have two choices–flight, or fight. How many home owners can afford to flee their “poisoned” homes? How far will angry victims go when they have nothing left to lose? How many incidents, and what dollar value in damages will an IWT company (or their insurance company) tolerate before the impact on the pocket book forces them to take a closer look at the actual return on their investment? Maybe Dalton’s “new green jobs” included ongoing night watchmen at turbine sites?

      • Police, security officers, crooked politicians, lawyers and fatcat business people. These dogs are the only winners in the windscam.
        All other’s will suffer and lose jobs, while these people’s jobs will be secure. We can’t let that happen.

  4. I think that all depends on the disgustingly gigantic amount of money and corruption involved in this scam, and how soon we can unravel their lies and deceptions. This is not a “green” issue. It is only a pyramid scheme gone horribly wrong!

  5. let me respond to anyone planning on making a comment about how “this type of thing will hurt our cause” or ” two wrongs don’t make a right” or ” vandalism is illegal” ….where as I won’t condone harm being done to another….most feel like they have exhausted all their “legal” avenues to protect themselves. Our “rights” were apparently “legally” taken away from us. How does one fight a legal system that is flawed?? The wind companies don’t have to answer to anyone because it’s “legal” to do what they are doing. The government is harming Rural Ontario and refuses to take its’ concerns seriously……exactly what did they think was going to happen? The first communities to be harmed didn’t have a loud enough voice to warn us, but as more turbines go up and more communities are harmed that voice has gotten louder…now we are trying to prevent more harm. Yet the government and big wind refuse to do what is right….because it is “legally” allowed. …time to do what is MORALLY right! Government better start taking us seriously because it looks like some are ready to take it to a new level….

    • So, Parm, you’re saying that morals trump laws?
      Yes! Better to go to jail for breaking their legal code than to go to hell for breaking your own moral code. I feel there is an obligation to stand up for myself, my neighbours, my community.
      I have an editorial cartoon of a man and three children – all in rags – sitting around a little fire – in the background a crumbling city. The man says, “Yes, the planet was destroyed, but for a beautiful moment in time we created a lot of value for shareholders.

    • The true vandals here are the wind co’s. as
      they are decimating rural Ontario. Anything
      these bastards get in return, they deserve.
      Going to open houses, carrying placards and
      singing Kumbaya will accomplish nothing.
      Sustainability is entrenched in our political
      system (Agenda 21) and until it is purged
      what we see is what we get. Like it or not,
      we are at war to save our homes and our
      way of life.

      • open houses and protests are valuable in as far as they help to make others aware of the lies being told, and let people know that they aren’t alone.
        Remember that the MOE told all the complainers that they were the only ones – nobody else was having problems…
        Because we are, basically, inclined to be law-abiding, we try all these methods first. Finally, we come to understand that they are ignoring us, that they have the laws on their side and that the consultation process is a shameful scam. Note that one wind company has approvals for a few (4?) turbines but has placed orders for 50. They seem to be quite confident that nobody is going to shut them down.
        They might be mistaken.
        Also, I just like going there and abusing the wind whores. I want them to dread the open houses. INterestingly, a couple of times older security guards have given me a quiet ‘thumbs up.’

    • Hitler and Stalin made plenty of laws too! Making laws does not make these laws legal.
      They also employed lawyers and judges.

  6. What is destroying a bald eagle’s nest but simple vandalism? There is no price that may be set against this calculated cynical destruction. Let this measure of money, now look at the industry and see how much money is made in a single day for single wind generator paid for by us the tax payers in our fuel bills and all manufactured goods. They can mend things, they can buy new, they can have insurance. No eagle has this ability. But the eagle was free and in his eagle world until they stole it. What value can this be measured by?

  7. Bravo, whoever you are! Encore, encore! The golden eagle is sacred to First Nations people. It is like burning a church for a white man. We, blah blah, vandalism, blah blah, right/wrong, blah blah,
    the law, blah blah. At this point in time with the FOI transcripts, the sick people, the property value loss, the absolute corruption of a government, I say do whatever it takes!

      • Why calm down? The wind companies like to act behind the scenes, out of reach. They get folk to sign agreements never to divulge what they may gain in monetary compensation. It ought to be illegal to do these deals when the industry is propped up by public monet from the taxes we pay. The industry is complicit, knows no depths, can convince all government agencies, they even write their OWN environmental statements. This is a tragic joke. Here in the UK the biggest and richest bird charity the RSPB is in FAVOUR of wind turbines placed on wild land where golden eagles, other raptors, golden plover, and many migrating birds rest and shelter. Get wise to them. Do not have words with them, They need to convince others that consultation is seen to be done. Ignore their pleas for meetings. Make it difficult for them to tick their vile boxes, or their bribes of money. Take no heed of their greendom. They sacrifice what is dear and fundemental in our connections with nature. Things we have cared for and have respect for future generations and the land itself.
        Do not attend their presentations, let the ‘suits’ attend yours but allow them to be in the audience. They are the intruders.

      • Hazel:
        I re-wrote Desideratus (See third post form the top) just to help you calm down and see your way through…

        Now, read and enjoy… OMMMMMMM.

        The you will know how to approach things… Calmly, carefully, decisively…

        You must be able to do the right thing with peace in your heart. 😉

      • Hazel, we share the same problems that are created by IWTs here and even some of the same companies.
        But when you get a renewable energy money “food chain” created largely by wind and solar you get groups of people that get financial gains from these scams. And they are voters too who intend to keep the money flowing into their pockets no matter what harm this does to other people and the environment.
        Then you have environmental organizations who are willing to take donations from these people and these organizations don’t want to offend their donors.

      • I’ve read the post up top many times and while it is beautiful and very wise you can’t expect people to have peace in their souls when they feel destroyed and helpless. I have not had peace for 2 years. The effects of wind turbines start when people raise their voices and no-one listens. When they trust their leaders and are cheated. All most of us want is to wake up with the assurance of quiet nights under stars without strobe lights vibration or shadow flicker in our mornings. We don’t want a vista of monsters greeting our days. That will restore us. That would allow us to breath easy and go on with life. “Do not go quietly into the night.”

  8. Look like people are starting to finally get fired up !!! It’s a shame people have to do this !!

  9. Fired up indeed!

    If any of the above posters feel so strongly that vandalism and violence is the course of action to take, by all means, bring it on. We look forward to seeing the results

    However, resist the urge to advocate for it or brag about it on this website.
    Why give the wind companies even more ammunition with which to discredit our cause?

    Do your work efficiently, quietly and behind the scenes. Don’t expect a returning heroes welcome when your job is done. Remember, you did it for the greater “we”.

    Mum’s the word … its a secret you will have to keep for the rest of your life.

    Desideratus would be proud.

      • Sorry Will. Just re-read, I get it but what I said still stands. I like your re-write though.

    • There’s a statue of Louis Riel in front of the Manitoba Legislature.
      There’s a stature of William Lyon Mackenzie, who led an armed rebellion against the government, in front of the Ontario Legislature. He was later pardoned and became the MLA for Haldimand. His home in Toronto is now a historic site. These were honourable and principled people.
      I do my best to be honourable and principled. Not necessarily limited by what the neighbours will think of me, or what the law says, or what the consequences might be, although I think I would have real trouble actually doing violence except in self-defence.
      Until you wrote, “If any of the above posters feel so strongly that vandalism and violence is the course of action to take, by all means, bring it on. We look forward to seeing the results.” there had been no mention of violence. Graffiti and a fire are vandalism. (well, maybe arson…)
      But what do you suggest? More and bigger signs? Write letters? Volunteer for the Hudak team? MIght as well give up now. With this much money at stake, they aren’t going to quit because of the protests, and you are certainly not going to prevail with reason or morals.
      What’s left?

      (and we all understand that this is all just hypothetical sociological theory for educational purposes only, etc. etc.)

    • Sorry Gord – misread you completely. Not used to subtlety – a rare commodity and easy to miss when no tone or visuals. Certainly no bragging – but I wouldn’t worry about the wind companies – they’ve lied and twisted so much they have little credibility – less all the time. And I don’t think they want to advertise how strong the feelings are against them.
      However, when you choose to oppose the gov’t, I don’t think it hurts to occasionally stop and consider just how far you are willing to take it. Complain to the neighbour? Vote?

      People are getting very sick. Some are abandoning their homes. The MOE tells us to take our ‘concerns’ to the company. The company says the noise is just a nuisance – you’ll get used to it.’ There are no health concerns – you’re imagining it. Nobody else is complaining – Property values only fall because of the protesters.

      They stop just short of saying, “Suck it up, you little baby.”

      It’s a sensitivity thing. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it isn’t uncommon. They know and don’t care. If you want to make an omelette – or a few billion dollars – you’re going to have to break some eggs. For ‘eggs’, read ‘receptors’.
      They will break us, and then belittle us when we complain. It’s a bit much.

      So far, there are no turbines even planned within site of me, but a power line down the road in front of the house. I don’t really care myself – I’m not sensitive to it. But I hate the wind companies and if we can stop this line, two or three large wind farms won’t happen. That’s exciting and gratifying if it happens – but they;ll just build more elsewhere and the suffering will continue.
      It really is a bit much. Eventually, you have to draw a line. Or not.
      I’ll write no more on this page. Please try to stifle the sigh of relief.

  10. I can honestly say without even thinking beforehand that in all the years I have been involved with the thousands of people fighting this Wind Energy Scam, I know NOT ONE single person committing one single act of lawlessness!
    This “group” of people have the patience of Saints………having to put up with abuse and ignorance of the Wind Reps and the Government who backs these parasites!
    We should all get medals!

    • We should all get medals? Maybe…

      But while the fat cat wind execs are holding the propeller — all we get is the shaft.

      Jus’ sayin’

  11. As it turns out there is lots of vandalism related to Nextera…


    Remember that the common denominator of these “special seven” projects was a “fast-tracked DOI approval?” The policy has come back to bite the projects.

    According to the Los Angeles Times (LAT), “The $1-billion Genesis Solar Energy Project has been expedited by state and federal regulatory agencies that are eager to demonstrate that the nation can build solar plants quickly to ease dependence on fossil fuels and curb global warming. Instead, the project is providing a cautionary example of how the rush to harness solar power in the desert can go wrong—possibly costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and dealing an embarrassing blow to the Obama administration’s solar initiative.”

    The problem is the “expedited” process may endanger the whole project. The House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform’s March 20, 2012 report says, “To expedite site approval, NextEra opted for a less thorough process.” As a result, the site “encroached on the habitat of the endangered kit foxes.” NextEra had to move the foxes prior to grading the site. “Ultimately, seven foxes died from NextEra’s removal process.”

    Additionally, there have been concerns of desert tortoises and a “prehistoric human settlement.”

    But warring factions within the environmental movement also plague the NextEra Genesis Solar project.

    The catch is that it is NextEra vandalizing the environment… Nothing new for them folks…

    Sound familiar folks???

  12. N.Korea is testing nukes in defiance of UN sanctions… and we’re worried about vandalism to a turbine? check the scene for feathers, i’m sure a gang of birds have had enough!

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