Capital Power shut down, message sent to NextEra over eagles

NextEra's laydown area across from substation

NextEra’s laydown area across from substation

By Chase Jarrett, Turtle Island News
An almost three dozen car caravan shut down four Capital Power sites and delivered a powerful message to a fifth NextEra site outside of Hagersville Thursday. Both companies are constructing wind turbines on Six Nations treaty lands. “We delivered a message today that when they (NextEra) cut down the eagle’s nest, it was a violation to us against Creation,” said Hazel Hill, interim director of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI). “So we’re here to deliver a really strong message today that if they continue with these types of actions we’ll be shutting them down as well.” Four nearby Capital Power sites were shut down earlier in the day. “Our goal is to have developers show some respect to the Haudenosaunee when they come in our treaty territory. These are our treaty lands,” said Hill. “When our chiefs give a cease and desist order they’re to respect it.” Read article

5 thoughts on “Capital Power shut down, message sent to NextEra over eagles

  1. The First Nations only issued a WARNING.. I don’t see anywhere where they are going to stop construction, and give them the boot..Real progress won’t be made to rid this scum from Ontario until this is done…

  2. People may have missed this comment by James Lovelock…

    James Lovelock has written a letter of objection regarding a windfarm development in Devon (see link below for the whole thing). This bit strikes me as important.

    I am an environmentalist and founder member of the Greens but I bow my head in shame at the thought that our original good intentions should have been so misunderstood and misapplied. We never intended a fundamentalist Green movement that rejected all energy sources other than renewable, nor did we expect the Greens to cast aside our priceless ecological heritage because of their failure to understand that the needs of the Earth are not separable from human needs. We need take care that the spinning windmills do not become like the statues on Easter Island, monuments of a failed civilisation.

    As Phillip Bratby (to whom a big tip of the hat is due) puts it, there are strong shades of Patrick Moore’s regrets over the monster he created in Greenpeace. One might add that another parallel would be Mark Lynas’s regrets over his anti-GMO activism.

    I’ve said it before, but the damage done by environmentalists to the environment is beyond estimation.

    This statement is available on Bishop Hill under the title “Lovelock Recants”.

    • There’s another way of looking at it, Will – Lovelock talks about ‘original good intentions’, perhaps forgetting about ‘good intentions pave the road to hell.’ Good Intentions’ are just a starting point, not a path or a direction. You have to do your due diligence, do some research, ask questions, and THINK about all sides of the problem.
      When the wind companies tell you their stories, check them out. If you just assume they’re lying, you are just being as dogmatic as they are. Check with an open mind and be sure. If you are right you have nothing to lose. If you are wrong, you should change your mind.
      The damage isn’t done by environmentalists, it’s done by gov’t and corporate psychopaths who know how to manipulate public opinion. If green is hot, how can we make money by calling things green?
      When someone phones you up to do a survey, they will tell you that your answers help to make better products or better government. The reality is that they are trying to figure out what you will fall for, what works when they are telling you lies. I never answer survey questions.
      We also need to be wary of that idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The CIA thought that way about Manuel Noriega of Panama, Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden.
      David Frum has written a good piece about Ostrander Point, but David Frum was a speech-writer for George W Bush. Our interests might occasionally coincide, but I really don’t want people like him to be identified as a friend of mine.
      But don’t take my word for it. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.
      Looking for simple answers and then trying to justify what follows is how we got where we are today.

      • Bob:

        I rubbed shoulders with some of the famous Greenpeace Leadership.. These days I would rather rub shoulders with Bush — a far more honest man. Yes I was there…

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