Blowin’ in the wind: Liberals’ green energy plan is all smoke and mirrors

100_1983By Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
Our new premier, just like Dalton McGuinty, desperately wants you to believe the Liberals have replaced coal-fired electricity with wind power in Ontario. Problem is, it’s not true.

What they actually did was to replace electricity generated by coal, with electricity generated by natural gas. Due to a massive expansion program in recent years, natural gas has become one of the three workhorses in the province when it comes to producing electricity. The biggest, by far, is nuclear power, which supplies 56.4% of our electricity needs.

That explains why it’s important to keep our nuclear plants up-to-date and in a state of good repair and why it’s idiotic to pretend, as many “environmentalists” do, that we don’t need nuclear power, which, ironically, doesn’t emit air pollution or greenhouse gases. Next comes clean, green hydro power, which supplies 22.3% of our electricity generation, followed by natural gas at 14.6%.

By comparison, wind, which last year supplied 3% of Ontario’s energy needs, is a bit player and solar is so inconsequential it’s not worth mentioning, save for the fact solar is ridiculously expensive, even compared to overpriced wind. The Liberals and their friends in the wind industry — literally, since many people in the wind industry are Liberals — recently boasted that for the first time last year, electricity generation from wind, at 3%, exceeded coal at 2.8%, thus indicating the Liberals are succeeding at replacing coal power with wind power.

Of course, this is specious nonsense. Wind can’t replace coal because it can’t supply reliable, base-load power to the system on demand. For this reason, wind has to be backed up by other forms of conventional electricity generation. Read article

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