Wind Protesters out in Force at Liberal Leadership Convention

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19 thoughts on “Wind Protesters out in Force at Liberal Leadership Convention

  1. I wasn’t quite sure it was you – but then I saw the flag and the bullhorn and I thought, “Yep, There’s our Muriel.” Tell the POOPER (or whomever they chose) that we’re not impressed.

  2. 6:00 CTV news – lots on the teachers but not one word about the wind turbine protest. MSM is still MSM!

  3. One Liberal standing guard at the door at Maple Leaf Gardens, who said his name was Matt Miller, said that all the wind turbine protesters there were just NIMBYs.

    • Maybe Matt should buy a house in Shelbourne closest to Toronto and see if he finds it is just NIMPYs . All they care about is the green the money the Liberal Party is making on these things.

      • I’m sorry, I missed an opportunity to be explicit…

        I can’t say for certain that Matt Miller was “standing guard” at the door. Ostensibly, he was just smoking a cigarette under the overhang, about a foot away from the door.

        Good idea about locking Matt in a house under the blades. He probably wouldn’t object since he demonstrates a willingness to ignore known health risks.

  4. MSM/Liberal “choreographed” show for public comsumption………..too bad it doesn’t work any more………………WE know the truth and WE are the majority……………………..

  5. It was a great day! Everyone except the Liberals were very supportive. A lady from the teacher’s union was buying free coffee and muffins for the IWT protesters. The police were friendly and actually suggested a good spot on McGuinty’s anatomy to place the stick end of the sign. A very worthwhile day, lots of good speakers, a beautiful live bald eagle, two talking bald eagles, and a crowd of very loud and enthusiastic anti-liberal, anti-turbine protesters. A liberal that I offered a flyer to, refused to take it, and I said to him “yes, maybe it’s better to stay stupid. No comment. All in all, I believe a good time was had by the vast majority of the protesters. We also made a point of telling everyone to watch the Doczone documentary about the windscam, as well as sticking up flyers wherever we could. I don’t know if we made a dent in trying to educate the Torontonians, but every step counts.

    • I consider it to be a great privilege to be among wind warriors from all over Ontario today at the Liberal Leadership Convention. We listened, we walked, we protested, we waved signs, we yelled, we laughed, we saw lots of weird sites, we commiserated with other protest groups, we shared coffee time and we admired our star of the show…a gorgeous bald eagle who stayed with us all day!! Thank you to the devoted warriors who organised our day with excellent speakers and enough enthusiasm to inspire us all.

  6. I don’t like to be a skeptic but I find it difficult to be otherwise.
    Regardless of a great turnout of anti-wind protesters.
    Regardless of all the justified and righteous passion shown by those attending.
    I believe our only best hope from yesterday is that a handful of urban Ontarians actually did stop and listen and just may do some of their own research then pass on what they learn to their friends.

    I went into many of the Toronto newspaper sites this morning looking for news of ‘our’ protest.
    There was one item in the Toronto Sun I had to scroll down to find which mentioned anti-wind protesters. Didn’t watch the CBC report but would guess it only reported teachers and unions?
    CHCH did interview at least one anti-wind protester. And that was about it!
    For the MSM it was all about union protesters, primarily supporting the other protesters, teachers

    As far as the Liberal Leadership convention I’m afraid we moved backwards not forwards.
    From the minute Friday evening turned into a McGuinty ‘lovefest’ it was plain that this Liberal Party is still totally in bed with McGuinty’s failed policies particularly the GEA and green energy.
    When Wynne was confirmed as the new Leader and the first person to hop on stage to congratulate her was McGuinty any thought we may have had of any change went straight out of the window. Wynne has already stated what her policy towards green energy and those rural residents directly impacted will be. She plans on ‘educating’ all of us of the benefits of IWTs in our communities and she ‘may’ consider handing back some planning autonomy to local municipalities.
    We all know the first is just not possible and anyone really here believe the second?
    And because of questions already arising that her election may be not the best move by the Liberal Party we now have Howarth scuttling away from her offer of a coalition and within a week denying she ever said it!!!! She now believes there is a chance of a potential NDP/Liberal coalition
    where she and the NDP could have a majority of seats! Premier Howarth is even scarier than either Premier McGuinty or Premier Wynne combined! And they all support the GEA as it is.
    We know both parties plus all their MPPs who think they may get re elected will do anything to retain any sort of power they can.
    Not suggesting that Tim Hudak’s Tory’s are any better but unless he can come up with something entirely different to attract at least some urban votes and actually win an outright Tory majority then our cause is ‘cooked’ politically I’m afraid!
    If we ever needed a Plan ‘B’ it is now…………. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyone any ideas..???
    Andrew Watts

    • Andrew,

      It’s possible that by having the two female leaders Wynne and Horwath in contention, members of the public shallow enough to cast a ballot based on gender will split the vote and allow Hudak to do an end run.

      Also, Wynne’s (and the media’s) playing of the orientation card may cause some of the fence sitting, easily offended electorate to shift to the PCs.

      And, I suspect many of the angry union crowd we saw at Maple Leaf Gardens who traditionally went Liberal will choose NDP this time around and further split the vote.

      Any or all of the above would be helpful … but we definitely need Hudak to rise to the occasion this time around.

      • ScepticalGord! I hear you and wouldn’t that be nice………….. ๐Ÿ™‚
        But do the math! It would take a huge move from both Liberal and NDP to the PC for Timmy to gain a majority. Any substantial shift would far more likely be from Liberal to NDP?
        In this province after the last 9 years I would love to be that optimistic but cannot. Anything less than a majority and you must know whoever ends up having a majority of seats be it Liberal(unlikely) or NDP(more likely) they will form a coalition without too much haggling! Their policies are now practically the same and if for no other reason they will join forces just to make certain the PCs can’t be part of a future government. Ontario is well and truly ‘screwed’ and I think we all do need a Plan ‘B’!
        Andrew Watts

      • The Renewable Energy money union “food chain” members will go NDP and the fat-cat money “food chain” members will go Liberal.
        A whole Renewable Energy money “food chain” has been established in Ontario and these people will vote to keep and expand this “food chain”.
        However, they are by and large urbanites.

      • This is my best shot at “doing the math”:

        If Hudak wins a minority, there’s nothing to stop him from governing like McGuinty with his “major minority”. He would then be in a position to start peeling back the rush to wind.
        There’s no chance the opposition would bring down the PCs on any issue to set off another election right off the bat.

        Liberal / NDP coalition? … a whole nother ball of wax. (That’s nother, not other!)

      • However long it takes,Howarth will prop up
        the Liberals until such time she feels the NDP
        can win the next election. From the NDP
        perspective, she would be foolish to do

      • Madasabat, that is the most likely pre-election scenario.

    • Andrea Horvath is the worst of the worst. She refuses to even discuss the health or any other problems surrounding turbines. She`s been bought.

      • NDP have bought into McGuinty’s dream
        of a green economy.

        Green economy–green jobs–green collar unions.

  7. IMHO the next provincial election is another minority government. Sorry to say, more than likely NDP or Liberal. Hudakโ€™s proposals/policies such as, right to work, curtailing of union powers, reduction in size of government (layoffs), legislated across the board wage freezes, privatizing LCBO, health care changes, welfare reductions etc. You think any of these groups are going to vote PC to have their jobs eliminated or entitlements reduced. Not likely.
    And now we have Wynne-dee the McQuiters clone about to continue running the Liberals sideshow. Hold onto your hats, the ride in Ontario just got a lot bumpier unless of course youโ€™re an urbanite

    Keep your stick on your sign

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