CBC “Wind Rush” Filmmaker on Wind Wise Radio

Listen to Wind Wise Radio tonight:  Sun, January 27  —  7:00 pm

andrew-greggWWR-Kong-Logo-at-300ppicolored_edited-1Wind Wise Radio interviewd Andrew Gregg a documentary filmmaker from Canada whose film, “Wind Rush” will be broadcast on CBC’s DocZone on February 7th. You won’t want to miss this interview nor will you want to miss the broadcast of Wind Rush.

12 thoughts on “CBC “Wind Rush” Filmmaker on Wind Wise Radio

    • *RE Nurses for renewable Power* Because Miss Nightingale was in fact one of the first environmental health theorists . She believed that a person’s environment is key to how healthy they are, and she identified clean air, clean water, and nourishing food as important factors.
      I do wonder if the nurses also understand that fluoride in our water system is forced medicated unto us the public and it is a toxin that is very bad to take into our blood stream? if the dumb asses that want this stuff in there bodies let them have it and take it in a pill or liquid form But do not force us to take it as does take a lot more energy to remove it and it is almost impossible to totally remove this crap altogether in our water supply.
      Another subject is Monsanto monster foods that we support when we buy and grow this poison. It not only poisons us but our environment as these pollen blow onto and infects organic crops and ruins our health and insects that are beneficial like the bees
      As you can see our government are not only allowing this to happen and we do nothing it gets worse. Just look at the spraying on us like we are weeds from the skies called chem trails.
      The government is is hell bent in allowing all this to forge ahead,they are either stupid or we are for allowing all this to go on.
      They do almost everything to make us sick and yet they continue and we pay.

      • It’s rather obvious that you have very little knowledge about plant genetics and plant breeding.

      • Well then put your two cents in then. i do know Monsanto is a monstrous company and is as bad or worse than these wind companies.
        It almost sounds like you are contracted out with these Monsanto folks
        i suppose you do not believe the chem trails or you do not mind sucking back all this fluoride they preach about that it is good for you?
        i do appreciate all your knowledge in this Wind fight information and it is very helpful and i thank-you for that

      • Yep And you should be concern about this to
        If you live near turbines your health will go down even faster with this crap that they are giving us.
        Knowledge is power and this is only to help you and others to be aware how our government behaves. like or not it is true

  1. All the small communities under attack by these turbines must come together as one voice.
    Support Wainfleet our flagship.

  2. Having just listened to the Wind Wise Radio interview of Andrew Gregg, I’m really looking forward to watching his documentary. While the CBC promo seems to tout the film as a fairly neutral look at concerns about wind farms, it’s clear that Mr. Gregg has ended up a believer (or non-believer, depending on your point of view). It’s also interesting that the CBC originally wanted the film for its flagship documentary series, David Suzuki’s “The Nature of Things”, but it has ended up on “Doc Zone”. It seems that anything questioning wind turbines is just not “green” enough for Suzuki.

      • Petra:

        Careful with those ideas — you may be intruding on my patent (my IP, mu Intellectual Property) for a IWT based trebuchet designed to fling politicians into the next province.

        I assure you that I intend to claim credit and solidify the patent application for this as soon as I can arrange a practical demonstration. 😉

  3. I listened to this interview with documentary filmaker Andrew Gregg and was intrigued to hear that initially he was contacted by CBCs The Nature of Things to do a documentary about the problems with wind power. He states that he was given no paremeters and to document what he found. I was stunned, as I believed David Suzuki, the drinker of much green koolaid, is the face and voice of The Nature of Things. This filmaker came away from the experience as anti-wind, although for projects only in our rural landscape, where at first he could not imagine this technology being any sort of issue at all. Apparently this film reflects that very finding and if it is allowed to be run on CBC on the Doc Zone I will be very shocked. I am telling everybody I can to watch it.
    Also for those of you from the NRWC turbine zone you will be interested to know that he talked about the 3MW models going up in Denmark and the troubles they are having with the noise. I do not know if that will be in the film but he says that he is not aware of any going up here in Ontario. Well, I know of at least 77. Our road, which was never to be paved, is suddenly being prepared to be paved this spring in preparation for some seriously heavy traffic. A road partially owned by Haldimand and Wainfleet counties. Apparently Wainfleet is not paying for its section of the road to be paved.That cost will be covered by someone else. Guesses anyone? Well at least we will get a new telephone pole out of the deal and a lot less road dust.

    • I was going to say this film was shuffled from The Nature of Things to Doc Zone because the latter doesn’t espouse the CBC’s lefty, pseudo-green leanings, but often contains controversial subjects that don’t necessarily follow “company policy”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Suzuki does a show lauding the corrupt wind industry in the near future to counterbalance Wind Rush.

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