Norma Schmidt – life with wind turbines is an “absolute living hell”

Norma Schmidt, a registered nurse, speaks to a large crowd in Clinton, Ontario in September, 2010 about what her health is like, living in the midst of Enbridge’s Kingsbridge Wind Power Project, consisting of 110 wind turbines. Norma’s story is featured in the upcoming CBC documentary “Wind Rush”.

6 thoughts on “Norma Schmidt – life with wind turbines is an “absolute living hell”

    • Apparently Canada is also involved with Thorium…. Who knew?

      Thorium Power Canada Inc.

      A clean, safe, low cost, and reliable energy source

      Thorium Power Canada Inc. offers a clean, green, safe and cost effective solution to the growing global energy requirements.

      Through a partnership with DBI Century Fuels Inc., the company’s thorium reactor design provides a nuclear alternative to fossil fuel consumption, taking advantage of abundant and widely available thorium deposits.

      The TPC Thorium Reactor has been in research & development since 1970. Due to the United States government opting for uranium over thorium as a nuclear fuel (due to the cold war and weapons grade plutonium waste), many Thorium based projects were halted.

      Since then, the development of the TPC Thorium Reactor has continued and the company now has a construction ready thorium reactor based on a unique proprietary technology that is extremely scalable and offers an energy option at per kW-hr prices in the estimated 4 to 7 cent range, well below many of the common technologies used today. The TPC Thorium reactor can be built on a modular basis as small as 10MW in size with the option to upscale a facility to 100MW by linking the modular reactors together.

      Thorium Power Canada Inc. is shaping the future of energy through a truly clean, sustainable and scalable energy solution.

  1. I live in Dutton_Dunwich ontario and INVENERGY a Chicago based company is in the process of trying it gets approval for the strong breeze wind project. We as a community have been fighting this from the first hint that it was a possibility. We have deemed ourselves an unwilling community to lndustrial wind turbines with 84 % of the residents opposed we have sent a petition with over 1400 signatures to premier Katherine Wynne that has done nothing to stop this process from moving forward. We will continue to fight but I fear that if we can’t prevent the approval from happening and it comes to a court battle they will roll over us with legal costs.

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