Time for Wynne to deal with that rural Ontario “thing”: wind turbines

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Dear Ms. Wynne,
Now that we have gotten this “Toronto thing” out of the way; let’s get this rural Ontario “thing” – wind turbines – out of the way. We want a moratorium and answers to our questions as to why so many people are being adversely affected. We will not accept replies that are condescending and dismissive.

Dr. Michael Nissenbaum, one of the authors of “Effects Of Industrial Wind Turbine Noise On Sleep And Health,2012” – the Mars Hill epidemiological study, says it best:   “If someone came into a doctor’s office and said they have chest pain and the physician said ‘It’s all in your head,’ without investigating, that would be the height of malpractice. It’s the same thing if patients are complaining of sleep disturbances and other ill effects, and off the top of your head you claim they’re making it up and it’s about the way the turbines look, especially when there’s a known, plausible mechanism for why people could be affected. There’s nothing magical about the effect that people are sleeping poorly due to the noise. There’s nothing difficult to understand or fantastical. Nothing stretches your belief.

This whole issue has always been about ethics and what the application of the practical limits are of harm – i.e., what you can reasonably accept in the way of harm of the rural population.

I would hope that instead you will want to know why it is, despite the all the excuses of the wind industry and the MOE, that people still are being affected? Why are there increasing reports of vertigo and nausea with the latest projects?

The first step to getting those answers is a moratorium on construction of projects. That would be a real show of understanding and respect for rural Ontario.

And, instead of becoming the Minister of Agriculture, you should create and head a new Ministry, “The Ministry of Ethics” to oversee the other ministries.

We need a Minister to protect us from the Ministers.

Harvey Wrightman

32 thoughts on “Time for Wynne to deal with that rural Ontario “thing”: wind turbines

  1. I was reading the article above and was amazed that the LFP was putting out an article this good… I scrolled back to the top twice to see who the writer was, but it just said LFP. Then I got to the bottom and saw Harvey’s name.
    Well, that explains it.
    Excellent letter, Harvey.
    Just think if she did an honest look at the whole thing, and stood up and said, “We’ve made a terrrible mistake here and it stops now.”
    It would take the wind out of the tiny sail on Hudak’s trial balloons, it would knock the NDP out of rural Ontario, and she might actually be able to save the Liberals.
    She won’t, of course. A do-nothing minority is probably the very best we can hope for, and that’s a sad state of affairs, isn’t it.
    Anyone heard ANYTHING at all from the Green Party. bwahahahaha

    • Well, on the Agenda last night, the poor Green candidate just revealed her lack of current research into “Climate Change” which has been take place since the planet was first “born”.
      To Harvey: excellent analysis of the events of the ON Liberal Leadership campaign.
      Stay strong and an example to all Wind Warriors who still have the strength to continue the fight.
      On a personal note, I’ve had another set back with symptoms of hearing loss and vertigo which found me on the kitchen floor when the ambulance drivers arrived at my house.
      Because I was kept for observation for a couple of days in the T’burg Hospital, ~ 38 km away from the 18 IWTs which surround my house [as you know], symptoms slowly dissipated.
      I will continue my practice of leaving the house right after I finish this email and stay away for as long as possible as FAR as possible in ordersave what is left of my immune system.
      All the best to the whole Wrightman clan.

  2. Can we organize a few hundred people to go down and meet with her with the press and media present.
    we must demand all turbines be stopped until the health issues and especially how infra sound is causing the problems.
    i suggest that Andrea Horwath and Tim Hudak be there also,
    Demand an answer.
    Get petitions signed.for all 3.
    Let them know we will be campaigning for the party that will review, study and ban and remove them if they are causing discomfort and illness and raise the cost of electricity too much.
    if they do produce dangerous amounts to nearby people, of infra sound, they must ne removed with no compensation

    • This is a very critical time in our fight to save rural Ontario. The new premier is at the point right now where she will be the most receptive to our letters, protests, and cries for help. After will be too late. We need to put all of our efforts into lobbying the provincial government for change, because the problem originated there. I am asking everyone to put their thoughts into words as Harvey has done, and send it to the one person who right now, can make the necessary changes. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Tell Kathleen Wynn what it is we want and need from her government. The time is NOW!!!

    • The more we do right now to bring attention to this issue, the better. She needs to hear from us loud and clear that we’ve had it with the lies and abuse, and we demand our rights back.

  3. Great letter – thanks. “Minister of Ethics” – what a brilliant idea. If any Liberal will listen, it will be this Premier.

  4. hey people, Hudak has some of the largest IWT going up in his riding 3plus megs and he is saying NOTHING. So who is there for us. Randy,Lisa and Vic are trying but with their leader being so quiet it makes be wonder if there is anyone there for us.!!!?? Better still who will stand up for those suffering. The IWT a few miles from me started to spin in Dec and already people are experiencing ill effects. How long are we going to spin our wheels. Sat we did not even get a mention that we were in TO by the media except to say, “other small groups”. Dr Arlene King refuses to answer questions and so it goes. Andrea Horwath ….no reply!! Wynne just thinks we have to be educated As Dr Phil would say, “How is this working for you” In my opinion its not so is it not time to take a different direction?

    • Carol….. I can only hope that the Provincial P.C.s are keeping their views on IWTs in rural Ontario “close to the vest” and that a stronger stand on the issue is “waiting in the wings”. I’ve already contacted our local P.C. MPP, as well as Mr. Hudak, and told them that a “moratorium on future IWT installations” is NOT enough! If the whole GEA and FIT programs are wrong in terms of future installations, they’re wrong for those that are already in place or have been given final approval! If the Liberals can cancel off-shore installations and bow to public pressure to “axe” natural gas installations, in certain ridings (Oakville & Mississauga), at great expense to the taxpayers of this Province can the P.C.s not also “axe” existing and proposed IWT installations?? Just a thought!

  5. Please understand that I am not advocating for the PC’s – I voted for them in the last last election, the first time in 35 years – even Irene voted PC for the first time.
    Tim Hudak will live in a huge proposed wind project. He also has close relatives in Brooke/Enniskillen area and will absolutely know the apprehension and fear that people people there have about big wind encroachment.
    Dollar-on-a-dough-nut, the PC’s get nothing from the windies.
    They’ve said too much already to offend that side.

    • As I said before …

      The worst thing Hudak said during the last election campaign was that he was going to cancel the Samsung wind turbine deal.

      To the typical urban / condo resident: uneducated in IWT matters, young, mostly Korean or Asian, “green”, NDP centric or Liberally inclined, Hudak’s statement would seem ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Why would any of the above even consider voting for him?

      On this issue, Tim needs to play his cards close to his chest and let his rural caucus members work on our behalf. He must tell the city crowd exactly what they want to hear about other issues in order to get their attention and possibly their vote.

      Once (hopefully) elected, Hudak can (hopefully) implement changes to the GEA.
      With Wynne and Horwath, there is no “hopefully” … what you see is what you will still be getting.

      • But, as Chevy says … we don’t have the luxury of waiting for an election.

        And, as noted by the MadBat, Horwath is likely going to kiss Liberal butt for as long as it takes to push some of the NDP agenda through.

        So, start sending in those letters to Kathleen Wynne now … you’ve got nothing to lose!

      • Tim certainly gets the benefit of the doubt!

        IMO, He should be recognizing that his chances of becoming the next premier are slim, no matter how hard we work to support him. He should step aside and let Fedeli, or Thompson or anybody else fill the void. This would demonstrate strength of character. Let’s see him put the people’s interests above his own. If he’s meant to be one of this province’s great leaders, his time will come around again. He should be working hard to address the things that make people perceive him as unlikeable and untrustworthy. Instead… we get the same old rhetoric designed to keep Ontarians in the dark.

        Sorry I brought it up.
        Pretend I didn’t mention it.
        Move along.
        Nothing to see here.
        Isn’t this weather crazy?!
        Who do you think’s gonna win American Idol?

      • I’m your huckleberry …

        The only thing worse than a chiding from Suspicious and Dismayed or a lecture from Shocked and Disgusted is an outright smackdown from MA.

    • As far as Hudak went was to say that Hydro bills would rise. He said nothing about the energy poverty caused by rising energy costs and not much on the economic costs for Ontario. Nothing on health or safety issues. He ran a weak campaign on energy.

      • Vic Fedeli is Hudak’s energy critic and he has been saying plenty … mostly all the right things. In fact, Fedeli has been doing a splendid job. When it comes to Hudak’s opinion on energy, less is more at this particular stage of the game.

  6. I encourage everyone to write to Kathleen Wynne and tell her how you feel about these wind turbine projects and what you want her to do about them.

    Myself and others in Manvers have been doing this and if folks across this province would do the same she might just start to flinch by the next election. Hell, write her an open letter so everyone can see it. contact@kathleenwynne.ca

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Andrew, now is the time to put on as much pressure as we possibly can. Flood her office with letters from all over Ontario. The people in West Lincoln are starting a letter writing campaign right now. It needs to be a real FLOOD!!!

  7. Wynne is as ‘greenwashed’ as they come. Wasn’t
    she quoted as saying something to the effect that
    the only problem with wind energy is that us poor
    old rural folks don’t understand the benefits of it.

      • “An election is no time to discuss serious issues”.

    • Is Wynne “greenwashed”, or “greedwashed”? And although we would all like her to be the next Kim Campbell I wonder if she’s hoping to be more like the next Mike Crawley. After all he’s not doing too badly at all with this green energy act.

    • Well Madasabat, now is our opportunity to change her opinion, we have nothing to lose by trying, and we need to be as “trying“ as we possibly can. We need to make her see that there is NO benefit to torturing rural Ontario. We are NOT going to shut up or go away!!! As a matter of fact, we fight back!

  8. The Ontario Hydro system is a “cash cow” that is being milked for every cent that can be obtained from it by those seeking an easy source of money and willing politicians are allowing this to happen.
    These people will provide plenty of opposition to any who seek to stop this. Silence on the part of those who want to keep this from happening will only aid the money grabbers.

    • Yell, scream, shout, write letters, demonstrate, protest, fight for your rights….be seen, be heard, and be a Royal Pain in their behinds…..do not give up your seat to the windweasels on the proverbial bus!!!!!

    • There is no scientific, economic or environmental justification for installing IWTs in Ontario. The only reason IWTs are being installed here is to provide huge amounts of money for the benefit of those who can and will feed off from this scam.
      This is the message that needs to be delivered to Wynn.

      • Maybe Wynn will end up with the Posts of Energy, Natural Resources and Attorney General as well. Who will be willing to take on these Cabinet Posts?

  9. Ask the European based companies who build oil rigs, and now offshore turbines!
    Because those nasty ol’ oil folk are investing their own money marine work in the oil fields is contracted and contract terms are met or the contractor suffers penalties.
    Wind turbines? Nah! Government contracts, paid for by the taxpayer. No rush, no penalties, no big deal. Whatever job is done makes no difference, the contractor will still get paid!
    Don’t get me wrong I don’t doubt the world’s oil companies are also investing in wind. They’d be stupid not to. They get a guaranteed profit for their shareholders from investing in something that they’ll get guaranteed dividends from even when if it fails!
    It has been suggested that on any given day that of all the UK’s highly ‘successful’ offshore wind turbines about 50% are inoperable. And can you imagine the sheer maintenance costs of turbines sitting in sea water 24/7? There is an entirely new, growing and highly expensive industry, again subsidized by the UK taxpayer, required just to try to make these offshore machines keep turning.
    Oh! And the UK continues to buy nuclear energy from France to keep the ‘home fires burning’.
    Although not quite as severe as salt water our fresh water lakes will require exactly the same sort of support industry, not anything ever mentioned by the wind energy companies wanting to build these offshore disasters.
    I went to sea over 50 years ago and I do know that nothing that sails or floats on the water, both salt and fresh, can remain efficient and operational without a continuous 24/7 maintenance schedule. Add huge offshore industrial machines supposedly operating at anything approaching ‘peak efficiency’ without any onsite monitoring then you have a maintenance nightmare that could well add an additional tax funded cost even more than the money governments have already wasted on a failed wind energy fantasy.
    Andrew Watts

    • None of this scam makes any sense from a technical or scientific point of view. No one in their right mind would believe at this point, after all the ecology destroying facts about the wind industry have been made public, that this fiasco has anything to do with anything except making money, at our expense. If it becomes so expensive to live alone as a rural family, that we all have to live like sardines, in communes,then they will be working towards their goals of controlling us better, all in one little place. One step closer to the fulfillment of Agenda 21. This must NOT be allowed to happen.

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