Capital Power gets injunction, court ignores First Nations rights

Capital Power substation shut down

Capital Power substation shut down

By Donna Duric, Turtle Island News
An energy company that wants to build wind turbines on unceded Six Nations lands near Port Dover has been granted an interim injunction in response to the shutdown of four of its projects two weeks ago. Justice C. Stephen Glithero granted Capital Power an interim injunction during a hearing at the Simcoe Courthouse yesterday, allowing work to continue on the company’s 8,900-acre Port Dover/Nanticoke Wind Project.

The injunction was sought in response to a Jan. 17 shut down of four Capital Power construction sites, when a caravan of about 35 Six Nations people stopped the projects after the company ignored a cease and desist order issued by the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI). The HDI, HDI interim director Hazel Hill, Cayuga Chief Blake Bomberry, and HDI archaeological monitor Wayne Hill are all named in the injunction.

Only Bomberry received the notice of injunction and was present in court yesterday. Both Hazel Hill and Wayne Hill refused when a process server tried to give them the notices last week, court heard. Neither was present in the courtroom. Read article

10 thoughts on “Capital Power gets injunction, court ignores First Nations rights

  1. “…given that Capital Power stands to make over $400 million on the project.” WHOA, who is going to be able to stand in the way of that kind of $$$???!!!

    • “We” …the residents of Ontario …that’s “who”. don’t give up and don’t back down….keep up the “campaign” until the message is received loud and clear!! Get the hell out of my back yard!!

  2. The natives of this land play an entirely different game than most of us are used to. If they had requested a stop & it was ignored, the executives of Capitol Power are going to learn that it is better to play nice (the native way). Courts may rule in Capitols favour, but in the long run – this could be …… I look forward to the chain of events…. I am glad that this group, may show us the way to defeat mighty wind! With huge respect…

    • If capital power had listened to the Six Nations -Great Law- and now have gotten this injunction in the white man’s court against the Six Nations peoples ,,,,,,,,,,,
      this is one of the highest insults that capital power could have done

      • Again – with a lot of respect for the Six Nations, I see you have written Capitol in small letters – is this a sign of what is to come?

  3. I look forward to seeing the battle that shall ensue if the windweasels and the slimy government officials continue to ignore them, and defile these lands!!! The Six Nations people will not tolerate their lies and abuse much longer.

    • What is that Justice/Judge whatever he is, thinking of to over ride the mandate of the Native People regarding the wind turbine project. Does this guy not know that “NO MEANS NO”. To my knowledge…… the bald eagle is till sacred, the Native People have not gotten over the loss of the nest, the Native People have not sanctioned the wind companies to continue their destruction and if 35 people were involved in the work stoppage the first time you can bet 350 at least (and more to come from all over North America) will be stopping as many projects as they can. The Native People are proud and determined…they will defend what they believe in and I am so proud to be able to support them. Just let us know when you need us and we’ll be there.

      • Sarah….. “We’ll be there” AGAIN…. just like the last time! …. and note…. it was MORE than “35 people”! More like 35 “CAR LOADS” of people!! “Natives” and “Whites” TOGETHER! as it SHOULD, and WILL, BE at every opportunity!!

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