Naturalists ready for turbine appeal preliminary hearing

Prince Edward County Field Naturalists are prepared for the preliminary hearing of their appeal against the Ontario government’s approval of an industrial wind turbine development at Ostrander Point. The preliminary hearing is to be held Friday, Feb. 8 at 11 am in the Picton Town Hall, above the fire hall on Ross St.

PECFN’s lawyer, Eric Gillespie, will submit the approximately 2,000 documents the group has gathered over the past four years. The documents have been gathered to support the contention that industrial wind turbine development on PEC’s south shore, specifically at Ostrander Point, will cause “serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life or the natural environment”. In addition, the group reports it has recruited expert witnesses provincially, nationally and internationally to testify at the tribunal in March.

“We really are doing this for the County” said fundraising chair, Cheryl Anderson. “We know the habitat along the South Shore is vitally important to migrating birds, bats and butterflies, as well as for preserving endangered species and species at risk. We agree with Environment Canada that it is the worst place for industrial wind turbines. For that reason we have been commenting, complaining and trying to raise awareness about this project since the beginning.” Read article

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