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andrew-greggWIND RUSH A Look at the Wind Turbine Controversy
CBC TV Doc Zone
Thursday, February 7
Time: 9:00PM

Andrew Gregg
We have a new 90th Parallel Productions documentary airing on CBC Doc Zone, February 7 at 9:00 pm in Canada. We spent two years making this film about wind turbines and how they can make people sick. A lot of people are skeptical–so was I.

When you’re driving north on the B Line from Kincardine to Inverhuron you can see a skyline of red lights flashing against the night sky. This is farmland; hundred acre family operations laid out in long rectangles stretching from the concession roads and highways back to the stands of maple, birch and cedar. There is a lot of dairy in Bruce County, and even more beef. And over the last four years there’s been a lot of wind farming, too.

The proliferation of wind turbines has been creating a level of citizen activism seldom seen in rural Ontario. At first the arrival of the wind companies made a lot of sense. They were willing to pay farmers just to put up a windmill on their land. The wind was blowing in off Lake Huron anyway. It was like free money.

But it’s never that easy. Right across the province grass roots groups were angry at the turbines and the government and pretty much anything to do with harvesting the wind. It was around that time two years ago that CBC asked me to look into a story about wind energy not being as green as advertised. And I was skeptical. Read Article

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  1. Dear Andrew Gregg,

    I am troubled by your statement in your blog posting:

    “But it didn’t take long for me to realize that there were big problems here. It started with Ontario’s 2009 Green Energy Act.”

    I’d have thought that after spending two years researching these matters, you’d have realized that the problems in Ontario started long before the creation of Ontario’s Green Energy Act in 2009…

    Would you care to elaborate?

    Also, as you would be aware, wind turbine tragedies have happened because there is a dangerous lack of accountability.

    Would you care to lead by example and let us all know how much money and other support you have received from Ontario taxpayers?

    Thank you for your response, here. And thanks again for your interest in these matters that affect all Canadians.

    Yours’ truly….

    • Uh oh. I should have spent more time editing…

      What I really want to know is how much funding you’ve received from all Canadian taxpayers, directly or indirectly, not just from Ontarians. Sorry for the confusion.

      Have realized that questions need to be direct or (for some reason) people avoid the most important elements. Maybe I should I have started with, “do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

    • You could just say that the Green Energy Act was the BIG BLOW but things got started when Hydo was broken up as this opened the door for renewable energy. This has been well discused here. There were those who pushed for Hydro to be broken apart so they could make money off from renewable energy.
      Let’s just say the history of this whole scam has been exposed and discussed here and everyone knows this didn’t begin in 2009 unless it’s someone who is new to this discussion.

  2. Zoom in…………and relax!
    ‘[excerpt] It was around that time two years ago that CBC asked me to look into a story about wind energy not being as green as advertised.’

  3. What’s with all the unnecessary attacks on people who are basically on OUR side?? Pick your battles, S&D. Direct your anger appropriately.

    • These battles are all about the finer points.

      It’s complacent to endorse something that’s only 95% right as being correct. Is the other 5% negligible?

      Have you not learned that you lose credibility when you get your facts wrong? We’ve been at this long enough to know that we’re being closely scrutinized and every misstep is used as an opportunity to discredit us.

      Also, MA, as much as I appreciate everything you’ve done over the last many years, it’s not constructive for you to add your unqualified opinions that denigrate the psychology of victims of wind turbines. It’s one thing for a victim to identify herself as “stubborn,” “angry,” or “hating,” but it’s inappropriate when somebody else does it.

      • Enough already. Honestly, negative comments are not going to get any of us anywhere. If a person is 95% correct, cut them some slack. None of us are perfect. Let’s wait and see what the documentary says, and then go from there. Peace with each other, k?

      • Yes, of course, anything for a peaceful life.

        But none of us can afford to be slack.

        And I am not convinced that these aren’t significant, material errors and omissions..

        Looking forward to the documentary, and wishing it had already been released…

        – suspicious and dismayed

        “The review concludes that while some people living near wind turbines report symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and sleep disturbance, the scientific evidence available to date does not demonstrate a direct causal link between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects.”
        – Dr. Arlene King, 2010

      • I’m with you on this s&d. CBC is a Crown Corp and is funded by our Federal Government with our tax dollars. Asking who funded the documentary is IMO worth asking. I’m going to reserve judgment on any bias until I’ve had a chance to see it.

        Be that as it may, I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion/s, be the informed or not so informed. I don’t think anyone should be marginalized for expressing them. Everyone that blogs here have their own reasons for doing so, in fact, some of us are just more passionate about it than others. Bottom line is we’re all on the same side and we all need everyone to stay focused.

        Keep your stick on your sign

  4. A good documentary talks about the problems & issues, a great documenatry looks objectively at both sides & presents unpredjudiciaously. I look forward to viewing the whole presentation & formulating an opinion after. Andrew Gregg did a great interview on Sunday.

    BTW – has anyone sent this link & article to all MP’s & MPP’s, I want to print it off & drop in my neighbours mailboxes that have optioned their land…….

    • We here in West Lincoln have advertised it with signs, announced it at a packed gymnasium full of residents, (including the town council, and the mayor), sent e-mails to everyone we could, and we are in the process of making flyers to put in mailboxes, and hand out where ever we can. It is very important for this documentary to be seen. It is the beginning of a lot of information that will be coming out, and we need to make sure everyone is paying attention. I wish there were more TV advertisements about it, but that is up to CBC.

      • Excellent – Spread the word!
        I want to print it & put it in the mailboxes all of neighbours who have optioned their land!
        I applaud everyone for their continued fight!

      • Jackie – those who have signed are mostly a lost cause. Might be better to put it in the other mailboxes to make them better informed.
        We have to build the resistance.

      • PS – but I think it’s a great idea and I too would like to see Chevy’s note.

  5. It wasn’t until Gregg spoke to Dr. Hazel Lynn that he realized that there was a serious problem in rural Ontario. From the preview of the documentary and his interview on Wind Wise Radio, my impression is that this IS a blow to the Wind Industry. We would have liked him to be more of a
    Fireball for sure but he does have a victim, Norma Schmidt speak and give her victim statement for all Ontarions to hear. This is by far greater than the BELLY FLOPS presented by Steve Paiken on the Agenda on the Renewables.

  6. Hopefully CBC’s The National will do a short preview of WINDRUSH as this might get a lot more viewers.

  7. To answer the question about “where the money came from”:
    The CBC, The Nature of Things, commissioned 90th Parallel Productions to produce a documentary to see what the problems might be with wind farms. The CBC then purchased the documentary from 90th Parallel Productions.
    I got this information from the interview with Mr. Gregg on Wind Wise Radio.
    Thank you Mr. Gregg (and your staff) for your work on this subject.

  8. To answer the question about “where the money came from”:
    The CBC, The Nature of Things, commissioned 90th Parallel Productions to produce a documentary to see what the problems might be with wind farms. The CBC then purchased the documentary from 90th Parallel Productions.
    I got this information from the interview with Mr. Gregg on Wind Wise Radio.

    Thank you Mr. Gregg (and your staff) for your work on this subject.

    • Right, and the CBC is publicly-funded. So the important question that we taxpayers want to have answered is,
      How much did this documentary cost?

    • If the Nature of Things commissioned Wind Rush, and if the doc ends up painting as negative a view of IWTs as some are saying it might, then that is going to leave CBC’s favourite son David Suzuki with a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

      This scenario seems almost too good to be true and I will hold my scepticism in check until after the show airs.

      But then again, this could be a CBC conspiracy, eh Barb and FT? Leak enough anti-wind previews, entice all the anti-IWT people to tell the world to watch and see the truth for themselves, then buried in the unseen meat of the doc is … oh, oh.

  9. I am looking forward to CBC,s airing of this documentary, compliment all of the efforts put forth and optimally more action towards the issues at hand. Preserve Rural Ontario!

  10. Clearly, we bring different attitudes to the table. CBC is a very good idea that has had a tendency to be critical of governments. As a result successive governments – Lib and Con – have repeatedly cut it’s funding. Harper said he was increasing it, but apparently that came from the same accounting principles as $15 billion jets.
    CBC isn’t as left-wing as people think – it just seems that way because we’re so used to right-wing POV. Sometimes they are narrow-minded, and there’s lots of things to criticize, but I would suspect that this will be at the very least, “Quite Good.” Creating conflict between this documentary and Suzuki is not something that the CBC would worry about too much.
    If he has made any attempt to be even-handed, most of us will feel that it’s weak there. If it were entirely a ‘Blackwash’ of the Greenwash, if it were as one sided as you or I might make it – nobody would believe it. You have to start from where people are and show them piece by piece what’s happening. If you just say, “You’re wrong about everything and this is the way it really is…” They’ll just back off and try to get away before you get to the part about the Martians.

    If he weighs in on our side 60/40 and makes people start to question, I’ll be pleased. If he gets it 95% right I will be thrilled and amazed.
    I’ve been on the fringes of that world in Toronto – CBC, Documentary makers, etc. These people make a good living if they’re good at what they do and until the style changes or someone better comes along. They aren’t making millions off the taxpayer.
    We’ve all been complaining about how little media coverage we have been getting, and when the CBC (not any of the other networks, you’ll notice) actually makes some attempt to look fairly at what is happening, I’m not going to whine about the cost and who’s paying it.

    Ever heard the saying, “Great is the enemy of Good.” It’s better to take 15 steps roughly in the right direction, than to wait forever for the one perfect step. 95% is damn near perfect.

    • Sounds like a lot of hope and faith.

      I would like to know, what, in fact, is the actual dollar amount of this production. This will help me put things into context. And since it’s our money anyway, we deserve to know.

      Also, am keeping a tally of all taxpayer money spent on addressing wind turbine issues that could have been used to provide respite for victims of wind turbines who urgently and desparately need to get out of their homes and away from the wind turbines that are harming them.

      This is a good way to evaluate whether we’re actually getting value for money.

      • There are a lot of clueless people out there
        that believe if its green it must be good. If
        this documentary, even for a fleeting moment
        casts doubt on that, then it will be priceless.
        We as taxpayers subsidize the CBC. The
        relative cost of this production verses watching
        the globetrotting maggot Suzuki or being
        inundated with the smugness of Peter
        Mansbridge…….does it really matter?

      • S&D – Are you suggesting that the money spent on the documentary should have gone to buy out 2 or 3 abandoned homes so that the owners could move on?
        Even if the money were enough to buy out a dozen, that isn’t what CBC is supposed to be doing with it’s money. OTOH, the documentary might be enough to change the minds of thousands of people across the province, and that could be enough to swing elections and cause changes.
        That could save hundreds – maybe thousands – from health and financial problems, save birds, bats from being mangled, save thousands of acres of good land from being taken out of production, save wildlife habitat, and overcome the huge amounts spent by politicians lying to us. It might even save some of the billions that McGuinty promised to the wind companies.
        That is what the CBC is supposed to be doing with it’s money.
        Sound’s like a good investment to me.

      • No, Bob, I am not suggesting “that the money spent on the documentary should have gone to buy out 2 or 3 abandoned homes so that the owners could move on”. Better get out your dictionary…

        Respite: n 1. A short period of rest or relief. 2. A temporary suspension.

        Only somebody who has tried to sleep in their bed as their body vibrates to the wind turbine sound emissions would know how critical it is to be able to get away. Leaving your home is not something that most people can afford, and certainly no one wants to do it. But, unfortunately it’s the only prescription for Wind Turbine Syndrome.

        For lack of a few hundred dollars a month, adults and children are imprisonned in their homes that have effectively been turned into torture chambers.

        This is the most critical element of wind turbine tragedies, and THIS, more than anything else, is the single-biggest reason to implement a moratorium on further construction.

        You know, I just had a couple of simple, fair questions for the producer. Also wanted to point out a critical error that it didn’t all “start” in 2009.

        And look how the wind warriors have come out in full force to add two cents.

        I sometimes get the impression that certain of us have come to feel so beaten down that we’ve fallen into a lull and are not willing to take the next steps to get ourselves out of this situation. And then there are those feeding off what they perceive to be a “fascinating situation” but what is actually a tragedy.

        If this ends up being a good production, then I’m all for it. But I’m not a fool.

        And if this documentary is so great, then I don’t think critical information about public health and safety like this should be withheld from the public until CBC can find room to fit it into its scheduling.

        Lastly, as I’ve already stated but what has been ignored by friends here, is my belief that we ought to lead by example. IF Andrew Gregg’s documentary is effective, then we’d have to compare it to its cost to see how it stacks up in a Cost-Benefit-Analysis. But CBA’s aside, this is about transparency.

        Lack of transparency is why we are where we are today.

  11. S&D, I accept your rebuke on ‘respite.’ My point remains, albeit with larger numbers of turbine victims, that this is not the job of CBC, would give only very limited respite, and do absolutely nothing to stop the building of more and more turbines.
    The documentary could change minds and put pressure on idiot politicians.
    We are all in agreement with your first few paragraphs above about health issues. That’s apparently a good part of the documentary. That’s why the documentary is important. If the CBC is wasteful in their financing of documentaries, that’s a separate issue, unrelated to the matter at hand.
    As for the ‘critical error that it didn’t all “start” in 2009.’ , it could be argued it started when McGuinty was elected, or when the Dutch first built a windmill, or in 4004 BC when Adam ate the apple.
    Perhaps slightly more important than a spurious comma in the article above.

    I started a weekly newspaper once. I was going to call it The Sylvan Cynic. It had a nice ring to it, but I realized almost immediately that there were a few things wrong with a name like that. It would be hard to maintain the image- would probably end up with endless nit-picking, would tend to put me into a very negative, and therefore unealthy, headspace, and combined would probably end up turning our readers away from us. Your pen name reminded me of that story.

    • Your unqualified opinions denigrating the psychology of victims of wind turbines are not helpful. Save your breath.

      • Huh? ???? That is astonishingly unrelated to anything I said. Have you considered a career in politics?

      • While you used muddling syntax to say that this writer’s style only “reminded” you of “cynical,” “negative,” “unhealthy” behaviours, you revealed your opinion that this is also how you perceive this writer’s commentary. But it’s not your place to judge, here. Especially since you demonstrate that you fail to undersand my points about transparency, details, and philanthropy.

        To label somebody as “angry” or “stubborn” or “hating” can be damaging to that person’s reputation. And since these are complex emotions anyway, and since you’re not a psychologist, you should not have the confidence to feel that you have probably interpreted these opinions from snipits of information posted pseudonymously on this website.

        And what arrogance! for you to think that my statements here are not worthy.

      • You’ll note that my original post at the very top of these comments, included a thank you to Mr. Gregg for his interests in these matters. And then followed with a couple of questions.

        And the only response I’ve gotten from anyone on here so far, is that my statement was disrespectful coupled with the suggestion that I shouldn’t have even asked the questions!

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