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A couple of weeks back, the Wall Street Journal published an article about the increasing devastation of forests (trees) in Greece, where as a result of the high cost of energy, impoverished folks who cannot afford electricity or fuel have turned to wood stoves to heat their homes and cook their food.

Although we Canadian’s tend to see Greece as having a much warmer weather, winters in the north and higher elevations are more like those temperatures experienced on the coast of southern British Columbia.

The article went on to highlight the plight of a young man caught chopping down a tree on public land in the mountains near Athens. When confronted he “broke down in tears” pleading that “he was unemployed and needed the wood to warm the home he shares with his wife and four small children”.

This is not an isolated incident, in Greece, Germany, France, Spain, Britain, etc. the rate of forest wood poaching for heat and cooking has increased dramatically over the last several years in concert with energy prices.

Fuel poverty in these countries which have embraced the fallacious  economics and efficacy of subsidized wind and solar energy, has become endemic. Last September, Reuters reported that in the already troubled economy of Greece, the electricity system was near collapse when the market operator LAGHE was overextended by the subsidies it pays to wind and solar power producers. Read article

2 thoughts on “Wind turbines or trees…

  1. All of the rural residents will soon be burning wood to stay warm. People were moving away from this, but because all other forms of energy are either way too unaffordable, or unavailable to us, burning wood is becoming our only option. This whole greed energy scam was not thought through. They simply believed the lies of the windweasels, and forged ahead blindly.

  2. Here in Chatham kent our Mayor is seeking to issue a bylaw prohibiting the cutting of woodlots to create farmland….thats a good thing yet he has a need to cover all of chatham’s kents most productive farmland in Canada with turbines….

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